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Questioning her orientation.
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Writer Sanataus
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Questioning her orientation.
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Mar 13, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rXbp170jCBWNULmxpsdHposted on PENANA

At her favourite spot near window, Vanessa is sitting sipping her coffee lost in her thoughts. It's been 16 long years since we are married. We were young, naive and so in love. copyright protection29PENANAHnnySGE3vu33Please respect copyright.PENANAky7caCyR4m

Samar was a beautiful, tall boy from one of  close family friends. In spite of his young age he had such elegant persona that it always took my breath away, every time I lay my eyes upon him. Who would have thought we would fall for each other looking at our younger selves. It was impossible for us to sit together even for a minute without a fight. And then one day he went to England for his higher education, and our feelings started to take it's charge. We started to talk occasionally, with passing time we fell in love. By the time he returned, things had totally changed between us. He had matured, we started to develop feelings and in no time our parents took notice of situation and bound us in happy married life. With in 1st year of marriage we were blessed with a beautiful daughter and named her Samantha. copyright protection29PENANAYXransinMU33Please respect copyright.PENANAHhuX0Dx6TP

   Time flew and we managed to keep our life subtle, never any adventure, never any exceptional excitement. It's just always been the same. Work, home,  family and friends dinner once in a while and occasional business get togethers. Well my physical relation with Samar has seemed to lost its spark with time, but it doesn't bother me much, I simply feel happy to have him by my side. Personally, Samar has always been there by our side as a very cooperative, considerate and caring friend and a loving father for Samantha. She is 15 now, nothing ever stopped him from giving his all as father. For others, we have always been a sight of perfect family, sometimes we even receive envious glances, when we go out together. copyright protection29PENANAYIISt4qTxD33Please respect copyright.PENANAlolAaz35ge

Suddenly my thoughts are interrupted by friendly yet concern voice. "Vanessa! You aren't ready yet, you alright ?" asked Samar with concerned voice.copyright protection29PENANABe1YMUFqXb33Please respect copyright.PENANAPBMXNWzmNE

"Yes I'm alright, just feel little drained, " I replied with kind and lazy smile. "Would you like me to serve you breakfast?"copyright protection29PENANAUV8m5wPnTB33Please respect copyright.PENANAIvWdtWQ13K

"Awe baby! I just need a cup of coffee for now, rest gonna grab some sandwiches from the way." Then he looked at me, while observing me and forming little wrinkles on his forehead "You look worked up, was it yesterday, you were supposed to make delivery of your online orders?" He asked.  "Yes!" I replied while heading to coffee machine. "And I'm glad with some team work we managed to get it done in time, successfully."  copyright protection29PENANAiSk0LN5bHC33Please respect copyright.PENANAQo8cYiM2o3

"Yup! And that explains, your slumber from last night."  He chuckled. I looked at him with pout, he smiled while putting hand on my shoulder and hugging me sideways , "you know! You should recruit some more people. Hey! what about the advertisement you posted for job of Sales assistant and designer. any response yet?" copyright protection29PENANAOiRPhDJX4H33Please respect copyright.PENANAgdE2brZLON

 "Well, yes I received few CVs last week." I told him while handing him his coffee, "and found 2 of them really compatible with my requirement. So I took their little interview via video chat, day before yesterday and told them to join from today for prohibition period."copyright protection29PENANA8ZDhlJNb6H33Please respect copyright.PENANApxilKMiBNl

 "Great!" Samar replied with happy voice. "I hope you will find them really suitable to work with. Your work seems to be draining you quiet a bit for few times. Even yesterday Samantha was complaining, when you were asleep, 'Mama has no time for me to help me with a single dress, and rest of the world is getting benefit of her designs." He said with funny face, followed by little giggle leaving his mouth. copyright protection29PENANAMpz6qkUvvB33Please respect copyright.PENANAlEJtRIMDKa

"Well it's not rest of the world, just few regular good clients." I replied while rolling my eyes. "You know i have designed a surprise dress for her, it's almost done. That she can wear on her friend's birthday. I seriously hope she like it!" I said with crossed fingers.copyright protection29PENANA8kUZacDU9H33Please respect copyright.PENANAG1ok3AM2lB

