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Just Breathe (Drake x MC)
Writer HPLM86
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Just Breathe (Drake x MC)
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Chapter 2
No Plagiarism!4FlzWMvEHzs1TA5LaPXBposted on PENANA

Please be aware that there's a LEMON and ADULT THEMES. Please do not read if you're underage or uncomfortable. copyright protection142PENANAolK0Q6xhe2

Thanks!copyright protection142PENANAniHJREvnjd

***********************************************************copyright protection142PENANAWLePljBv9z

He remembered seeing the gun, almost glimmering in the soft light of the chandeliers in the ballroom.copyright protection142PENANA7xVSyLY52c

No. copyright protection142PENANA7pvP9ntEKM

Every thought, every rational consideration left his mind. Anything and everything he had to do was to protect her. As adrenaline pumped through his body, the bullet hurtling towards her almost sounded like it was humming. The thought of a life without Riley flashed through his mind, and his body swerved easily in front of hers.copyright protection142PENANARHx6xTq8pz

Then there was sharp pain. So sharp it sucked his breath away.  Shock. And then darkness.copyright protection142PENANAIx6DpFonKr

The darkness was punctuated by a few blurred memories: a stifled sob, distant sounding sirens, and the feeling of a warm hand in his. Then darkness again.copyright protection142PENANAASR5H0tbFd

A blurry light filled his view. “Drake?” he heard her, her voice barely a whisper. He willed his eyes to open, to see her, to know she was okay.copyright protection142PENANAXxVvDsp3BO

As his vision adjusted, there she was. Her hazel eyes bright and open, looking at him in a way that made his knees weak: expectant and excited.copyright protection142PENANADjlKWLpl8a

Riley. copyright protection142PENANAMJ2EPKEiVj

He could fill a lifetime with looks like that.copyright protection142PENANAwSQrouUNyv

For that moment, his entire existence was there, looking into those eyes. He felt nothing and could focus on nothing else. Was this heaven? If it was, he’d take it.copyright protection142PENANACbOXVLIl7R

Quickly disproving the heaven theory, a dull ache filled his chest. He coughed dryly, suddenly aware of the beeps, bandages, and machines tangled up around him.copyright protection142PENANAvUByyridJd

He reached his hand out weakly, expecting air, pleasantly surprised when a soft hand grabbed it immediately, holding it against her chest. She stared, locking eyes with him for several moments.  copyright protection142PENANAwg6nIvSCiq

He interrupted the silence, surprising even himself by how dry and rough his voice sounded, “Jeez.  I know I’m beautiful, Brooks, but your staring is starting to make me blush.”copyright protection142PENANA8UCXSyIBTQ

 She didn’t take the bait. She didn’t throw back sarcasm, joke, or roll her eyes. Her face broke out into a wide smile, her eyes starting to glisten. “You’re okay!”copyright protection142PENANAtoK5Wiwfvg

His body jerked upwards instinctively, longing to use his thumb to brush away her tears. The wire attached to his chest protested, holding him down. He winced at the pain. She patted his arm. “Stay still. I’m here. I’m here as long as you need me to be.”copyright protection142PENANAt2wAqf5iSo

He was about to protest, but a soft kiss on his palm calmed him. He closed his eyes again. For the first time in his life, he was sure:  she’s not leaving. copyright protection142PENANAJ1jmYbUHNO

****copyright protection142PENANAxhdhmazSp5

The hours turned into days. True to her word, Riley only left to shower, change, and check on Liam, Hana and Maxwell. According to Riley, Hana and Maxwell had been briefly missing after assassins swarmed the palace, taken as hostages to bribe the King. Luckily, they had been found by the police and released, recuperating safely at the Beaumont estate.copyright protection142PENANA9S7GsyVyQO

Riley chastised Drake often for putting himself in harms’ way, but he knew he’d take a hundred bullets again if it meant she’d stay safe.copyright protection142PENANAWAPfWNrRve

Savannah, Bartie, and Liam came in and out throughout the day, making sure Drake was okay. His sister fussed over him incessantly and Liam tried to distract him with other things: the whiskey he had bought to share with Drake in the future, hijinks at court, and reassurances that everything in the palace was fine.copyright protection142PENANAF2wSkS2ULs

But if he was honest with himself, the only thing Drake looked forward to was when they left at 7, and he was left alone with Riley.copyright protection142PENANAZUl7AOFwmw

