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Because of You, I Like School.
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Writer King Cosmic
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Because of You, I Like School.
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Love Is Unattainable in My Book
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!k5OCslh8a3SLtTB8SgG2posted on PENANA

"OH MY GOSH! Is that the new Austin Mahone album?!" My friend, Jordan asked me as we were walking down the hall to our first period class.copyright protection15PENANAtKJ0h2VEjH

"Sure is. I just bought the whole album last night on ITunes. I've been listening to his songs non-stop since last night." I said.copyright protection15PENANA0DNPgfayol

"Who cares about Austin Mahone? Have you guys ever heard blessthefall's new song?" My friend, Kris asked us.copyright protection15PENANABg65aId2ZU

Me and Jordan stared at Kris like she had ten heads.copyright protection15PENANA5sEOtVQoAa

Kris sighed then plugged her earbuds back into her ears. "Whatever."copyright protection15PENANA6BOTq49BDx

Me and Jordan giggled then went back to listening to Austin Mahone. Jordan and Kris have been my best friends since grade school. We practically do everything together. Or almost everything. We all met in Band class and were pretty much labeled the 'geeky band' kids. Jordan is pretty much the girly girl in our trio group. She likes every time of pop boy bands and always wear make up and pretty jewelry. Kris on the other hand, is a tomboy. She likes listening to rock bands and dresses whatever she feels like. Me? I'm kinda in between. I like to dress nice too. Not as much as Jordan, though. But i also don't mind coming to school wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. My music tastes are rock bands and dubstep. I also like to listen to artists like Owl City and Austin Mahone. Kris and Jordan are like the two halves of me and I don't know what i'll do without them.copyright protection15PENANAWeO2kYLy0K

We reached our first period which is History. The three of us sat down in our seats. Kris sits in front of me while Jordan sits behind me. It's way too easy for the three of us to whisper to each other and pass notes in class when the teacher isn't looking. Me and Jordan continues to listen to Austin Mahone when the class clown, Jeremy runs into the room.copyright protection15PENANAs5d6UG1L4C

"Did you guys hear? Our class will be having a student teacher coming in today!" Jeremy said.copyright protection15PENANAVbdJ5DOfer

I don't think anybody cared about the news except for Jeremy. He's a HUGE class clown and always gets into trouble whenever he can. He also has bad luck with women. You can always find him flirting with every girl who turns the corner and he gets shut down every time. Jeremy isn't a bad looking guy either. With his spiky blond hair and blue eyes. It's just that his constant flirting and class clowning prevents him from having a girlfriend. Me, Jordan and Kris have known him since seventh grade and he's been immature since.copyright protection15PENANAMbGAd0zYyA

"Who cares?" A guy with brown hair in the back of the class said out loud.copyright protection15PENANAJ0FW6AC8lH

"Yeah. It's just going to be another teacher for you to torture." A pretty blonde girl said next to me.copyright protection15PENANAKgTX0YBOdQ

Jeremy pouted as he realized that nobody was interested in his news. "But...but...she's a student teacher. She's got to be in her early 20's or something." He said.copyright protection15PENANAg01WBfXaew

Everybody just shrugged and went back to chatting or sleeping.copyright protection15PENANAKXwqTD0wMl

"Poor, Jeremy. For once, nobody cares about what he says." Kris remarked.copyright protection15PENANAexC7vC67rj

"It was about time. Jeremy's antics are getting old." Jordan said.copyright protection15PENANAXHkZEVeB6t

I shrugged. "I suppose."copyright protection15PENANA7QqEhkihR4

The school bell rung and some kids scrambled to get to their seats when our usual English teacher walked in.copyright protection15PENANAD5Cfc7Siej

"Class, I have an announcement." English teacher, Mr. Scrooge said. "I'll be having someone join me today. She's a Student Teacher and she just graduated from college. I'll let her introduce herself. You can come in, Ms. Dawson."copyright protection15PENANACc0WbESqgY

A young and beautiful woman walked into the room. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She had long brown hair, brown eyes and seemed to carry herself pretty well. She was wearing an red button up shirt with a black skirt and black high heels. I would have to say that she's probably twenty-five if not older.copyright protection15PENANAToPk26Ekov

Ms. Dawson smiled at the class. "Hello. I'm Lydia Dawson and i'll be working with you guys for the next two months. I hope we can work well together. Like Mr. Scrooge said, i just graduated from college and i'm working to get a teaching Degree. Any questions?"copyright protection15PENANAp2B1hO9a7o

One of Jeremy's friends raised his hand. "How old are you?"copyright protection15PENANAtJAuGL9zbp

Ms. Dawson smiled. "I'm twenty-five."copyright protection15PENANAx5NnpQt3bS

Another one of Jeremy's friends raised his hand."Are you married?"copyright protection15PENANAzBUaDcZMm6

"Guys," Mr. Scrooge butted in.copyright protection15PENANAaQQKkwwt6I

"It's okay. I don't mind." Ms. Dawson said then turned to the class. "No. I'm not married and i don't have any kids."copyright protection15PENANATENH1cyvgJ

