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Shadow Vile Figure
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Writer Createology
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Shadow Vile Figure
Shadow Vile Figure

Johnny Seth, an atheist junior high school student, is awaiting judgment after his death, but after Satan has a conversation with God, he brings Johnny back to earth... but not as a human, rather a superhuman. He can't remember anything about his past life except that his name was Johnny Seth, and his new name he goes by now is Shadow Vile Figure. When he's confronted by 3 demons named Jacob, Martin, and Aaron, they tell him that he has to follow Satan's orders since he was the one who talked to God and helped bring Johnny back to Earth, but things don't go as planned when SVF runs into a young sophomore named Veronica DeVille and she connects with him. (PG-13 possibly for sequences of action horror violence, disturbing images, thematic elements, rude behavior and brief suggestive content.)

Total Reading Time: 53 minutes


Kyria Pöesie - oooooooh sounds interesting 
6 months agoreply

Benjamin May - Not really my thing but I enjoy the premise. I'd like to see more depth of character, maybe flush them out with a few stated movements or actions they do while they speak. You've got good bones and a solid lead on where to go. I'd love to see more internal conflict rather than external violence though. Overall, the grammar is well done, the premise is good for what your trying to get across. Just work on making the world bloom.
10 months agoreply

Createology - I totally agree with you on those points. The sequel will get more in depth with character and development and more of self struggles and situations rather than just a bunch of violence.
10 months agoreply