A week into his recovery, Drake was healing well and hooked up to considerably less machines. Savannah fussed over the state of his long hair, kissed him on the forehead, and left. Drake caught the meaningful look she gave Riley as she stepped out of the hospital room, a small nod of appreciation.  He could’ve sworn Savannah’s eyes looked a little moist.copyright protection142PENANAli7ax4YZVu

Riley closed the door behind her, sitting on one of the wooden chairs in his hospital room and stifling a yawn. He knew she didn’t sleep well on those chairs, and had told her several times he understood if she needed to leave for the night.copyright protection142PENANAeBwKtRDwLo

But she never left.copyright protection142PENANAZLjkTU8yru

And though he’d never admit it, Drake didn’t know if he could manage without her. If he had a guess at the reason he was healing so well, it was the short, bouncy, bright woman in front of him, telling him a story about her first crush.copyright protection142PENANA5MNcWlhVkc

“So then, I knew his name was Justin, but I thought it’d be cool to pretend I didn’t know who he was,” she paused to laugh, “So I kept calling him ‘Joe,’ assuming it would somehow make him like me more. Unsurprisingly, he assumed I didn’t like him and didn’t talk to me again. I don’t know, I guess I was a little silly,” she shrugged.copyright protection142PENANApyNWihNVOz

Was? Past tense? he cocked his eyebrow up dramatically. She hit him (very gently) with a hospital pillow.copyright protection142PENANAkNkE8dyhMZ

He frowned. Drake could tell she was always holding herself back with him, afraid that she’d hurt him. He missed the rough, stolen kisses, the uninhibited touching, and the last time they spent considerable time alone together. He gulped audibly. Thinking back to that gold dress slipping down her back….copyright protection142PENANAMSMz5IUmEf

Drake sighed. They had barely hugged a few times since he woke up in the hospital. He tried not to take it personally. After all, he had just taken a bullet to the chest and undergone surgery. But the fear that he just wasn’t good enough for her would creep in every now and then and make it feel personal.copyright protection142PENANAy3Nm06EN2s

He shook his head.  Focus, you idiot. She’s here for you, isn’t she? He looked at the woman in front of him, keeping him company. He could scarcely believe it, but she didn’t even seem to mind being there.copyright protection142PENANAnngI1oWAGJ

She fussed over his food, asked the doctors hundreds of questions, and when she thought he was asleep, he would sometimes catch her looking at him. She occasionally brushed the hair out of his eyes or wiped beads of sweat off of his face.copyright protection142PENANAAsBm1H5W3J

His doctor had finally unhooked him from almost everything, and his left side was completely unrestrained. “Hey, uh, Brooks?”copyright protection142PENANAbCNYZN5DB7

“Hmm?” she looked up from her phone. Her hair was pulled back into a braid, a few stray tendrils framing her oval-shaped face. His breath hitched. She was doing that thinking pout she did sometimes, accentuating the shape and fullness of her lips. Drake wanted more than anything to kiss her.copyright protection142PENANA6ZumHwLD6r

“So my entire, uh, left side is free of any sort of wires. Do you want to join me up here tonight? Plenty of room,” he patted the side of the bed.copyright protection142PENANAmHTY3VF8RJ

She hesitated; he could see her holding her breath as her mind went through some heavy considerations. A lump started forming at the base of his throat. Sure they had slept together recently, but maybe her feelings had changed.  Since then, they had just hugged. Just hugged. Was this her way of saying that she felt for him…. as a friend?  A friend who had risked his life for her, sure, but was he crossing a line asking her to sleep by him?copyright protection142PENANAS2lF1lt6Y4

He suddenly felt queasy. “You know, Brooks, what I did for you….. I did it with no strings attached. I appreciate you being here for me, but you don’t owe me anything. If your feelings have changed, I’d understand.”copyright protection142PENANAe53IrLfdom

His voice was a bit gruffer than he had intended. He wished it wasn’t dripping with pain, but he didn’t have the energy to pretend anymore.copyright protection142PENANAEL3yK6upfl

She stared at him in stunned silence, her eyes wide. Her lip started to quiver, “how could you even say that?”copyright protection142PENANA87ouMpQfvO

 “What?”copyright protection142PENANAkKUoslaIzz

“You heard me, Drake Walker. How could you even SAY that?” copyright protection142PENANA4ek7M4egut

He sighed. How was it that even when he was trying to be understanding, he messed up?copyright protection142PENANACDA08mpYCV

“I’d understand if you need some space…”copyright protection142PENANANXFHm82wQB

With that she stood up and glared at him, putting her hand up. “Stop trying to push me away. I’m not going anywhere. What’s the matter with you? What do I need to do to show you how much I care about you?copyright protection142PENANA5VPq3CuhTZ

