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The Mark of Hades
Writer Chloe Quinn
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The Mark of Hades
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Chapter 22
Chloe Quinn
Apr 14, 2018
10 Mins Read
Comments ( 2 )

Chloe Quinn - That messy little relationship between Andromeda and Nebiru will be revealled over the next book 
6 months agoreply

Emoddess - Oh no, Andromeda and Abe had fought :'(

Seems like both of them kinda have their moments and it was sad that those scenes were probably among the last scenes that could have led to Andromeda's death. And when Fay compared to the visions she saw when Andromeda and Abe were happy lovers at the grove compared to when they fought, it kinda left a bittersweet feeling that's like, 'look how far they have come and things have changed' sort of feeling, which is sad.

Oh yeah, I thought of mentioning this (maybe in the previous chapter) but um it's mentioned that if the Gods killed a hellhound, their soul were sent to Tartarus. Does that mean Nebiru was killed by one too since Fay saw him in Tartarus? 

Also, I'm not sure if I've asked this before or if you've clarified it (or maybe it will be revealed in the upcoming chapters), but was Andromeda and Nebiru actually human (along with Abe) or were they actually hellhounds? I think Fay made a note on the vision she saw through Andromeda, that Nebiru might have struck deals to save Andromeda, but he ended up becoming a hellhound? I'm a bit puzzled. Do you mind clarifying it or is that going to be another one of a crucial piece that can't be revealed yet?

Anyways, I love the chapter :)
6 months agoreply