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One Sided Everything
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Writer King Cosmic
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One Sided Everything
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asdfghjkl; Spells Love
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!M8gHbWPUYZrrsWkXO3B8posted on PENANA

"I'm in love with you!" I said as my cheeks were flushing bright red.copyright protection16PENANAt2PY7fJupn

My crush stood in front of me as I finally confessed my feelings to him. I waited for an reaction from him or a word. I've heard from my crush's friends that he doesn't crush on anyone but that hasn't stopped me from confessing my feelings to him. Maybe I could be different to him? My crush's name is Reginald but he goes by Reggie. He's pretty much the school's bad boy. I've liked him since I was a freshman and I've now gotten up enough courage to tell him how I feel. It would be a shame if he shot me down.copyright protection16PENANAOcw4UI1JDZ

Reggie stared at me then he smirked. I wasn't sure if that was a good sign or not.copyright protection16PENANAJ4rb0L9PPL

"That's a laugh." Reggie said then he actually started to my face. I just stood there, feeling dumbfounded.copyright protection16PENANAXjOMiV22qs

"Listen, i'm not gay, dude. I don't know who told you to hit on me or whatever but you should stop. It's creeping me out."copyright protection16PENANApeEWiyEkih

Ouch. I was definitely not expecting that. I had a feeling that I might get rejected but I didn't think that Reggie was going to be THIS harsh. I started to feel my chest squeezing my heart and a little dizzy. Oh boy. I REALLY hope that I don't pass out right now.copyright protection16PENANAj1lKdmwmbl

"Thanks for the laugh. Smell ya." He said then started to walk away. I stood there and watched him disappear down the hall and then...tears started to fall down my cheek. I quickly wiped them away so nobody would see that i'm crying. I really didn't want to go through explaining that I literately got my heart stomped on by the most cutest boy in school. I looked around the empty hallways. Right now, me and my class are doing projects in the library this period. I only got out because I told them I had to use the bathroom when in reality, I only came out to talk to Reggie because I heard that Reggie was skipping his class this period. I wiped the last few tears off my face then started to make my way back towards the library.copyright protection16PENANA89EWVWRYYi

***copyright protection16PENANAqow4kPDY9V

"Aww. He broke your heart. Miserably." My best friend Zoe said.copyright protection16PENANAgtWCeaZKxa

I nodded then crossed my arms on the library table and rested my chin on my arms.copyright protection16PENANA5FjKCfGtdE

"Are you going to go to the school's annual lock-in this Friday?" She asked.copyright protection16PENANAMD3iIn7mmh

I shrugged. "I don't know if I want to. What if Reggie goes?"copyright protection16PENANAhCKefYoeJV

"I don't peg Reggie as the type of guy to go to school events. He hates school already." She said.copyright protection16PENANApPBIzdYfHc

I nodded. "That makes sense...I guess." I sighed. "I dunno. I'll think about it."copyright protection16PENANAUtQXMzlUVH

Zoe started to look around the library. "Hey, isn't one of Reggie's friend's in our class this period? You can go ask him to see if Reggie will be going to the annual lock-in this Friday."copyright protection16PENANAbdkWrAVQOE

I pouted. "I dunno if I want to..."copyright protection16PENANAMdtnW2BVii

"Want me to go ask then?"copyright protection16PENANA7cMYayxvss

I shrugged. "If you want."copyright protection16PENANAdDFyz78vYX

Zoe nodded then stood up and walked over to Reggie's friend, Judas who always wore a beanie. Judas is Reggie's best friend and you can pretty much always see the two of them together, wrecking something. Zoe finally came back over after talking with Judas for a minute.copyright protection16PENANA9KaC87FJ2X

"He said yeah." Zoe said as she sat back down in her chair.copyright protection16PENANA2aaO8lmGRO

I slowly sat up and blinked my eyes. "Really? But Reggie always acts like he's too cool for school."copyright protection16PENANA84sOD2VLxT

"I know but Judas said that Reggie told him that he's going. Even though Reggie hates school, he said that going to the school thing will keep him out of the house for the night. Things aren't so good between him and his parents right now." Zoe explained.copyright protection16PENANAIGETjM1Zw3

I nodded. I wondered what's going on between Reggie and his parents. And I wasn't sure if i'm happy that Reggie is going to the lock-in or not. I get to see him but then I kinda don't want to see him. Not after his harsh comments when I confessed to him.copyright protection16PENANAXye7mntJ3k

"Alright....I guess i'll go."copyright protection16PENANAxcpZ122XOz

Zoe smiled brightly. "Awesome!"copyright protection16PENANARwgvqzirzO

Suddenly, Judas walks over to our table. "Hey, dude and dudette. You guys going to the lock-in huh?" He asked.copyright protection16PENANAvwnJDK77tb

Both me and Zoe nodded. "Awesome. Can't wait to see you there." Judas then looked at me and his smile grew larger. Judas is a pretty cute guy just like Reggie but he isn't really my type. He's more immature than Reggie and always says stupid stuff to get people mad at him. I don't even think he's Zoe's type. Hell, he probably isn't anybody's type.copyright protection16PENANAr0oQ0pS2mH

"Well, laterz." Judas said then walked away. I watched him walk away before turning back to Zoe.copyright protection16PENANACedSJEr250

"He's weird isn't he?" Zoe said. I nodded. "Definitely."copyright protection16PENANARBwelaYsis

"Every time he's around us, he gets so...I dunno how to put it."copyright protection16PENANAEJt2ztsswP

"Not talkative?" I finished her thought.copyright protection16PENANA983n0N2sP8

Zoe nodded. "Exactly. He's normally the most talkative guy in Reggie's group but when he's around us, he goes silent. I wonder..."copyright protection16PENANAtHJ0V4bUxt

Then, Zoe gasped. "What if he likes one of us!?"copyright protection16PENANAnbcQeMjGfQ

"I doubt he likes me. Besides, he's not into guys is he?" I asked.copyright protection16PENANAvpZyNZmPsb

Zoe shrugged. "I don't think so. I know he used to have a crush on a girl in my Spanish class and that was like two months ago."copyright protection16PENANAXVSGWOL7Ji

"Then that means he likes you right?" I questioned.copyright protection16PENANAA6uNWIAgoP

"Yeah but...Judas isn't my type. He IS cute, though. I don't know. I'll give it a shot." Zoe smiled.copyright protection16PENANA6Tf5s25ORy

"Good because you need some romance too and if I can't have any then i'm happy that you get some."copyright protection16PENANA0PtTwpIhxr

Zoe smiled brightly. "Aww. That's the most cutest thing you've ever said. This is why you're my best friend."copyright protection16PENANAz8y4VvMvLa

I giggled. I was starting to feel better about myself already. Yup. I'm definitely going to the lock-in. I can't let Reggie get me down. Even if he IS a bit harsh.copyright protection16PENANAlS4AYwD4lv

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