He could see the hurt in her eyes and wanted more than anything for it to stop, for here to smile again. “It’s just…. Since I’ve been in here, we’ve talked and laughed…and done, you know, friend stuff….”copyright protection142PENANAKvCkwKHVIk

She put her finger to her mouth to shush him, threw off her shoes, and climbed into the hospital bed with Drake. After a small huff and a glare, she held his face with both of her hands and pulled him into a hard kiss. It started chaste enough, but within a few seconds her mouth became more pliable, her tongue slipping into his mouth. He groaned, his hand around her waist, pulling her closer in.copyright protection142PENANARvhwcEFfaw

She pulled away abruptly. “Is that what you needed? Do I need to do this every single day so you don’t forget how I feel about you?”copyright protection142PENANARgrHGukbLe

He nodded breathlessly.copyright protection142PENANAawKMQgxycf

“I was just worried about, oh I don’t know, your collapsed lung, you insufferable dolt.”copyright protection142PENANAS3LaAYOfdZ

He smiled. Despite the insult, there was no bitterness in her voice.  “Are you saying you take my breath away, Brooks?” She swatted his arm, not so gently this time, “Because it’s true. You do take my breath away.”copyright protection142PENANAM5gdNXI88u

He kissed her again, softly this time. Feeling a painful twinge in his body, he pulled back quickly and leaned the other way, coughing.copyright protection142PENANAmj066RmDpy

She rolled her eyes, her face half annoyance and half concern. “See? This is why we still need to take it easy.” copyright protection142PENANAShCEscChsQ

Drake coughed again in response and nodded, breathing hard. He smiled as she settled in beside him, her head resting on his shoulder, her arm draped across his chest. Within seconds, her breathing slowed, and she was asleep.copyright protection142PENANAgeVxsJuaRC

The days of sleeping on a chair had obviously worn her out. Kissing her forehead, he drifted off into the most peaceful slumber he could remember.copyright protection142PENANAEdWFk2wGFV

****copyright protection142PENANAfydScF4OWx

“Ah-hem.” copyright protection142PENANAFdMBKekepc

Riley woke with a start, looking up to the doctor’s bemused face, her foot tapping impatiently. She could feel Drake stirring, too. He opened his eyes and rubbed them gingerly.copyright protection142PENANAR4qNJKPfrv

“I see you guys got some rest,” she flipped through the clipboard she was holding, “Well, Mr. Walker, way earlier than expected, it looks like you can get out of here today.”copyright protection142PENANAbG4oyg4D50

Riley broke out into a wide smile. Home. They could finally go home! Drake’s expression was unreadable, but he nodded, “Thanks, Doc.”copyright protection142PENANAbKdXmYbGcB

She continued to flip through her clipboard, “We’ll get that paperwork done ASAP, and you should be free to go! You’ll have to continue some antibiotics and rest as much as possible, but…. everything looks good,” She paused for effect, “Call me if anything, and I mean anything, happens that doesn’t feel right.”copyright protection142PENANAS4FiRo3HEu

“Thank you so much for fixing him up, Doctor,” Riley smiled. This wasn’t a dream. He was okay. Really okay!copyright protection142PENANAdPbheKyinE

The doctor nodded. “Mr. Walker, Mrs. Walker,” and closed the door with a curt click. copyright protection142PENANAizpwwLvIsI

Riley couldn’t help herself from grinning when Drake’s eyes widened, first from shock and then embarrassment. “Brooks, I didn’t say….I didn’t tell them…”copyright protection142PENANAjkMZDEnHm2

“Oh stop,” she stifled a giggle, “They called me that earlier and I just didn’t correct them, that’s all. I guess they just assumed when they saw me sticking around.” She tried to shrug nonchalantly, but stared at Drake’s face for any sort of reaction. Again, his eyes were unreadable but she could’ve sworn she saw the edges of his mouth twitch up into a brief smile.copyright protection142PENANAbzRmR56qou

She left the room to call Liam, and he coordinated for Drake’s truck to be parked in the hospital’s garage so they could drive home.copyright protection142PENANA5H3udAgJjI

When Riley walked back into the room, Drake was in the middle of pulling on his tight, maroon henley t-shirt, the one they had bought together in New York. She inhaled sharply. A week of being in a hospital gown had almost made her forget how good his arms looked in tight clothing, how she could see every muscle move as he gathered things.copyright protection142PENANArC3dCHSZoe

