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Between the Worlds
Writer Łukasz Klebieko
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Between the Worlds
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Episode II: In The Air Tonight, Part II
Łukasz Klebieko
Mar 14, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!D2Wk9tvG8fGPNVCgq5Phposted on PENANA

The creature emitted yet another sound, only this time more angry, and Aleks just now noticed it. Whatever it was, now it wasn't moving forward anymore, only eyeing the boys, clearly unhappy another one showed up. Finally it started to back away, and suddenly ran into another part of the forest.copyright protection14PENANA8zPZ9Tc4i5

"You okay?" Aleks asked, helping Jamon get up on his feetcopyright protection14PENANAMV7JfhcKXl

"Yeah... yeah, I think I am fine... thanks."copyright protection14PENANA0EaNzN4ZST

"What on earth was it?"copyright protection14PENANAh0s70C1dGj

"I have no idea."copyright protection14PENANAitfqcvHpfF

Jamon directed his flashlight back towards where the creature was standing, as he heard another strange noise.copyright protection14PENANAKgjV4SI8SA

"Sergeant LeBlanc" he sighed, relievedcopyright protection14PENANA1aBuiC6jPN

"What are you two doing here?" The man asked surprised "You were supposed to stay on top of the hill."copyright protection14PENANAD8gSytngSD

"We..." Aleks looked at Jamon, searching for help "We were trying to find a store."copyright protection14PENANAWCUfxY8f61

"In the middle of a forest?" The man asked, looking at them with suspicion. "Tell me the truth."copyright protection14PENANAQ8csDu4JOT

The two boys did not have a choice, mostly because of mud on Jamon's face, and explained what happened a few moments earlier. To their surprise, the French sergeant did not appear angry after they finished. He appeared rather understanding.copyright protection14PENANAxr2NkBhIS9

"We found the dog." He muttered "Or rather, what once was a dog... you did not brainwash that woman?"copyright protection14PENANAmOLg4jfdzl

"Um... no, actually, sir...we don't have the equipment."copyright protection14PENANAfqurS7VWRK

"We will have to notify the scientific wing and they'll find her then. All right, you boys get out of here... before Hussein sees you here. By the way, please find a trash can and throw this in." The man handed them over some wires and spikes. Jamon put them in his pocket.copyright protection14PENANAQocScwutfm

"What exactly is this?" Aleks asked.copyright protection14PENANACCboSgI8ti

"Some junk we found in the forest. I hate when people do that. Now, go. I think your father is coming.copyright protection14PENANAtIIY9A65xX

Both Aleksander and Jamon nodded and quickly left the forest the same way they came in. The dog's owner was nowhere to be seen.copyright protection14PENANAPnm1gyyL2N

Meanwhile David, Dagmar and Bianca finished up setting the equipment in the forest, and decided to also place some more cameras around the house located on top of the hill - specifically above southern and northern windows and one above the door. Finally, they sat by a dirty table in what probably used to be kitchen. While David and Bianca rested after completing the task, Dagmar was busy sketching in her notebook.copyright protection14PENANA7Fqj4izMq2

"What are you doing?" The boy asked, looking from behind her shoulder.copyright protection14PENANA4ULNTVoZ0V

"This is how Fluffy described the creature."copyright protection14PENANAWQjjSASqlU

"Fluffy?" Bianka tried her best not to laugh.copyright protection14PENANAetzEMDXlqo

"The Bear!" The other girl was visibly irritated. "Anyway, take a look at this."copyright protection14PENANAovj9ic5Gc6

The Sketch showed a strange looking, furred creature. It was rather small, but had spiky ears which made it look bigger. It's face was unlike any animal the group ever saw - it looked like a perfect square with two big yellow eyes and a mouth which did not look like it could be in any way naturally closed. The creature also had unnaturally slim body, perhaps this was why it appeared to lean forward on it's feet.copyright protection14PENANAC9WVsOvkfR

