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Beyond the Milky Way
Writer J Linz
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Beyond the Milky Way
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5.2: Family Matters
J Linz
Jan 13, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6zi5p5h06JDPJ6oTNHxiposted on PENANA

It was the day before the Great Buno Races would begin. The Earth team wondered why Keith called a meeting so late. He didn’t appear to be his usual self. The crew was used to seeing a stern expression on the man’s face. Worry filled his gray eyes.copyright protection21PENANAZY5gFF12WH

It almost made Lindsay feel bad for him. The look made him appear older than what he seemed. Keith's hair was a definite salt and pepper mix; Lindsay presumed that he could’ve been in his mid-fifties. She detected military training but because of how he treated her, Lindsay decided not to care.copyright protection21PENANAF2gY7G3pG9

The crew remained in the Earth bay, standing around the Silver Stallion. They watched as Keith spoke softly with a Legoom. As the Legoom walked out, Keith cleared his throat and gazed at the team.copyright protection21PENANA8kYSrnLe5i

“It seems that we have a situation on our hands. The first race will be delayed for at least another week, maybe two.”copyright protection21PENANAx4hClWimZf

“What happened?” Bradley asked. The team had practiced almost every day for the past month; Bradley was looking forward to the first race of the season.copyright protection21PENANA4FilDq1GQI

“Apparently, someone’s mother didn’t like the runaround she received about her child’s whereabouts. She decided to pay a surprise visit to Roswell.”copyright protection21PENANAQZ2PRtcDHi

“Why would someone’s mom do that? We’re all grown here…” Lindsay wondered out loud.copyright protection21PENANAWfmdSHaa39

“That actually sounds like my mother…” Yoji added quietly. Lindsay gave him an apologetic glance.copyright protection21PENANAq8OItr8v8Y

“She got the media involved. The president wanted no more bad press or speculations on your whereabouts. So… everyone on Earth knows about the races.” Keith shocked the team. They all stared at one another with stunned looks before returning back to their manager.copyright protection21PENANAdZXgOPJ1sr

“Not everyone would be willing to believe that. It took us a while to do it.” Tim said, and the others agreed. Had it not been for the seriousness of President Abraham, doubts would’ve lingered longer.copyright protection21PENANAjoGFCynMJr

“This definitely wasn’t part of the plan. And you’re right, Tim; not everyone was willing to believe. It’s why the president decided to… have the races aired.”copyright protection21PENANAW9zKR2c0xl

“Wait, what…?” Steve’s eyes widened.copyright protection21PENANAYLkW18LL9d

“Well, fuck a damn duck; how is that gonna work out?!”copyright protection21PENANActCT8esw0b

“I know all of this seems surreal but do you hear me using that type of language right now?!” it took Lindsay off guard that the man actually yelled at her. The others adapted to the sarcastic comments and looks he gave the woman but never had he raised his voice at her. Lindsay narrowed her eyes at him.copyright protection21PENANAXWkwHczUc7

“Now, hold on a fucking minute! Don’t put your anger out on me all cuz Yoji’s mom wanted to check up on hi-”copyright protection21PENANAfbSz7UHSFR

“It was your mother, Lindsay!” Keith glared back at her. Lindsay drew in a quick gasp and grew silent. “Now… it will take a while but with the technology here, it is possible for the races to be aired. That also means you’ll be allowed to communicate with your families. The Royal Magistrate has already departed for Earth to assure your families that everyone is safe and sound.”copyright protection21PENANA5SkHMtVeZW

“Well, that’ll make believers out of everyone!” Bradley smirked. Keith nodded.copyright protection21PENANApWTKtBX2v9

“Malik and Yoji, I will need for you two to stay around to help update the systems here. I have no idea how hard that will be, but given we have a possible two-week window, here’s hoping that’s enough time. We’ll still continue to practice until the day before the races will begin.”copyright protection21PENANAaKk2krX1jD

“How’s Buno taking all of this?”copyright protection21PENANATpvd6hH2wG

“Although the initial plan was to reveal everything after the races, Buno and the rest of the galaxy are taking this fairly well. They’re all looking forward to debunking myths about alien life,” Keith told Steve. The manager looked at everyone else. “Practice will resume in two days. Take some free time.” he dismissed the others. Everyone left except for Yoji and Malik. Lindsay just stared at him.copyright protection21PENANAZVCTG6uD80

“I’m sorry, ‘Yoj’…” she mumbled.copyright protection21PENANANiK7l4zj6S

“Sorry? Oh, that’s fine! Like I said, it sounded like my mother for sure so I’m not offended!” he smiled at her.copyright protection21PENANAW0isepKVrg

“Given the circumstances, it could’ve been any of our moms.” Malik agreed. Lindsay nodded and gave the men a small smile before leaving.copyright protection21PENANABrcelSlPwt

“I can’t believe we’ll get to talk to our families!” she heard David’s joy in front of her. Lindsay wasn’t in the mood to speak to anyone; all she wished to do was go back to her room.copyright protection21PENANAQjMAq8FZsM

“Hey…” Bradley’s voice called out. The woman glanced up and noticed he was waiting on her. “Don’t be like that. You know moms mean well.”copyright protection21PENANASoNaQ1zAW1

“It’s not just that. Keith made me feel like a fucking idiot, you know?”copyright protection21PENANARyt3NOV8Er

“I don’t know why he treats you like that. I was hoping it would ease up once he saw how amazing you are in that gunner’s pit.”copyright protection21PENANACuKp5byLb0