“You gonna help, or just gawk at me, Brooks?” he winked at her wolfishly, “But by all means, enjoy the view.”copyright protection142PENANA2zOTWGZ26o

She tried to play it off with a dry laugh, “yeah, yeah. Here, let me help you carry that,” she lurched towards her overnight bag, he dodged easily.copyright protection142PENANAxb5BGjbW2u

“Nuh-uh, Brooks. I may be a little worse for wear, but I can still handle this,” his voice softened, “You’ve done so much. Let me do this for you.”copyright protection142PENANAEt7IHKpzJN

She considered reminding him that he had recently saved her life, but thought better of it. She could sense there’d be a lot of disagreements in the coming weeks…years, and decided to choose her battles.copyright protection142PENANAOMmDFijFlq

****copyright protection142PENANA3TB9uisGeu

True to his word, Liam’s driver had parked Drake’s red truck on the first floor of the garage. As Drake opened the back door to place Riley’s backpack on the seat, she noticed him wince. “Hey,” she put a hand on his shoulder, “let me drive. You’ve been through enough. That way you can recline and relax.”copyright protection142PENANAbTYjBG30gN

He smirked like he was about to give her a sarcastic response, but flinched with pain once again, his hand going to his chest. He sighed, “That might be for the best.”copyright protection142PENANAN4zaHft0VP

They settled into the car, Riley adjusting the seat on the driver’s side from the furthest to the closest setting, “damn, you’re tall,” she muttered.copyright protection142PENANAqYI27clATz

“And you’re short,” he chuckled, before leaning the passenger seat back so he could close his eyes and relax. She smiled at him.copyright protection142PENANA44t3n5Jq5Z

She could get used to this. Not Drake being hurt, but just the…ease of this. She could get used to the comfortable silences, the easy conversation and knowing that they could be together.copyright protection142PENANAdT3N4L2yMX

As she put the key in the ignition she stopped. “Wait…where are we going?”copyright protection142PENANAndW5g4iBEb

Drakes eyes popped open. She could tell he hadn’t considered it, either.copyright protection142PENANAbJgEMDJv4P

“Well,” he started slowly, “we could always head to the palace. Or we could, you know,” he looked at her with such intensity that she blushed, “head home.” copyright protection142PENANAviJz5Nk7m7

Home. What did that even mean? Was it New York? Her tiny apartment, though warm, seemed so distant now. The palace definitely wasn’t home, nor the hospital. Her eyes drifted to Drake’s, he held his gaze steady in her direction.  Could a person be home? copyright protection142PENANA5Jk1PA58cK

“Sounds good. Tell me which way to go.”copyright protection142PENANAkntA2geMLj

****copyright protection142PENANACgClQH9aPv

We’re going to Drake’s house. Riley felt a flutter of excitement inside of her.copyright protection142PENANAhVfCW5d2dp

Since he hadn’t stayed there since the start of the social season, they stopped to pick up some groceries and grab lunch at a diner. Stuffing his face with a hamburger, Drake had been relieved to get something that wasn’t hospital food. Riley delighted in two cappuccinos, similarly happy to distance herself from the weak coffee available at the hospital café.  copyright protection142PENANAMyNg9QwoCi

Riley continued to relish being around him. Just a week ago, there had been a point where she thought she’d never be able to speak to him again, and she wasn’t going to take their time together for granted. At every red light, every stop, she looked at him.copyright protection142PENANAHfzjAp1KzR

Since he had been in the hospital, his dark hair was a bit longer, and the scruff on his face was more pronounced. She shuddered, thinking about how that scruff would fee on her skin, but snapped herself out of it.copyright protection142PENANAgRMwuJBHLP

Focus, Riley. You’ve got to drive. copyright protection142PENANA7ynUOxKlVn

Drake had rolled down his window in the truck, taking in the cool air and distant smell of apples. He turned to look at her, his eyes so soft she couldn’t bear to look into them. She didn’t have to ask. She knew he wasn’t going to take their life for granted, either.copyright protection142PENANADDCcWdBYXb

It was nearly evening by the time they made it to the house. It was Drake’s parent’s old home, so deep into the woods that the final road they took was unpaved, lined by thick layers of trees on either side. Finally, they came to a clearing, and there it was. Riley tried to ignore the fact that Drake’s eyes kept drifting to her, expectantly, as she took the house in.copyright protection142PENANAPe3CKxllf6

