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Supernatural/V.D. crossover: New Friendships
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Writer Lizzy100
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Supernatural/V.D. crossover: New Friendships
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New Friendships
Jan 11, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!9JCZX9D8htGi5mO9litzposted on PENANA

New York; 5:00 p.m.copyright protection16PENANAUex9qw4nCn

        It was a beautiful evening as Dean Winchester drove his black Impala down the road, Highway to Hell by ACDC playing. His brother, Sam Winchester, was seated in the passenger's seat with his laptop on his lap.copyright protection16PENANArL64K3eobv

        "So what's next? Do we have anything?" Dean asked his brother.copyright protection16PENANASSNYfC7BVA

        He had to ask. Things had been slow lately. Not many cases. And Dean had to do something. He didn't have a life other than the family business and what was left of his family. His father, brother, and himself were all Hunters. If Dean didn't have anything to do, he got bored. And he didn't take boredom very well.copyright protection16PENANAaPOHZfe3DQ

        "Yeah. Mystic Falls, Virginia. Lately, there have been a lot of killings. Looks like vampires. And the town has a lot of history of vampires," Sam answered his elder brother.copyright protection16PENANAr4Cx9nBnLM

        "Then let's get going," Dean replied.copyright protection16PENANASEFGCUjJve

Mystic Falls; 7:00 p.m.copyright protection16PENANAjG48n3oB71

        It was a beautiful night, as Tyler and Caroline sat at a table speaking. At the same time, Elena and Damon sat side by side at the bar, Alaric at Damon's right. Tyler was a hybrid while Caroline, Damon, and Elena were vampires. Alaric was a Vampire Hunter and human. Ric was waiting for Meredith to arrive. They had a date. Katherine sat in a corner in a booth alone.copyright protection16PENANAsy655fsGCe

        A moment later, Meredith walked in and sat by Ric.copyright protection16PENANAtvS9bu4ueA

        When the Winchesters and Ruby walked into the Mystic Grille, the vampires and hybrid went silent, their senses alert. They knew what they were; Hunters and a demon. They were uneasy with the Hunters, but not so much with the demon. The Hunters were what they had to worry about. Not the demon.copyright protection16PENANAJygNHDQ5fY

        "Well, I think we've had enough to drink. Don't you, Elena?" Damon said, clearly hinting that they all had to get out of there.copyright protection16PENANA7IxdNDtfk6

        "I'll stay for a little bit," Alaric inform them. "But Meredith should go with you. I'll see you around nine, Elena."copyright protection16PENANAuOBmXMR1h5

        With that, Ric watched the vampires and doctor leave the Mystic Grille.copyright protection16PENANAC1DSOkwFqL

        "We should do the same," Tyler announced to Caroline. Then the vampiress and hybrid left.copyright protection16PENANADxubLhOex8

        Katherine saw them leave and decided to be Alaric's back up just in case. She got up and strode over to Ric's right side. And then she sat down on a bar stool.copyright protection16PENANAk1WWoUJfV1

        Ric turned his head to look at her with a raised eyebrow.copyright protection16PENANAky2YqQiWvI

        "I'm keeping you company, Alaric."copyright protection16PENANAI9fdl1v9g2

        She took out her Blackberry and found Ric in his contacts, before she finally clicked on the text option.copyright protection16PENANAhB4exs8gI4

        A moment later, Ric took his black flip phone out and read the text from her, which read, That's John, Dean, and Sam Winchester. They're Hunters. They'll know what we're talking about. They probably already know what we are. Since the others left, I'm keeping you company as your backup.copyright protection16PENANAh2Ck03ajZG

        He text back and she read the text from him that said, Hunters? Vampire Hunters or the other kind? And who's the girl there?copyright protection16PENANA1IQhVbjqlz

        She text back.copyright protection16PENANAtDayRI0ZZI

        He read it which read, The other kind. The girl is Ruby. She's a demon, but she's on their side for now. She and Sam are together. I should probably mention that Sam had visions sometimes. They're worst when they involve a demon named Azazel. Most call him Yellow Eyes, since he's the only demon with yellow eyes.copyright protection16PENANA4hLGBMJL5J