Finally, a girl with glasses raised her hand. I'm hoping that the question has something to do with her wanting to become a teacher and nothing about her personal life.copyright protection15PENANAnPki0XuZKR

"Why do you want to become a teacher?" The girl with glasses asked.copyright protection15PENANA5UHVF2scwz

"Yeah! Why? Teaching sucks!" Someone blurted out.copyright protection15PENANAUqdH8eUGJa

Ms. Dawson just smiled and answered the student's question. I'm amazed how she's able to keep herself calm and composed. I'm really impressed. Kris then turned around and leaned in towards me.copyright protection15PENANAq7ZKp0IUZt

"The teacher is pretty hot huh?" She asked me.copyright protection15PENANAL5nt13wug2

I rolled my eyes.copyright protection15PENANA3atgSBuMie

"Kris, stop. Crushing on a teacher is gross." Jordan said.copyright protection15PENANAWIlWtKWcEW

"I know. I was asking for Carrie's opinion on her. If you know what I mean." Kris winked.copyright protection15PENANAFq22U36qxm

I sighed. Kris always did that. Whenever we see a good looking person, she would always hint at me. It's like she's trying to hook me up with every single chick that passes by.copyright protection15PENANAtBxWRpymcQ

"Kris, you know I can't date. And i'm pretty sure dating a teacher is illegal." I whispered to her.copyright protection15PENANAA8yW52H2el

"But she's just a 'Student Teacher'."copyright protection15PENANAYTM0WG436B

I shrugged. "So? It's still wrong."copyright protection15PENANApAcXw4n5qz

"Girls! Do you three have something you want to share?" Mr. Scrooge asked me, Kris and Jordan. All three of us shook our heads.copyright protection15PENANAV1IuYNxFQL

"Do you girls have any questions for me?" Ms. Dawson asked us.copyright protection15PENANA1OFNPBtUEA

The three of us just sat there. "What do you like to do in your free time?" Kris eventually asked.copyright protection15PENANAv4aI1HNpNe

"Good question. Well, i like to read novels, listen to pop music, sometimes i like to cook."copyright protection15PENANAYJgGeeuLTk

Kris then turned around and leaned close to me. "Sounds like a dreamboat huh?" She winked.copyright protection15PENANAwU9cIYNbTs

I sighed and rolled my eyes.copyright protection15PENANAMowX7yFVXs

More kids asked questions till the end of the bell. I waited until the class left to grab my stuff and walked over to Ms. Dawson. Kris and Jordan stood at the door and waited for me.copyright protection15PENANA9WbpCpD6ax

"Sorry about earlier. Me and my friends didn't mean to disrupt your...conversations."copyright protection15PENANArHrAT9zHls

Ms. Dawson smiled. "It's no problem. I did the same thing when i was your age. How old are you?"copyright protection15PENANA98RF5ZeKUc

"Sixteen." I replied.copyright protection15PENANAc38otLN7RY

Ms. Dawson nodded. "Yep. Sixteen. I remember those sweet years. Parties, friends, boys."copyright protection15PENANAEjF6TzfsgB

I nodded. "So, you like to read huh?"copyright protection15PENANAVpJM5PLjzF

Ms. Dawson nodded. "Totally. It's my passion like writing."copyright protection15PENANAwMJEadpYkh

My eyes widen. "Really? Mine too! I'm...currently working on this one book. It's silly."copyright protection15PENANAWYAC4ubkXr

"I'm sure it's not. If you would like, you can show me it sometime."copyright protection15PENANAVSQFEVuqf4

I nodded. "That would be great. Thanks, Ms. Dawson."copyright protection15PENANA6LRQq23Q0n

Ms. Dawson chuckled. "Call me Lydia."copyright protection15PENANA8XmJzrdKLa

I smiled softly and nodded. "Okay...Lydia~" I giggled.copyright protection15PENANAbH22nHXR7d

"You seem like a really smart girl. You're also really pretty." She complimented.copyright protection15PENANAWdYN3pQ7fR

I slightly blush. "Thanks. Well, i gotta go."copyright protection15PENANAvnOR6oij84

"Bye. Have a good day."copyright protection15PENANAukLxm8ek0m

I smiled then walked over to my friends and we all walked out.copyright protection15PENANAxXAvLEUBLa

"I saw you two flirting~" Kris teased.copyright protection15PENANAsgxh8EFrYN

"It wasn't flirting. We were having a conversation. Besides, even if she's not married, she probably has a boyfriend or something."copyright protection15PENANAvs8h0uqeOq

"Probably. A really hot boyfriend." Jordan said.copyright protection15PENANABlocR9QMKC

"Still, there's nothing wrong with fantasizing." Kris said.copyright protection15PENANAWdTuu18at6

I shrugged. "I guess not."copyright protection15PENANAXYz6fzAFOp

I sighed. Even though Lydia IS cute, nothing will happened. I don't care if Kris says she's just a 'Student Teacher'. She's still a teacher and a twenty-five year old one at that.copyright protection15PENANA6pLvCDEspp

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