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Jan 14, 2018
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!QxtlLlTXc9ENXPtLBzpdposted on PENANA

{please insert command.}copyright protection21PENANA6Sk6pseYiZ

Do you see it? Close your eyes. See it now? It is where we came from and where we will return.25Please respect copyright.PENANAAxoDwuARaE
Find the secrets you're searching for in its depths, and in those depths, yourself.copyright protection21PENANAm8xPtjbmgo

Find peace. Go home; you know where to look.copyright protection21PENANAwVbuKEfmeF

Welcome to the last day of the rest of your life.copyright protection21PENANAzkxTqXmFWE

{searching files...}copyright protection21PENANAEiMc8gvkDL

{error}copyright protection21PENANAJ9GUEqzTMO

{access denied}copyright protection21PENANAzm96gA4Df0

{please restart your device.}25Please respect copyright.PENANALPOrhzajQ1
25Please respect copyright.PENANAgzJJvhUnZW
copyright protection21PENANAhUj46skBMX

-copyright protection21PENANAmv73qLu0Fg

Past the gate, past the red warning flag flapping in the wind and through the haze of rain battering at his 25Please respect copyright.PENANAtAuSd0mORw
face, trying to push him back. Voices lost in the sound, in the surf. They were calling to him, he was sure, 25Please respect copyright.PENANAtDmh4DReWH
calling him home. copyright protection21PENANAOeDYlTypwN

Nothing would stop him now.copyright protection21PENANAqOHKSNcdpZ

His feet hit water and the icy blackness crept up to his ankles, his waist, and then his neck. The boat he'd 25Please respect copyright.PENANAfdgZWLhR9g
dragged along bobbed in the water now, and he heaved himself into it, immediately being tossed in all directions25Please respect copyright.PENANANCQhv4iRS9
like a rag-doll in the hands of child throwing a temper-tantrum. He gave into it, letting the water take him 25Please respect copyright.PENANAolNKDRnu6j
where it wanted to, staring up at the moon above him: the only witness.copyright protection21PENANAbMuiPV4jVJ

He was ready.copyright protection21PENANAAKYdJj7hJE

As the boat spun around and around, he climbed to the edge, feeling the water splash up and kiss his cheek.copyright protection21PENANA5atMUmA6zZ

Without a scream, he let his weight drag him like a stone to the water which met his body like a 25Please respect copyright.PENANAbmxsltdDkm
violent embrace.copyright protection21PENANA5KLA3Bw7Us

-copyright protection21PENANARvdPIW9QdS

Jeremy Lannigan's body surfaced later, floating face down with his limbs extended in all directions, bloated 25Please respect copyright.PENANAT8ZKquPImH
from all the water he'd swallowed and propelled by salt. copyright protection21PENANAvi3Y5XkF3U

The little dinghy he'd taken out off the coast was no match for the storm-produced chaos, and it was found cracked 25Please respect copyright.PENANASK3FuHxRcE
in two, presumably from being bashed into the rocks.copyright protection21PENANAF9FrKJ2gQX

His phone had been left on the beach, flashing with a message from an unknown number: WELCOME HOME, JEREMY.copyright protection21PENANAJIsWybSH26

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