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Co-Writer Kwelio Largo*
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Kwelio Largo
No Plagiarism!lDk0kYwQ9hA3bTWT53AXposted on PENANA

I started writing this novel some 6 years ago. I had an idea. One always reads about the Norse mythology but never of the end results. That being; Ragnarök itself. copyright protection106PENANAzuCP8rj9kv

After many trails and errors, i came to the conclusion that i would have to describe each of the Aesir worlds and their histories. Their motivations for standing for or against the gods. copyright protection106PENANAVF8gGtfdjo

Genesis is to be the first of ten novels. One for each of the Aesir worlds with the last being a conglomeration of all into the last novel called; Ragnarökcopyright protection106PENANAuTrFMnySr9

Genesis is unedited. Im still in the process of doing the final details and am being held up by time itself. Time and the knowledge that i require some help. So please exscuse the numerous mistakes.110Please respect copyright.PENANA1s6QrioeiN
copyright protection106PENANAP0DsQLU9Ve

Ragnarökcopyright protection106PENANAFQUO7BhmOB

GENESIS. Book 1copyright protection106PENANAKivcYhAxa1

The war of the godscopyright protection106PENANAGZ1krR5l11

The Valkyrie are running short of Einherjar, the souls of the valiantly slain in battle. These souls are incorporated into the god’s armed forces. An armed force numbering in the countless millions that are just waiting for the call to battle, a battle of might and revenge against their opponents, the Jötnar giants and their offspring. But first the Jötnar must be brought into the fold to destroy an enemy that could vanquish them both with relative ease.copyright protection106PENANAAHSvvZ6NlU

The Valkyrie cannot allow any outside influence to disrupt their existence, an existence that has been teetering on the brink of war for countless years. So when Loki, a Jötnar giant adopted by the supreme god of the Valkyrie and cast aside due to his lack of respect and therefore punished, decides, on his escape, to initiate contact with Earth thereby hastening Ragnarök – the war of the gods seems eminent.copyright protection106PENANAo6dTibbSJl

Meanwhile, the Galactic Empire, having escaped Earths clutches, is suddenly embroiled in a covert attempt to bring Earth back into their stagnant existence. Katya Berotivich, a young and vengeful woman succeeds in becoming the new Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Her philosophy is a simple one; take revenge on all those that hurt her and protect the Empire by whatever means possible. Even should it call for making friends of enemies, enemies that have attacked the Empire for hundreds of years but never outright destroying it.copyright protection106PENANAUqlVKMNQ8O

The enemies – Annulars – so named because they attack the Empire annually are part human part machine. These Cyborgs were created for one reason only and that was to force the Empire out of its stagnant groove and to prepare for the coming war against earth. Due to politics and outright resistance to change, nothing is done until the new Emperor is crowned.copyright protection106PENANARJvJe1IlO4

Earth is going to war. The gods are preparing to reap a harvest of souls desperately needed. All they have to do is find out just where the Empire is situated so as to stir the pot. The Jötnar giant, Loki, has other ideas. He wants to catch the gods unprepared and at a disadvantage while the new god – Vigrior – is still trying to come to terms with its new born power and with no idea as to its role in the scheme of things, it must learn and adapt to an ever changing reality. A reality that could destroy the very universe if left unchecked for the war of the gods will encompass every planet and every living being throughout creation. To minimize the conflagration Vigrior knows is coming, it must decide who to use, who to destroy and who to save.copyright protection106PENANAfdbt7tFimo

This is Ragnarök,copyright protection106PENANAEgOZcyMZpV

Wherecopyright protection106PENANAOgEkZTlIea


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