It was a cacophony of styles, some brick parts, some wood, but it all looked sturdy and inviting. It was obvious that rooms were added years after the original brick construction was finished. An odd turret jutted out on the left side. The turret was so small, Riley wondered if Drake’s parents had built it for the kids to play in.copyright protection142PENANAbmFzgu61P2

Deep in thought, she became increasingly aware that Drake wasn’t breaking his gaze, still looking at her, expectant as ever.copyright protection142PENANApsF1FCehAc

“It’s beautiful,” she breathed, meaning it truly, to her core. It was a testament to everything Drake stood for. The house had no rules, no strict confinements – but it worked. It was a far cry from the straight lines and columns of the houses of nobles, rigid in their order.copyright protection142PENANAsqqw2b4oxj

Drake sighed with relief. “Take a look around, I’ll take the food inside and tidy up a tiny bit before you come in.”copyright protection142PENANAvIFahWEoYt

She nodded, getting out of the truck and letting her feet land on the dried leaves with a crunch. She leaned back and inhaled deeply, the smell of dirt and pine overloading her senses. She walked around the cottage, the back of it only 20 feet away from the start of a small pond and a backdrop of tall trees.copyright protection142PENANAqnW5oBHDSi

The air was cool, wind rustling the leaves in the trees and the leaves on the ground. The sky was darkening, a heavy blanket of grey clouds stretched out as far as she could see. She saw a hint of the sky lighting up in her peripheral vision, followed by the low, rumbling sound of thunder in the distance.copyright protection142PENANAQlIhRLsW9Z

Deep in thought, she wasn’t sure how long she had been staring when a pair of strong arms went around her waist and a warm mouth grazed her ear. She took a moment to respond, reveling in the warmth of his arms, coupled by the increasing chill in the air and the smell of earth filling her nose. She felt the warning of a fat water droplet on her shoulder.copyright protection142PENANAfEHVOZRtnP

“Hey,” she breathed.copyright protection142PENANAWNcSSBuAfm

“Enjoying the view?” he paused as she leaned into his embrace, nodding, “we don’t have to head inside just yet, if you don’t want.”copyright protection142PENANAS5HBmzmOvv

 “No way, Walker,” she teased, “It’s time for me to see where you live when you aren’t gallivanting around with princes.”copyright protection142PENANAOLavGZvysS

She grabbed him by the arm and dragged him back to the front of the house. He opened the door for her, bowing a little, “M’lady.”copyright protection142PENANAopFAiycM8r

Whatever Riley had been expecting on the inside of his house, it wasn’t this. The house was all warm woods, brown leathers, with hints of copper in the form of big planters at the corners of the small living room. They walked through all of the rooms, the bathrooms, Drake’s bedroom, and the small but functional kitchen. Paintings of horses, abstract and traditional, covered the walls.copyright protection142PENANA81wQCTpZIV

“My mom was a painter, and she…she loved horses,” his voice was tinged with sadness.copyright protection142PENANAvwGF2mFxU8

Riley smiled, putting a hand against Drake’s scruffy cheek, “just like you.”copyright protection142PENANApix5TQE6CN

He grabbed her hand and kissed it, his brown eyes full of longing.copyright protection142PENANAxLO4BrY1qG

“Oh!” she almost yelped, seeing a picture on a side table. It had a swarthy, handsome man, bearded and beaming, holding a delicate blonde woman.  In front of them were two children, a boy and a girl. The girl smiled broadly, while the boy looked like he’d rather be elsewhere. Riley’s eyes widened, “is this you?” copyright protection142PENANAWVdCBfYgNT

Drake cleared his throat, “um…yes.”copyright protection142PENANAodcWi6MXcp

She couldn’t tear her eyes away. Tiny Drake, even as a child, was somewhat broody. Her finger tips ran along the length of the photo. “You must’ve been a terror,” she laughed.copyright protection142PENANAKKazOM0NNr

He looked a little hurt for a second, but broke out into a slow smile, “I suppose I was. Maybe sometimes I still am,” he shrugged.copyright protection142PENANAtJnHmYWlfK

She mock frowned in agreement, shrugging exaggeratedly, “Maybe, maybe,” and yelped when he pulled her hard towards him, crushing her in a wanton kiss, his mouth desperate and bruising. She melted into him, having wanted nothing more than this since she knew he was doing okay in the hospital.  It took her a few seconds before she came to.copyright protection142PENANAeEXqAgwmdJ