"Perhaps this will do for Aruta?" Bianka wonderedcopyright protection14PENANAfukO86s6sT

"I don't think so." David replied "She specifically asked us to catch the creature on tape. We will have to make some photos, at the very least."copyright protection14PENANAvQoO0G15nd

"Oh, by the way, how are we supposed to keep track of what's going on? I understand the cameras, but the motion and temperature sensors..."copyright protection14PENANAb0m8VOWr9c

"I got them hooked up to my computer." The boy replied, an after seeing his friends' expression he added: "wirelessly"copyright protection14PENANAjoGDdPKFVc

"Shhh... you hear that?" Dagmar suddenly askedcopyright protection14PENANAyq3Xf3Dg91

"Hear what?"copyright protection14PENANAul1QtXFqpO

"Shhhh!"copyright protection14PENANADIcjlp8554

Something was clapping and knocking on the floor innthe corridor, clearly moving towards where they have been located. It did not take long for the group to realize that those noses were in fact...copyright protection14PENANAiEulBKpf0y

"Footsteps." David Whispered.copyright protection14PENANAhuUilng0OF

Finally, after few more seconds, a person appeared, dressed in filthy clothes and unshaved. The man noticed them and turned pale.copyright protection14PENANAPrn2KJsTPx

"Who are you?" He asked "What are you doing in my house?"copyright protection14PENANAX7cstNcS3d

"This is your house?" Bianca looked around surprised.copyright protection14PENANAqkIkD3IT4x

"Yes!" The man answered a bit too quickly and too loudlycopyright protection14PENANAzTYXVJGnDw

"No it is not." Dagmar looked at him carefully. "You are homeless, aren't you?"copyright protection14PENANAVAE837WfZZ

The man first paled even more, and then his face slowly has gotten more and more red.copyright protection14PENANAtqkcLXftRk

"How dare you!" He screamed and neared in. He threw his half-empty beer bottle onto the wall, and it shattered into pieces "You... just... Get out of here! Get out I said!"copyright protection14PENANA0reZoaI5ym

"Calm down, sir!" David said sternly and stood up.copyright protection14PENANACuWgC0nygm

"You kids think you can just come to my house and tell me what to do? Do you even know how hard it is to life here after..."copyright protection14PENANAyJNSVyQb1I

"After the attacks started, yes?" Bianca finished.copyright protection14PENANAw29K2xVLDt

"I don't know what you are talking about, young lady." The man suddenly was calm, perhaps even scared.copyright protection14PENANA7fX3vA4T8k

"You don't know? Strange, it is the main subject of conversation lately."copyright protection14PENANAgH33zZBqbD

"Not here."copyright protection14PENANA8HGhsIPntt

"Do you know what keeps attacking those animals?"copyright protection14PENANARAIPEepI7y

"No! Get out right now, or..." the man stopped as suddenly a meow-like sound, only harsher, emitted seemingly from beneath the floor. "It's just... my cat."copyright protection14PENANA2nf6rP62fh

"Your cat?" David asked, not believing the old mancopyright protection14PENANAGnZmFr5vPy

"Yes!"copyright protection14PENANAYG9GvOUVw2

"You keep him under the floor?"copyright protection14PENANAtzqJGRyMUO

"That's it!" The homeless looked like he was going to hit the boy "Either you leave, or I will make you go away!"copyright protection14PENANA4Ab3XQu2mk

David, Bianca and Dagmar looked at each other and shrug their shoulder. They picked themselves up, packed their stuff and silently left the house. After he made sure they are nowhere in view, the homeless man kneeled and knocked the floor a few times.copyright protection14PENANABk0L0wzVr6

"Be quiet, be quiet now... Only a few hours left and you shall feed again."copyright protection14PENANAYVFoFmfe99

At the same time as the group left the place, Jamon and Aleks (after cleaning themselves up at least a bit) found a store, which was actually surprisingly big for a small village. It was definitely not the size of wall-mart or other huge superstores, but it had few different alleys, so the selection of products was decent enough. The boys were now browsing through different beverages.copyright protection14PENANA2dJdgH4LKq