"Of course she will! You are a very potential designer and she adores your work." Samar replied while glancing at his watch. "Honey! I'm getting late. Don't worry about Samantha, I'll pick her up from school today." With a peck on my lips he left for work. copyright protection29PENANABiHeA3Xne433Please respect copyright.PENANAPK886SVouI

33Please respect copyright.PENANAKPnujec6RX
copyright protection29PENANA51uE7UZ2qv33Please respect copyright.PENANAhyYGS2gF4B

Now, as I was alone again, looking outside the window! Her image came back to my mind. My heart started beating rapidly again. My even breathing is not even anymore. I am confused! I don't understand why my body is acting this way? I never felt like this ever before. Her image from screen, on my laptop started to haunt me again. Her brown sparkling eyes reflecting the colour of my own eyes , her beautifully plum lips, the way she licked them moist when felt nervous, Her face, her long thin neck , her beautifully visible collarbone, the way she tucked her lose strand of hair back to her ears with slim yet beautiful finger, everything about her is preventing me from being reasonable. Her voice started to ring in my ears again like it's never going to stop. "I should have declined her, Why I just didn't tell her off?" I was sitting alone, panicking again, just only her mere thought got me out of proportion. "I don't know what will happen when I'll meet her today, I hope I won't fail to contain myself!" I'm sitting here alone, lost in my thoughts, scared of that petite, with angelic face and sweet voice, "I don't know what will happen when I'll meet her today.....!" I repeated myself out loud again looking at no where. copyright protection29PENANADyPyy0KbUU33Please respect copyright.PENANAgUmo3shYRL

33Please respect copyright.PENANAHBB45Vji1b
copyright protection29PENANATwcAKNDIbS33Please respect copyright.PENANAfiJeYCgeil

 Dressed in elegant white blouse, grey pants and red stilettos, hairs tied up in loose bun, with makeup so less, just red lip colour and mascara. I reached my little boutique at 1:00, a small shop in Manhattan with simple black signboard and 'Vanessa' embossed on it with gold. I established it 11 years ago, with little help from family and majorly from bank. But with time, it has gained quite good reputation for it's designs among people, that helped me to clear my all debts last year. While being in New York, it took very less effort for our dresses to be always on rolling, with consistently increasing clientele.copyright protection29PENANANgThU0cU3C33Please respect copyright.PENANAQygcXjFfiw

From glass door I saw a form, with purple sleek hair, wearing one of a high end jacket from our collection. I entered and smiled at Peter, who was sitting on counter, sipping his coffee. He started working with me right after completing his diploma in fashion designing 10 years back, and now he's a senior designer for my brand and looks after the workshop.copyright protection29PENANApHaffJf0Ua33Please respect copyright.PENANA1Z7C4dxnvz

33Please respect copyright.PENANAzLRiZQVf5d
copyright protection29PENANAUOG7orU2a533Please respect copyright.PENANAAVMQ7KaMZs

"Hello Peter! What made you give us delight of your visit this morning?" I said with humour in my voice.. "Hey Vanessa!" He exclaimed while walking towards me with broad smile on his face and kissed me on either sides of my cheeks. "I have been waiting for you almost an hour now," he said while tapping his watch and get back to the table, picked up another tumbler of coffee and passed it to me, "your usual!,"  he said with delight, "I was assuming all the pressure from yesterday might have drained our CEO."  copyright protection29PENANAUXlOfgPraS33Please respect copyright.PENANAj0sqDxEaV9

"Thank you Peter!" I said while smiling and taking sip of coffee "Hmmm! I seriously have no idea what would have become of me without you." After taking another sip,"Yes I got really worked up yesterday. So just took my little time this morning." I said casually. "Well! As for your concern of working without me, you don't have to worry about it, since I'm going nowhere." He said while swinging his hands proudly in the air, "now honey, give me some updates on new recruits, you know I really need hand at workshop, " he gave me a desperate glance.copyright protection29PENANA3AzePOX5PS33Please respect copyright.PENANAKuUBNUsIax