“Stop it…” she slightly blushed.copyright protection21PENANAy3plefnOQk

“It’s true! I know he wants perfection but damn girl, you only miss a couple every practice! That’s amazing!” Bradley continued. Lindsay stared at him and gave out a full smile.copyright protection21PENANAQHSjKG8GPM

“Thanks, Brad. You know… this is a good thing. I finally get to talk to my husband. And tell him everything!”copyright protection21PENANA8shSRm4q8f

“Gonna tell him about Areiv…?”copyright protection21PENANAqGjP2y5pmW

“Why wouldn’t… oh, shut up,” she pushed Bradley lightly. “Anyway! I bet your girlfriend’s gonna be excited to hear from you, finally.” Lindsay attempted to change the subject. Being a fan for so long, Lindsay learned Bradley tried to keep his love life out of the media. It hadn’t dawned on her until that moment to have a clear answer.copyright protection21PENANAJdECwpjE58

“Ah… yeah. Sure she will be.” Bradley mumbled. He had thought of her since the humans left their own homes; his girlfriend wasn’t the happiest woman in the world to have him leave. Because he left Earth annoyed by her selfishness, it was simpler for Bradley not to think of her as regularly as he should. It made Bradley feel guilty that he preferred to practice all day with Lindsay than write an affectionate letter to his girlfriend. The sole reason he wrote, he admitted, was because Lindsay gave her husband daily letters: she was his reminder he still had somebody on Earth.copyright protection21PENANArdBI6s5bTd

“Ah.” Lindsay turned her attention to the marketplace coming into view. The woman would’ve continued to pry had he not shown displeasure with the mention of his girlfriend. Lindsay wasn’t too let down at the admittance. A man of his reputation and looks was sure to have someone clinging onto his arm. But just with all crushes, there was jealousy that stirred. The feeling was simple for her to shrug off.copyright protection21PENANArjUL9WjflG

“Lindsay, I have found you!” an excited Baron called out and approached the two. Lindsay gave the blue alien a broad smile at first but, catching sight of the smirk on Bradley’s face made her own warm.copyright protection21PENANAb5TQIqf15l

“Hey, Areiv. Sorry about Emuh leaving for Earth on short notice and all.”copyright protection21PENANAawyLfFekQ7

“No need for apologies. My father was absolutely elated for the voyage back to Earth. He has mentioned numerous times how he longed for you humans to learn about the races. This is indeed a remarkable opportunity for him. Good day to you, Bradley. I do hope that you are pleased to be able to communicate with your loved ones soon.”copyright protection21PENANAyiqs3AomPK

“Yeah; looking forward to it.” Bradley shrugged.copyright protection21PENANA31PXRxn6yt

“I set out to Esperia earlier to consult with technicians as to how Buno will communicate with Earth. I can assist Yoji and Malik as much as possible. However, I wished to tell you, Lindsay that I have enjoyed myself very much providing you small tours of Buno. Would you prefer to have another after I leave your Earth bay?” he appeared to beam at the woman. Lindsay knew her cheeks grew rosy and shied away slightly. Lindsay enjoyed their short tours every night; she found out more about the land and attempted to grow more relaxed around the Baron.copyright protection21PENANAsJZ0ufGIzx

“Oh! Well… I… that would b-”copyright protection21PENANAP7PgzSQYfG

“Ah, sorry, Areiv,” Bradley smiled, placing weight on the Esperian’s name. “Already told my partner that I’d take her around and about this evening. Seeing as though we got some extra time now.” he said. Lindsay shot him a glance.copyright protection21PENANAIjHxgz5EGE

“… You did…?”copyright protection21PENANA78n79SmPAW

“I see. You have learned your way around Buno?”copyright protection21PENANAmq3cGD4xBk

“A bit. There’s a couple of places I had in mind; nothing major.”copyright protection21PENANAdkDVSTuXya

“Very well. Perhaps another day, Lindsay?”copyright protection21PENANACFi0NrS9hs

“Of course…” she nodded. Areiv gave her a friendly smile before cupping her hand with both of his. He surprised both humans as he kissed Lindsay’s hand; the rosiness flourished into a generous flush over her body. Bradley held his cool but not before narrowing his eyes at the display. The alien looked at both of them with a smile.copyright protection21PENANA5ES9QzNV6p

“I do hope the two of you enjoy yourselves. Buno is positively remarkable in the evenings.”copyright protection21PENANAfkJTfBNKzl

“I heard. But, don’t worry; we will. Well, we gotta get going. Good luck helping Malik and Yoji.” Bradley said. Areiv politely nodded at the two.copyright protection21PENANAVc1ecOG4XX

“Thank you.” he replied before venturing towards the Earth bay. Lindsay could do nothing but gaze in disbelief as the two continued walking.copyright protection21PENANAx3BpdsZ0n6

“What? I can feel you glaring at me…”copyright protection21PENANApDq9wGLjrl

“Why the hell did you lie to him? We didn’t make any pla-”copyright protection21PENANAFmxGAJugNs

“I just don’t think that you should be getting all comfortable with a bunch of these aliens, that’s it.” Bradley pointed out, staring straight ahead. Lindsay eyed him for a few moments before a grin crept on her face.copyright protection21PENANAekvQKJiJJF

“Are you jealous of Areiv?” her smile widened. Bradley huffed.copyright protection21PENANAP9jgjPX49o

“Ain’t nothing to be jealous about. Just figured that maybe your husband don’t wanna hear all about these dates you’ve been having light years away…”copyright protection21PENANApOLWvlGZCt

“Oh, for Christ’s sakes…”copyright protection21PENANAsROYHzHZjr

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