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Short Story
The Old English Woman and the Sneaky Cat
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Writer TheLunaWoodElf
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The Old English Woman and the Sneaky Cat
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Feb 13, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Mb7yAGminRIpIPkCjrQcposted on PENANA

There was once an older English woman that lived on the edge of her tiny village. She lived alone, not because he had to, but because of she chose to. She was a happy woman and talked very much. She could talk to brick walls for hours if she wanted to.copyright protection30PENANAbz5aiUN625

Sometimes she probably did, figuring it was harmless, as long as the walls weren’t talking back. She was very friendly and would help anyone, that is if you could get a word in.copyright protection30PENANAYPg6nQMK89

In her older looking flat, the one on the first floor, she would leave the door open on a rare sunny day. She would let the fresh air into her house and would drink her afternoon tea in the kitchen. Though she lived alone, she would have uninvited company over.copyright protection30PENANABRykGTW0kN

A grubby orange cat would come sneaking in the wide open door, looking out for the intimidating woman who lived there. When she would catch the cat crawling low on its belly into the house, one sneaky muddy paw at a time, she would grab the broom, chase him, and holler, “Get out you bloody cat! Shoo!” For many years, that was how these two would interact. copyright protection30PENANAcwmhGFbtLe

The cat almost seemed to do it on purpose, just to get a rise out of the woman. And the woman would always be keeping a close eye on the door, not fulling enjoying her afternoon telliecopyright protection30PENANAyK3PQrFCbO

However, one day the old women did not see the cat for a few days. Though she did not like the cat and his foul odor, she still worried about him. Sadly, she saw that the little orange cat had died in her yard, next to the rose bush. He looked happy and content, unlike the woman who flooded her wrinkly cheeks with tears. copyright protection30PENANAMMGl7me3mz

He was buried in a shoe box that once held sandals, and she did cry for him, saying little prays. Later on in the day, a tiny cross from the second-hand shop would be placed there for her friend.copyright protection30PENANAQz5dQMT2gE

She realized there was no hate for the innocent smelly cat. It wasn’t his fault. She actually missed the little kitty sneaking in around her tea time. Deep down, she regretted never given him a treat or a starch behind the ear.copyright protection30PENANAhOolEeMkRX

                Be kind to one another, because you never know how long you or the other person has.copyright protection30PENANA8EKOZRbdUy

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