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Writer jacksteele
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No Plagiarism!EyYalKBbmU9ZevWKxNs8posted on PENANA

The old me criedcopyright protection30PENANAcPznUNv035

Too often it stopped helpingcopyright protection30PENANAlIDjSZ4taq

The new me triedcopyright protection30PENANAokpDPmnm9Q

Unpacking and goal settingcopyright protection30PENANAvmF5KzSfAW

The old me lostcopyright protection30PENANAlVEYfxXj18

A father I could have hadcopyright protection30PENANAKps92hvpDF

The new me foundcopyright protection30PENANAg92VeMv726

A father who I called dadcopyright protection30PENANA3n2ImhfkBg

The old me hoppedcopyright protection30PENANAslFUvHc17P

Between despair and despaircopyright protection30PENANAHnZJjevPlx

The new me stakedcopyright protection30PENANAVpVX7hfnBQ

All these domains and domainscopyright protection30PENANAD4ciZI0bK7

The old me brokecopyright protection30PENANA1rv0bPeGEA

Too often it stopped helpingcopyright protection30PENANAeA0ax8rNv3

The new me wokecopyright protection30PENANAE88Qr7zsij

Unpacking and goal settingcopyright protection30PENANAAjK5kVVzCz

When they say to love yourselfcopyright protection30PENANAaRaa1IitvN

That's what they meancopyright protection30PENANAw9WF0oMzQ4

To get the hell out of hellcopyright protection30PENANASqoDwJzric

Don't forget heavencopyright protection30PENANA1s3bD5TVyo

The new me copyright protection30PENANAJ5yGKy4w7V

Here is the new mecopyright protection30PENANAB0l0ESJdj2

The old me healedcopyright protection30PENANApkvtv8yo37

By burning up bad habitscopyright protection30PENANANNcltXUyt2

The new me lovedcopyright protection30PENANAt52P6GHPU0

Myself I am my fathercopyright protection30PENANASjlnNQvlfz

A father I never hadcopyright protection30PENANAs3mFpQCjp6

A father who I called dadcopyright protection30PENANAlScoIi5p70

The old me was so lonelycopyright protection30PENANAq0kMn7CStS

Here is the new mecopyright protection30PENANAsWWPBlFeF5

The new mecopyright protection30PENANAk1XwpGOv5W

The old me was so angrycopyright protection30PENANAvwWPijWVcq

Here is the new mecopyright protection30PENANAOFmKuX6abL

The new mecopyright protection30PENANAfwMd2cTRHZ

The old me forgot heavencopyright protection30PENANANdwK3O40Kh

Here is the new mecopyright protection30PENANAqyWMjqKpBV

The new mecopyright protection30PENANAaRrX4u9YlR

The old me forgot heavencopyright protection30PENANAX95tT8iX83

Here is my fathercopyright protection30PENANAeyCalVB5ld

I called dadcopyright protection30PENANA1w4tt8XC7j

Comments ( 12 )

Abeigh - im touched. great piece, mate.
1 month agoreply

jacksteele - Thanks 😌
1 month agoreply

Jhanvayyy - Sorry to butt in the poem but do you write from experience? It's a really good and heart felt expression. 
1 month agoreply

jacksteele - Thanks, yes some is by experience, some is creativity
1 month agoreply

Jhanvayyy - @jacksteele I am sorry (I was able to see the pain in your poem as I have suffered too) hope everything's okay
1 month agoreply

jacksteele - @Jhanvayyy, thanks for saying so! It is much better now 😌
1 month agoreply

Jhanvayyy - @jacksteele I am glad I could help
1 month agoreply

KeshaDEly - This is so sad 😔
1 month agoreply

jacksteele - 😌😌
1 month agoreply

Oliiva - wow that was really good
3 months agoreply

jacksteele - Thank you 😌
3 months agoreply

Oliiva - @jacksteele,yea yw. sup out there? Jack.
3 months agoreply