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Silk Stalkings
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Writer Lizzy100
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Silk Stalkings
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Jan 28, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!AQLFWkaZiylP6OaRqDQhposted on PENANA

Summary: Kass gets captured during her vacation. Somewhere after Kass and Tom were together.copyright protection25PENANAxU846MPMYx

        It was a beautiful day, as Kassandra and Tom were outside the Palm Beach, CA police station. They were saying their farewells. Kass was going on vacation. She was going to see her mom.copyright protection25PENANAqzncejwojO

        "Have a safe trip, Kassie," Tom said.copyright protection25PENANAXED4sNVTrM

        "You don't have to worry, Tom."copyright protection25PENANAbZHj3N6TA4

        "Just call me when you get there."copyright protection25PENANAq0DOcS7Jgq

        "I will," she answered, before kissing him.copyright protection25PENANAxd5bhyYdrq

        Tom kissed her back and then watched her get in her red convertible and drive off.copyright protection25PENANA0DpHWtu2m5

        Ltd. Tom Ryan sat at his desk, waiting for a case to come up. That's when Captain Harry Lipshitz came up to him. He was their boss.copyright protection25PENANA7N6LBiDJ2T

        "We have a homicide," Harry announced.copyright protection25PENANAaz7fLpNJDf

        Meanwhile, while Tom was working a case of a murdered woman in her early twenties, Sgt. St. John was driving to her mom's in Miami. It was dark, as she drove down the highway, when she was stopped by a male cop.copyright protection25PENANAaDSzkP2PSp

        "Can I help you?" she asked him.copyright protection25PENANAUZc0LOjoyl

        "You can step out of the car."copyright protection25PENANAiJVqYGPMqt

        "Officer, I’m sure I wasn't speeding."copyright protection25PENANA2A6V9rLcgD

        "I said get out of the car."copyright protection25PENANACbDPcoEvNc

        "Okay, okay. Easy."copyright protection25PENANAR5VNwUtlHT

        She got out of the convertible.copyright protection25PENANAPJuVFEnqRE

        Back at the station, Tom was leaving, heading out to go home and get some sleep after a long day of work.copyright protection25PENANA3tPHi15XxS

        The next day, Tom continued his investigation, asking some neighbors some questions. And then tried her boyfriend. He wasn't home and hadn't been for a couple days.copyright protection25PENANA9pY5cuZFQG

        Sgt. Kassandra St. John awoke to see she was in a basement of a boat, tied to a chair with rope. She tried to get out of it, but couldn't.copyright protection25PENANAzFq4B5IYwz

        The next afternoon, Tom came in, gun raised.copyright protection25PENANACA3shmunj1

        "Police! Freeze!"copyright protection25PENANAgsrexDJxjz

        The guy named Tony Hernandez, swung at him. Tom got him to the floor and put handcuffs on him.copyright protection25PENANAdTfEXRJGPf

        Tom untied his girlfriend and then helped her to her feet.copyright protection25PENANAfsQiV7EpuX

        "Are you okay, Kass?"copyright protection25PENANArKqSZXwJvQ

        "I'm fine," she assured him.copyright protection25PENANAiIJymHp6nf

        In the end, Tony went to jail and everybody went home happy. The case was officially closed.copyright protection25PENANAmCIcVDkz3P

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