"Actually, why are we even thinking about what to buy?" Jamon asked, and Aleksander looked at him "I mean, we won't have pay for anything. The PISF will pay for everything."copyright protection14PENANA5mK67LCGH4

"I don't think mrs. Aruta will be happy when she notices we've spend a hundred or more dollars for snacks and drinks."copyright protection14PENANANF0t3FPiUY

"Yeah, well... maybe David can hack into another banking system. He is our IT kind of guy."copyright protection14PENANAsWbc9sTedE

"So, wait. David is an <<IT kind of guy>>, Dagmar can comunicate with Animals, Bianca is generally physically and tactically skilled... what do you do?"copyright protection14PENANAFj0pp7b2OS

"Oh, look what do we have here?" The Middle Eastern boy suddenly got very interested in an expetition of pots and jugs.copyright protection14PENANA6By75BNUUH

"What? This are just pots?"copyright protection14PENANATmD5zNxs1L

"Just pots?" Jamon picked one up "I'll have you know this one is just for $5.99 each!"copyright protection14PENANA6G476ueiw3

"So?"copyright protection14PENANAbDFJKKlyEf

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!"copyright protection14PENANAfyCTDbGbEI

Both the boys quickly turned around and saw a middle aged woman scream continuosly and point at them from an neighbouring alley.copyright protection14PENANAWLp1Swv7P2

"AAAH! SECURITY!"copyright protection14PENANAa0FQJqA4Zf

"What the..." Jamon started.copyright protection14PENANAkfNX8r9PCO

The middle eastern boy cut in mid sentence and started to put the pieces together. First, he noticed the pot he was carrying did not have an lid. Secondly, he realized his clothes were still filthy from the mud he fell in to. Finally he also saw wires given to him by sergeant LeBlanc were now visibly sticking out from his pocket. Lastly, he also noticed a rather big and muscular man was coming towards them with surprising speed. He looked at Aleksander, who was now facepalming.copyright protection14PENANAyzzXBsu7Aj

"Uh-oh."copyright protection14PENANA9LjPB3gb8f

*****copyright protection14PENANArtufqDGAsj

"Look, officer McHarness" Hussein Abedi desperately tried to calm down "I am telling you once again, that my son is not a terrorist and he was not carrying a bomb!"copyright protection14PENANAo0SYYtrsB1

"That's not what the evidence is pointing to." The balding male was calmly wiggling in his chair.copyright protection14PENANAMKN6Ao9QAi

"But I really..."copyright protection14PENANA51LAgcdWMF

"Shut up!" The older Abedi hushed his son, while sergeant LeBlanc, Aleksander and the two other men were standing quietly behind them. All of them were now facepalming.copyright protection14PENANAgbG8aECB7d

"I am sorry, but I think we will have to arrest your son. And put him in Guantanamo."copyright protection14PENANADUYq0yP9op

"What!?" Jamon, Aleks and Hussein asked simultaneusly.copyright protection14PENANAsuqd4HphEc

"Sorry, this is the rule of law."copyright protection14PENANAXUoD3yiFaq

"Screw this!" The older Abedi reached to his pocket and picked a small piece of plastic, that looked like a small I.D "You want some rule of law? How about this!?"copyright protection14PENANATOkSekq3uP

Officer McHarness paled drastically when he saw whatever was written on the plastic. He tried to speak, but apparently the shock and fear made him incapable to.copyright protection14PENANAsWkTapAAHe

"Well?" Hussein demandedcopyright protection14PENANANE8bibJARU

"Th-The... FBI..." the cop looked like he was about to pray towards the general.copyright protection14PENANA0LIlDWG40a

"What do you say!?"copyright protection14PENANAUt7fmiEXSl

"I am sorry!"copyright protection14PENANAcF0kQiwATo

"My lord and master."copyright protection14PENANAuUadfNaVSa

"Yes! Yes, I am sorry my lord and master!" The police officer now looked like he was about to break into tearscopyright protection14PENANA6NEe21wHYp