Hospital….copyright protection142PENANAMYtWxiJy5w

“Mmmm!” she exclaimed pulling away from him. “Drake,” her voice was breathy and low, “You know I want this,” she ran her hand down his chest, “but you’re still healing Drake, I just don’t know if this is the right time.”copyright protection142PENANAZzgngCmdXB

She could see the mixture of hurt and understanding in his eyes. She bit her lip, wondering if she was doing the right thing.copyright protection142PENANAXcfUCQa9do

He released her, looking down, not meeting her gaze, “I understand. I’m going to take a quick shower.”  His voice was soft.copyright protection142PENANASZmmWTEFsJ

With that, he stepped away from her, and out of sight.copyright protection142PENANAbsisPy4bL2

****copyright protection142PENANANIe2DRTO16

Finding the living room a little awkward, Riley had moved to Drakes bedroom, sitting on the edge of his queen sized bed. She sighed. She knew Drake understood her dismissal, but didn’t know if he truly understood how hard it was for her to turn him away.  copyright protection142PENANAcU5yg1sUGU

All she wanted to do was to be touched by his calloused hands, grab that thick mop of hair, and feel the friction of his stubble all over her body. She gulped. She had to say something to Drake. Riley wasn’t sure what she was going to say when he got out of the shower, but she’d have to say something. copyright protection142PENANADSmWkbupng

The curtains in his bedroom were closed, and the room was getting progressively darker. She could hear thunder outside, still a distant rumble. Riley shivered.copyright protection142PENANAraZFcCw5qx

She heard the water stop, and held her breath as Drake made his way to the bedroom.copyright protection142PENANAcDrhbHjDC0

“Brooks,” he smiled, opening the door, “I thought I’d find you in here.”copyright protection142PENANAxfSUbd5GCs

He had a towel wrapped around his bottom half, his hair was damp, and the smell of clean shampoo emanated from him. The wound on his chest was freshly dressed. A few droplets of water clung to his defined abs, some venturing down into the “V” that pointed downwards. He walked towards her, leaning down to kiss her delicately. “You were right. I’m sorry, let’s take this slow. I know you want what’s best for me, and God knows we’ve had to be patient before.”copyright protection142PENANAX3CWJPzfV0

A small smile broke out on her face. He really was a marshmallow of a man. He was gruff but understanding, even rational when necessary. He stood there, by the bed, his hands holding her shoulders. His clean, soapy scent overwhelmed her senses. She put a hand tentatively on his shoulders, pulling herself up off of the bed.copyright protection142PENANAN7DfpOXJsz

She pushed him, hard, towards the wall, catching his lips with hers, in a bruising, crushing kiss. His lips were open for a second in surprise, but found their way as his fingers splay against her back, bringing her closer to him. “What…?”copyright protection142PENANAJ0PCU1P0Hs

Pulling back slightly, she spoke into his lips in breaks between kissing, “I’ve changed my mind.”copyright protection142PENANAtFv6BeVauR

Drake groaned, pausing for just a moment, leaving a small trail of kisses up her neck, “I’ve literally never been happier to hear that. We’ll take it slow though, okay? Will that make you feel better?”copyright protection142PENANAahZOxoCu75

“No,” the assertiveness in her voice surprised even Riley, “I’m so tired of being gentle. I want this badly, and I …don’t want you to be gentle, Drake,” she pushed her hips roughly into his, feeling him growing against her.copyright protection142PENANA3R6St0Tj1B

There was silence for a beat, as he pulled away slightly and regarded her, his eyes searching hers.copyright protection142PENANALuggASvw30

“Are you…. are you sure?” his voice was low, rougher than it had been before.copyright protection142PENANAodin2PMFjU

 She swallowed. Her mouth was unbelievably dry. “I’m sure.”copyright protection142PENANAKmLQfeR9xT

He moved suddenly, barely giving her time to react. He pushed her onto the bed, his body on top of hers. His mouth was hot, leaving trails of kisses from her jaw down to her collar bone. His hand slid into her jeans, dangerously low, his imploring thumb only an inch away from her.copyright protection142PENANALio1zZU5vX

His voice was strained, even raspier this time, “Sure?”copyright protection142PENANA5Ubnhdd3Sw

She sucked in a breath, words failing her, trying to keep from writhing around as his thumb inched painfully closer. She nodded, “Yes,” barely a whisper. He looked at her briefly, his eyes darkening.  copyright protection142PENANAXDTJu8Xmhv

