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Mar 13, 2018
2 Mins Read
382 Words
No Plagiarism!1l5m4jhoNOkrza3thVBeposted on PENANA Penana asked a simple question,

”What is your username?”copyright protection22PENANAPmOGG0X12b

To me, so vague questions like these set my once-concentrated mind in circles.copyright protection22PENANA94werAyIZl

Word after word began creeping behind as I sit still like a bird bath.copyright protection22PENANAxjN6uQALMc

For a moment there, I thought I was almost considered claustrophobic.copyright protection22PENANAZByOifPfgS

   Suddenly, a light bulb’s luminous nature strikes my creative drive.copyright protection22PENANAqqWWFoxd6x

Every 4 years come by, as the autumn leaves fell with such a graceful dance along the wind side.  Snow piles and ice crystals beaming with its inner reflections vanish as the sunshine showed.  Yes, I admitted I am a fan of the Olympic Games.  No matter if it is winter or summer, excitement attracted my inner passion for sports.copyright protection22PENANAzERmKldl70

Since this year 2018, it featured many sports, such as hockey, skiing, curling, and many more to count.  But, one caught my attention to the deepest core of my heart was figure skating (more precisely mens’ single skating short program).  copyright protection22PENANAx7B5WUlM9B

Yuzuru Hanyu was a long-time role model for me, even though I am a girl.  His skating set my heart racing all around the ice ring.  Axels and spins made me so nervous because previously many years, he fallen.  However, he stood up again as if it didn’t bothered him anyway.  That is why he is so admirable to me, his preservative is so extraordinary.  And is the final reason why my username starts with “Yuz” abbreviation for Yuzuru Hanyu.  copyright protection22PENANAEz2BwHZ4V6

Immediately, I knew I couldn’t stop there.  A three-lettered username lacked something so unknown, it is difficult to find.  Beauty was already craved in there.  I know!  A little of my personality was the resolution to make it shine and glow.  Across my childhood years, I live watching Japanese dramas day and night, all through the age of 8 till now.  Thus, Satomi was born into my Penana’s username meaning ‘beauty and grace’ in Japanese.  copyright protection22PENANACuKtRvP4QW

By combining both of these surnames, it establishes a symbol of a butterfly.  It is a mystical creature that roams in the human world, yet it transforms itself with a bit of enchanted magic.  Here is one of my experiences, is everywhere I go and went there is always a butterfly following me.  As if, it was protecting me with its spare life.copyright protection22PENANA4n4Gt0AONJ

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