 "And who can be better then Lisa, for job like helping our little friend getting more creative with his phenomenal designs. "Lisa appeared from door with adorable smile and twinkling green eyes and her hands occupied with 3 bags of food from near by restaurant. Lisa and Peter have been friends since high school. She is a beautiful tall blonde, who wanted to work as model for fashion industry, but due to her plus size figure she couldn't persuade her career in respective field and neither had opportunity to join any fashion school due to lack of funds, but her hard working personality and creative mind didn't let stop her to keep up with constantly demanding field like fashion designing. Her main job at boutique is to deal running customers and at times she often does modelling for our plus size designs.copyright protection29PENANAfJGVR5mL8w33Please respect copyright.PENANAVKsIBAsMnr

33Please respect copyright.PENANAfGsH75eLg9
copyright protection29PENANAR2udRJuGbF33Please respect copyright.PENANAV0EPCrK49U

"Hello Vanessa!" She greeted me. "Hey Lisa" I said smiling, "What's that?" I asked while pointing at bags in her hands. "Well since Peter is here, and you have been give us hell with work lately, so I decided to bring some lunch as bribe and also to lighten up the mood." She said while winking at us. "Woh! I had no idea that I was giving you guys some nice deal of hell" I said while pouting. "Alright! Let's eat first, the food smells so delicious that now I feel famished, beside as for both of you, I have recruited a girl and a boy for the job of  designer at store and sales person, respectively, they with be on prohibition period for a month. I told them to join from today, they will come around 2:00. So we don't have long" I added while helping Lisa with serving. copyright protection29PENANAyef7t4Wr9L33Please respect copyright.PENANAB5F4NhEf32

33Please respect copyright.PENANAHjI90PffBv
copyright protection29PENANAkov1km6H8e33Please respect copyright.PENANApww3m8u6dE

It was 2:10 when a tall boy With golden complexion and handsome features entered in  boutique. He was wearing white shirt, blue jeans with caramel coloured loafers. Not only his face was really finely sculptured but there was certain shine in his eyes with absolutely charming smile on his smooth lips. Shape of his toned chest can be seen through the fabric of his shirt. He was wearing a very masculine fragrance that was perfectly complimenting his personality. Since we had already talked online, so it took me no time to recognise him. "Hello Noah!" I said while offering him my hand, he shook it with surprising firmness and returned my greeting with simple worlds, "hello Vanessa, it's nice to meet you." With node and smile, I turned to  Peter and Lisa and found them busy gawking at him. I shake my head in amusement, "Well Noah! Meet Peter and Lisa, designers for our brand." I said little loudly bring them both out of their trance, " ah! What perfect example of friendship... Even they always droll over same guy" I said to my self while rolling my eyes.copyright protection29PENANAe0hId8sIPD33Please respect copyright.PENANA1PJGTxXyM1

"Hello Peter! Hello Lisa!" He said while shaking hand with them too. I motioned him to sit down on the seat in front of table, while setting down back to my chair. I continued, "Well Noah! As we have talked already, you are here on one month prohibition, your job will be to deal customers at store. Lisa was taking care of this job before, but due to our increased workload, she will takeover our responsibilities at workshop with Peter. As you have mentioned in your profile, you have good experience with other boutiques too, so I am sure, you will easily get grip of your job to carry out tasks on hand. I will be with you during your working hours to assist you. Do you have any doubt regarding job or any term?"  He shakes his head and uttered 2 letters "NO," with certain air of confidence and smile on his lips, that I'm sure can destabilise any women, witnessing the sight. Our conversation was not even completely over, when I notice a client entering our boutique. I motion him with smirk towards the lady and said, "so you can join from now, here's your first client from Vanessa."copyright protection29PENANAnnSCvmGrNQ33Please respect copyright.PENANAAukjDl9TBK

33Please respect copyright.PENANAp0gV4D4yJh
copyright protection29PENANAd8fI9A5fhe33Please respect copyright.PENANAcK6WrZtoyg

I was quietly standing observing Noah, from the corner, with my back towards the door. I couldn't help noticing how his charm was working on that mid aged woman, he was so smooth and professional that I already started liking his work. When suddenly a velvet soft and sweet voice, that has been haunting me for two days now call out for me from behind and set my whole being ablaze, "Vanessa!"copyright protection29PENANAuvfMesVGaK

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