Everything happened at once. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, relishing the lingering taste of coffee on her lips and tongue. His thumb pushed lower, stroking her in hard circles, causing Riley to arch her back and gasp into his mouth. He used his free hand to brace her against the bed, and moved on to kissing her chin, jaw, and neck.copyright protection142PENANAf2OD4oDZt8

He moved down to her breasts, licking and biting rougher than Riley was expecting, an appreciative moan escaping from her parted lips. His kisses and licks left hot patches on her skin, the scruff on his face rubbing roughly against her. His mouth moved down to her belly button, sliding lower as he breathed against her skin. He stood abruptly and pulled her jeans and panties down with a rough heave.  Without warning, he leaned back down, spread her legs and buried his tongue deep within her. Riley nearly bucked off of the bed.copyright protection142PENANAWz28Xklaoe

The last time they had been intimate, despite the unmistakable passion, Drake had been loving and slow. Now, with her permission, he was a man possessed. His hands, his mouth, and his body were hers.  No part of him held back. It was a heady feeling to know that right now, his entire world revolved around her.  copyright protection142PENANAGlRz5lI2I0

His tongue was so erratic it was dizzying. She could make no rhyme or reason to his movements: from thrusting in and out of her, running light circles around her most sensitive parts, to sucking at various intensities. She could sense his frenetic excitement to feel and taste every part of her.  She moaned and gasped appropriately, her body growing warmer by the second.copyright protection142PENANAyX3nB8Le7f

He lifted his head slowly, pushing away from the bed. “Just a second,” he whispered, responding to her angry, exasperated gasps with a small kiss to her mouth. She groaned, trying to deepen the kiss and drag him back, but he pulled away with a smirk, “I promise it won’t be long.”  copyright protection142PENANAn3PqbMLxW9

He walked quickly to the window. She heard the shuddering screech of metal rings on rods as Drake yanked aside the curtain from his window. Rain pattered hard against the window. A dull light entered the room, making Riley aware of Drake’s face looking straight at her. Despite what they had just been doing, it was the intensity of his look that made her blush.copyright protection142PENANALDvDdAZWDH

“I needed to see you.”copyright protection142PENANAWbFZyh8kwf

Riley felt hyper-aware of him for the first time, seeing him through the haze of lust. Covered with goosebumps, she noticed the size of him: his broad shoulders, bulging arms, and the length of his entire body taking up most of the space from floor to ceiling. In the light, the hunger in his eyes was unmistakable as her walked back towards her.copyright protection142PENANAzTjokvb528

 “On your knees,” the words came out of him like a pained exhale, commanding and hoarse. The idea that she could make him sound like that made her heart beast faster.copyright protection142PENANAeOLKrZkqVX

 Riley nodded as she shakily pushed herself onto her knees at the edge of the bed, facing Drake.copyright protection142PENANA8S9NSI402A

His eyes widened in surprise for a second before he started a low, husky chuckle. Taking her face in his hands, Drake pulled Riley into a kiss. Despite starting tenderly, the kiss progressed to hard, making Riley whimper with its intensity as Drake bit and sucked on her bottom lip.  copyright protection142PENANAfCuy1P3cU6

“You’re mine,” he promised her, releasing her mouth and flipping her around. She felt a little embarrassed as realization dawned that he had been asking her to get on her knees facing away from him.  Riley yelped as he pushed her forward, pulling her legs back. He held her still with one hand, using the other to position himself behind her. copyright protection142PENANAk9U6Tl6eM2

He pulled her hips, advancing steadily but gradually. He pushed forward, exhaling sharply while holding Riley firmly in place. He moaned as the entirety of his length was finally inside of her, her body stretching around him.  He stayed still for a moment, eyes closed.  After momentary shock at his size, Riley moved her hips in frustration, egging him on to move forward. Within a second, he was gripping her hips so hard his knuckles were white. He pushed in and out, deep and hard, unrelenting.  She gasped, feeling both powerless and revered, her body cycling through rushes of pleasure and exquisite pain.copyright protection142PENANAbUUkIN2NN5

He reached around her body, pinching the tips of her breasts and then moving to between her legs, stroking her rhythmically with his large hands. She squirmed and gasped as his strong fingers simultaneously gave her waves of pleasure and bruised her skin. copyright protection142PENANAn2HSBIHFVC

She heard it before she realized it was coming from her: hoarse and pleading, she whispered “Harder. Harder.” It was her new mantra. She was a woman possessed, in a level of frenzy she hadn’t known before.copyright protection142PENANALgMGnF2tTO

“As the lady wishes,” he groaned, pushing deeper into her, hitting the right places with dizzying precision. Her hands braced against the bed, holding her ground against the pounding. copyright protection142PENANAw5Jqprdse1