        Thanks for the information, Katherine.copyright protection16PENANAs6sioouHOP

        You're welcome.copyright protection16PENANAgisrQk9Rk8

        Both Vampire Hunter and vampire put their phones away.copyright protection16PENANAzopl507PMc

        The Winchesters and demoness sat down at the bar not far from them and Matt Donovan, the bar tender tonight and Elena's friend and ex, stood by them.copyright protection16PENANAyfj1yHp2pe

        "What would you like?" Matt asked them.copyright protection16PENANASGwk7mFhdZ

        "Four beers," John answered.copyright protection16PENANAqNnP8sQfhD

        "I'll also have a burger and fries," Dean added.copyright protection16PENANAsQSLRqthtT

        "Just a burger for me. Nothing for Ruby," Sam replied.copyright protection16PENANAvlz1GHolYC

        Matt took their order and went to the kitchen to give it to them. When he came back, Matt went ahead and started organizing the bottles.copyright protection16PENANAkopIeyb5Os

        "I've never seen you four around here before. Where are you from? What are you here for?" Matt questioned.copyright protection16PENANAIgjB2b2wsv

        "Kansas," John replied.copyright protection16PENANApXRYZyFnTE

        "We travel. It's part of the family business. We're on a case. Researching," Sam answered.copyright protection16PENANAZe2pXhX8mL

        "Well, if you want to find out everything about the history of this place, you should ask Liz Forbes. It goes way back to the 1860's. You can even ask our Vampire Hunter. Alaric Saltzman," he informed them. "You can ask pretty much anyone. Bonnie Bennett, Damon and Stefan Salvatore, Caroline and Liz Forbes, Jeremy and Elena Gilbert, Tyler and Carol Lockwood, Katherine Pierce, Meredith Fell, Klaus and Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson, and even myself. I'm Matt Donovan by the way," he continued.copyright protection16PENANAB42UG46IAy

        "So this place has a lot of history?" John asked.copyright protection16PENANAeZw6YvEETy

        "Yeah. But try not to go killing here. You're new here. You don't know which ones are the good ones like I do."copyright protection16PENANAiSNlhKCfSY

        "So you're saying that there are some not worthy of killing?" Sam questioned.copyright protection16PENANA0t32oK7usI

        "Yeah."copyright protection16PENANA3HIzNG5rlY

        "Like who?"copyright protection16PENANAZERMZ9xCop

        "Caroline, Tyler, Damon, Stefan, Elena, and Katherine. And be careful around Jeremy. He's new at the Hunter life. He has nightmares about killing his sister. Elena."copyright protection16PENANABpTEsipzMR

        "Thanks," Sam said.copyright protection16PENANAhQzZqmGvO1

        "Don't give everything away," Ric instructed Matt.copyright protection16PENANAtOGlBFu8iS

        Matt looked at him.copyright protection16PENANAyThryKKXkw

        "I'm just warning them, Alaric."copyright protection16PENANAPCnoCNLiiz

        "You might as well tell them about Alaric's bad luck with his ring if you're warning them," the vampiress said.copyright protection16PENANAkMn07YGB7Y

        "Katherine, I wasn't meaning to tell them everything."copyright protection16PENANAuFRM7qwRnQ

        "You almost did, Matt."copyright protection16PENANAocsLB4ymnR

        "I'm sorry, guys."copyright protection16PENANAWIDjJLipmp

        "It's okay," Alaric responded.copyright protection16PENANAoR5fDcGa43

        "No. I'm sorry. It's just, so many enemies and so little room to hide. Damon and Stefan hate me and Klaus wants me dead. All I want is to keep my family together, but Klaus tore that to shreds 500 years ago. What does it take to get what I want for my family? Maybe I should've let them take me away and kill me. Maybe I should've let Klaus kill me. Maybe I shouldn't have had Isabelle. It's my fault Klaus come to find his doppelganger," Kat said.copyright protection16PENANA0sgteRyNeW

        "Katherine, it's not your fault," Ric assured her.copyright protection16PENANAEaEitn3MNq

        "The hell it isn't. If I hadn't had Isabelle, Elena wouldn't exist. If I hadn't ran, I'd be dead and my family and villagers would've lived long, happy, human lives without Klaus killing them to get back at me. Now tell me it's not my fault, Alaric."copyright protection16PENANAcbhhrVt75x