"That's better. Now will you please uncuff my son?"copyright protection14PENANA3a53vWl2we

"Yes! Yes, of course!"copyright protection14PENANAq19Aeoookh

The police officer quickly got up and ran towards Jamon. He tried to uncuff Jamon, but his hands were shaking heavily and all he achieved was dropping the keys a few times.copyright protection14PENANAzr5eF7fcPe

"Oh, give me that!"copyright protection14PENANACSoHVUDhW9

The general picked up te keys and himself freed his son.copyright protection14PENANAwnbFYq4nPo

"Thanks, dad." The boy got upcopyright protection14PENANAFpPKDvSSHH

"We'll just go now." Sergeant LeBlanc opened the door and simply left, leaving the cop astounded. The rest of the group followed him quickly.copyright protection14PENANA6kzv1vpEMm

"Son, you disappointed me." Hussein said sternly, not even looking at the boy.copyright protection14PENANAOjKZYJq27f

"What? But i did not do..."copyright protection14PENANAqMEgwhLpat

"Enough. If not for Aruta, I would send you back right now. But since she desperately wants to prove you kids are worth anything, I will deal with you later."copyright protection14PENANA6gNGMPcctZ

"Well, excuse me, sir, but your son did not do anything wrong!" Aleksander started irritated "It is not his fault that..."copyright protection14PENANAyhijhg3Hja

"I thought I told you not to follow us, did not I?" The older Abedi once again did not look at the boy.copyright protection14PENANAXKWC0tUMS4

"Hussein-"copyright protection14PENANAgZl4G7TSjn

"Don't start, LeBlanc. It's not one of your buissness anyway. For now let's just focus on those attacks."copyright protection14PENANASSEacWrfEK

"His next strike is coming." The group turned around and noticed an old man sitting on a bench in the waiting room. "The Fallen shall hunt again when the next six-hour will begin."copyright protection14PENANApCumevQ8hJ

"You mean the monster who attacks the animals?" Aleksander Askedcopyright protection14PENANAdyJzDpGxi0

"The Twelfth Hour is almost here."copyright protection14PENANAUaTzl5vMka

"What do you mean?" Sergeant LeBlanc askedcopyright protection14PENANAxKM170wY9O

"I think it is obvious what he means" Aleksander pointed at a small wooden clock above the recepcionist's desk. "It is 11:29 PM. The Twelfth hour will strike in... exactly half an hour now."copyright protection14PENANAHnnrW0RDx9

"LeBlanc, Rodriguez, Chase, on positions." General Abedi ordered.copyright protection14PENANADskx1GCwsX

"The new six-hour... the monster attacks every six hours, doesn't it?"Aleksander continued and the man nodded his head silently.copyright protection14PENANAHZHt1PuyND

"Enough! I will interrogate this man, and you two will return to the hilltop right now!"copyright protection14PENANAnv1KWXLNBj

"But, dad, we want to help too!"copyright protection14PENANAXfLiMMYojr

"You two have <<helped>> enough, I'd say. Get out now. And tell the rest to hide themselves in the house on top of the hill."copyright protection14PENANAl0r3tsTX1G

Jamon looked like he was about to protest, but he noticed his father's angry expression and decided not to irritate him anymore. He silently left the small police station, and the other boy quickly followed him. The Middle Eastern boy angrily clenched his fists.copyright protection14PENANABocC99AUWb

"Why the hell was he angry at us?" Aleks also was visibly irritatedcopyright protection14PENANAdUqZddLbC5

"I don't know."copyright protection14PENANADX541zxVxy

"It's like he was thinking he is better than everybody else."copyright protection14PENANAB8XOL6Xl0U

"No, he doesn't!" Jamon turned around rapidly "Shut up!"copyright protection14PENANAxeOYd1bZdN