She wanted it. She needed desperate release. The strength of what was building inside her was staggering, terrifyingly large, and she feared she’d die if it wasn’t liberated soon. copyright protection142PENANAxC4fvFYclT

Finally she could feel it: the rise inside of her caused by his pounding, coupled with the delicious caresses from his fingers between her legs.copyright protection142PENANAP7aBNxhQ1a

She expected a scream or an explosion, but instead she shuddered hard, coming with a long gasp. She could feel it going through her body like boiling hot waves.  She clenched around Drake repeatedly, causing him to lose control. He moaned, moving crazily against her until he, too, found his release. He cried out her name. copyright protection142PENANAExgoYGPb84

Her body continued to shake, the waves continuing to reverberate around her body, as she gasped again. This was lasting longer than anything she was used to. He rested his hand solidly between her legs as she shook, and then leaned down to kiss her neck, salty with sweat. After the final, most intense wave rushed through her body, she whispered his name and stopped shaking at last.copyright protection142PENANAdGGhWbXUoi

Her heart was still beating fast, thundering through her ears when Drake pulled her around and met her lips in a soft kiss. Leaning back onto the bed, he extended his arm and Riley moved up to lie in the crook of his neck. Both of them were breathing hard and spent.copyright protection142PENANAOdqYPew64y

He turned to the side, looking into her eyes. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, “was that too much?” His voice was quivering, Riley’s heart swelled with the amount of concern she could feel from him.copyright protection142PENANAhJ5x73dXfm

“It was wonderful,” she breathed, kissing him along his jaw. That was definitely an understatement. Her mind was still reeling, moving too fast for her to express truly how she felt.copyright protection142PENANA1s2IJYUGTi

He exhaled, visibly relaxed, and nodded. “I can’t disagree. It’s definitely never felt like this before,” he shuddered, running his fingers absentmindedly along her arm. “Thank you. For trusting me. For letting me do that. For giving me you, Brooks. It’s the best gift I’ve ever received.”copyright protection142PENANAZHwpGmDdsI

The thunder cracked and hissed, no longer the distant rumble of before. To Riley’s surprise, the rain outside was pounding on the windows now. “I guess it’s really coming down, huh?”copyright protection142PENANALJrRgzVuwa

Drake smiled at her, “I think we were both a little too busy to notice.”copyright protection142PENANAQyDTgnRa4L

She grinned.  copyright protection142PENANAt3t0tam7nO

Drake breathed heavily, his inhales sharp and noticeable.copyright protection142PENANAP9yh0PQVjm

“Are you ok?” Riley’s mood shifted quickly, her eyes filling with concern.copyright protection142PENANA69UJ2b7Umb

Drake nodded, his hand reflexively touching the bandage over his wound. “I’m just a little more worn out than usual. Do you mind if we take a nap?”copyright protection142PENANAFPf9QIjcPH

Riley nuzzled into him in response, sighing contentedly as Drake pulled his comforter up and around them. He fell asleep almost instantly, his mouth open with soft snores.copyright protection142PENANA1FQAWRpNNI

As she watched the beautiful man sleep beside her, she thought of the last months of her life. She had come to Cordonia for Liam. She fell in love with Drake instead. She was finally able to have Drake, honestly have him, and almost lost him the same night.copyright protection142PENANAaTR5DUgLOC

She shivered.copyright protection142PENANAWusbDiUWvK

A week ago, she had almost lost everything. Her life had almost come to a halt when he had risked his life for her. She had already mourned for him, a man with so much love and promise, wiped out in his prime. Selfishly, she had mourned for herself. She knew she’d never find another like him. She never would have guessed that she’d be here in Drakes home, sleeping next to him as a thunderstorm rolled in.copyright protection142PENANAExqu7mmwa9

She leaned up to kiss his cheek lightly. He sighed, deep in sleep, pulling her closer to him.copyright protection142PENANAek36pH0FsP

 Whatever she had done to deserve this, whatever had led her to this man – she was thankful. And for the first time in a long time, tomorrow was full of promise.copyright protection142PENANAiojKAX3vUy

With that thought, Riley fell asleep with a smile on her face.copyright protection142PENANAfy6F3d2pJc

**********************************************************************copyright protection142PENANAzYwD5Vk6BM

WOW, that was long. Hope you guys enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing it :). I can't wait to write the next chapter! YAYcopyright protection142PENANAVTbfEMcHh6

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