        Ric watched her leave, unsure whether to follow or not.copyright protection16PENANAb60rAej81x

        Soon, the Winchesters finished up and followed Katherine out into the pouring rain, Ruby at Sam's side.copyright protection16PENANA5GHKYb82YV

        "So you're Katherine," Sam greeted.copyright protection16PENANAsa7KrzFVGL

        "I am. What do you want? Can't a girl have a moment alone with her hidden grief?" she growled, standing in the middle of the parking lot, back facing them.copyright protection16PENANAtSRujsICAK

        "I can't believe we're speaking to a vampire. I'll be in the car," John said, before heading towards the Impala.copyright protection16PENANAaGqRqo3yq1

        "I'll join you," Dean said, following his father.copyright protection16PENANAuTbBDDajzR

        "I know what it feels like to watch someone be torn away from you; killed without remorse. I want your to know that you're not alone. I'm sorry for your loss."copyright protection16PENANA52JWw3pfGZ

        Ruby rested a gentle hand on Sam's left arm in comfort, knowing he was speaking about Jessica.copyright protection16PENANAZQGqI6PLFf

        "I'm sorry for your loss, too. Who was it?"copyright protection16PENANAM99YLNCV7b

        "Jessica. I was going to marry her. Yellow Eyes killed her."copyright protection16PENANANcew9LAy0g

        "Sam, I hope you get over her soon. And I'm glad you have Ruby to help you. But my vampire family and most people could care less about me. You're lucky. Your family loves one another. Elena is the only one that loves me. The ones that actually care are just Elena's friends. And it's a struggle for me to keep the sorrow bottled up without it coming out. The problem is humanity is a vampire's worst weakness. Be thankful for what you have, Sam. You have a parent. My parents were slaughtered by Klaus."copyright protection16PENANAy06eqOlgA0

        She turned around and looked at him with watery eyes.copyright protection16PENANAwnaFlVsXRz

        "Take care, Sam."copyright protection16PENANA9EMnbV8Lt9

        "I will, Katherine."copyright protection16PENANA1198gAXBQx

        She watched as Sam and Ruby walked away.copyright protection16PENANABnUM2gHvdy

        As they drove off, she fell to her knees in grief and wept. She cried for the death of her ma' ma and pa' pa from 500 years ago. All these years she had felt alone; Even when she had Pearl and Anna at her side. She had felt alone even then. She cried like she had as a human.copyright protection16PENANA5ndRKoMTag

Mystic Falls; 8:00 p.m.copyright protection16PENANA2cickyNhaE

        Alaric left the Mystic Grille, only to see Katherine crying. He felt bad for her, so he walked over and knelt beside her.copyright protection16PENANAPL1Jy3Zfzd

        "What's wrong?" he asked her softly.copyright protection16PENANAOEA1vlqieA

        She leaned against him.copyright protection16PENANAzgMRs7qfpA

        "My family," she sobbed, tears streaming down her face.copyright protection16PENANATemUXUYX9x

        "I'm sorry," is all he could think to say. He then added, "I'll take you with me."copyright protection16PENANAaXbLZH6p0k

Mystic Falls; 9:30 p.m.copyright protection16PENANA0zANq3UQjk

        Sam, Dean, Ruby, and John sat in a hotel room at the Village Inn.copyright protection16PENANAqcyM7wH6tQ

        "I know what we came to do, but Klaus seems to be the only thing here worth getting rid of," Sam said.copyright protection16PENANADEOPpOxwex

        "Sam's right," Dean agreed. "All our lives we've been hunting and killing things, but maybe some things are good."copyright protection16PENANAQe7r2xuXoN

        John sighed.copyright protection16PENANAhP0QC8mjeQ

        "You're right. We've been wrong. We all thought everything was evil. Maybe it's not. That Katherine sure seems good. I can't tell with the others, though. We'll have to meet them and see."copyright protection16PENANAaSvZIVNfr1

Mystic Falls; 3:00 p.m.copyright protection16PENANANigUJisefR

        The Winchesters and Ruby sat on Damon's couch after getting filled in. And now they knew all about them, had met them, and were now soon to be friends with them.copyright protection16PENANA2xG2njbKCp

        Later, the Winchesters and Ruby left Mystic Falls after getting rid of Klaus.copyright protection16PENANABNi6M02zft

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