"Oh, come on!" Aleksander crossed his hands "You are going to defend him after all this? Are you blind? You really can't see what sort of person he is!?"copyright protection14PENANA4RLaWNJuIg

"Don't. Talk. About. My. Father. Like that!" Jamon was now shaking, repeatedly clenching and releasing his fist.copyright protection14PENANA2kp08b66w6

"Or what?"copyright protection14PENANA04lO2yQey4

"You think you know everything? You just came here, straight from your amazing life in Canada, where your biggest problem was probably having a standard PS4 instead of the enhanced version, a few days ago you had no idea about what we do, yet you somehow think you are qualified enough to cricitize my father? You don't know anything about him!"copyright protection14PENANA2CWOMSBwmj

"You think I want to be here!?" Aleksander neared towards the other boy and desperately fought the urge to hit him "The only reason I am here is because, thanks to you guys, I don't have a family anymore! Do you even know how it is to lose the only person who cared about you!?"copyright protection14PENANANpEdpNovTV

"YES, I DO!" Jamon screamed in his face "If you want to know, it just so happens that I lost my mother when she tried to save a civilian from an Shadow Contour attack when one of the investigations has gone wrong. It completely sucked her soul. THAT'S when my father started acting like he does now, and THAT'S why he cries everytime someone mentions her name!copyright protection14PENANACTZXI2wzh4

Aleksander suddenly felt all his anger leaving himcopyright protection14PENANADjHz7usJ0P

"Jamon, I... I didn't know."copyright protection14PENANA3OeH1Eupan

"Well, now you do. Hopefully you are happy with yourself."copyright protection14PENANAlMhkKZnhyE

"I..."copyright protection14PENANAlcX3M5xeOy

"Come on. The hill is not far."copyright protection14PENANA3RnizoW3O6

For the rest of the way, the boys did not speak to each other again.copyright protection14PENANAr9TIuDISUg

David and Bianca meanwhile were sitting in front of the laptop and analyzing what the cameras have recorded so far.copyright protection14PENANAwgsujeARto

"I can't understand what you find fascinating in this." The girl yawnedcopyright protection14PENANAqwgNPPcLT0

"This is why I am the computer guy around here" David smiledcopyright protection14PENANASlaL4FpMxk

"It's a good thing you changed the wallpaper, though." Dagmar said sarcatically, while sketching again.copyright protection14PENANA24AvyUK8Md

"What wallpaper?" The other girl looked interested.copyright protection14PENANAxcKNZzDblx

"Not important." David replied quickly. "Hey, look here! Camera 5!"copyright protection14PENANAcdSnZW2oIA

"I put it above doors in the house at top of the hill. What about it?"copyright protection14PENANAJLEkgce1l0

"Can't you see it? Look, it's that homeless guy. What is he doing?"copyright protection14PENANAeSdZFcyjoU

"Looks like he is carrying something to the house... wait, is that...?"copyright protection14PENANAQA7IX7F0wn

"A dead animal." David answered slowly.copyright protection14PENANAAf9ezprOqM

"What?" Dagmar was terrified.copyright protection14PENANAPFE2EkfdDD

"Come on, let's go." David quickly packed his backpackcopyright protection14PENANA7udfdanSbT

"Where?"copyright protection14PENANAgL8pZIPqwg

"He may have thrown us out of <<his house>>, but carrying dead animals is enough at least to threaten him with police. And " David pointed at the sky "looks like a thunderstorm is coming."copyright protection14PENANAdlVRoAcDOQ

The two girls looked at him, still not really understanding. They did not ask any further questions,however, and followed David to the top of the hill. As soon as they reached the house, the boy knocked at the door rather agressively.copyright protection14PENANAgWkucyFzqQ

"What the..." the homeless man opened the door and noticed the group. "It's you kids again!? I told you to go away!"copyright protection14PENANAsHBA6BjW2P

"Sir, what do you know about the recent attacks?" David asked harshlycopyright protection14PENANAcfb86zJjdx

"I already told you! I don't know anything!"copyright protection14PENANA9uutYG1Dfs

"I don't believe you are telling the truth."copyright protection14PENANAtHa5ihGBdI

"That's not my problem." The man tried to close the door, but David stopped him.copyright protection14PENANAqqXCy4ciop

"We know about the dead animals."copyright protection14PENANAPxTj1R03vf

"What!?" The man was visibly surprised "How?"copyright protection14PENANAwYWG4eXKPa

"We put some cameras around your house." Dagmar explainedcopyright protection14PENANAtgArT9w5rU

"How... dare you!?" The man yelled "This is my property! I will call the police!"copyright protection14PENANAvhroBsgBwM

"Ah, cut it!" The boy replied "We all know that you are lying. About the police - please, by all means. They will be rather interested in all those killed animals"copyright protection14PENANAQ2LMIP1FzR

"I... what do you want!?"copyright protection14PENANAP38qu1z061

"You know what we want. We want to know what do you know about the recent attacks."copyright protection14PENANAUBim0TPhul

The man sighed and opened the door.copyright protection14PENANA3lnO75D9Ld

"All right. All right, I will tell you everything. Just promise you won't hurt him."copyright protection14PENANA0Bg81L9BMg

"Hurt whom?" Dagmar asked as the group came insidecopyright protection14PENANACHSU3SOT9j

"It's over." The man knocked a particular fragment of the floor a few times "I'm sorry."copyright protection14PENANAedEC1LIFVt

As soon as he stepped back, the fragment of the floor he knocked at suddenly moved a bit, and then was pushed up. Finally it revealed a small hole, out of which two grey furred hands and a square-shaped head were now sticking through. Soon, the creature got out and hid, evidently scared behind the man, which patted it's head carrefully. It was a rather weird sight, as it's body was extremely slim and short , yet it's spiky ears and open mouth made him look much more puissant.copyright protection14PENANATV4a45VdHH

"OK. what the hell is going on?" Bianca asked confused.copyright protection14PENANAujomese2lo

"This is Meow." The homeless man replied, petting the creature.copyright protection14PENANAlAC0cELUjH

"Meow?" The girl asked with disbeliefcopyright protection14PENANAndCrnHxjUe

"Meow."copyright protection14PENANA1pypLMS0Pd

"I found him where this... thing crashed, you see. There were two more, much bigger than he is, but they were dead. Meow was the only one that was left, and he looked so helpless and alone. I could not leave him there ... He was also wounded. But I took him home, I cared for him, and somehow he survived." The man said. He picked up a dead squirrel and the creature opened his mouth even wider.copyright protection14PENANApbO1b0FXUZ

"Is it Meow that killed all those animals?" Asked Dagmarcopyright protection14PENANAEichKzYhTT

"He is just a baby, he needs to feed... Meat is all he wants to eat, too. Sometimes i bring him dead animals I find in the forest. But he needs fresh air too, so I let him run free once in a while. But I can't control what he does."copyright protection14PENANAwUi4k4Rc4H

"And he keeps finding food on his own." David finished.copyright protection14PENANAquTev4ea29

"He is just a child, he doesn't know any better!"copyright protection14PENANA9HrmYbWXtP

"I understand." Dagmar said, trying to comfort the man "But, if it's him... We will have to take Meow away."copyright protection14PENANARZJa43eWgj

"No!" The man reacted "You promised you won't hurt him!"copyright protection14PENANADGNwViBatD

"We won't." Bianca replied "We'll send very specialized people who will take very good care of Meow"copyright protection14PENANAjDkLZjXVhr

"Okay. Okay, let me just..." the man vanished in another room for a moment before returning with another dead squirrel. He came near the creature and it seemed like he wanted to feed it again. Suddenly, he pushed the back door open and threw the dead animal "Meow, RUN!"copyright protection14PENANAL8ruiwywsO

The creature instantly escaped the open door, meow-ing histerically, and quickly vanished in the forest.copyright protection14PENANAQ6vDDqWeAq

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