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Alphas and Omegas
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Writer Chat Noir
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Alphas and Omegas
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No More Hiding
Chat Noir
May 26, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cGje5tNCpKadAN4eiHTUposted on PENANA That day, Midnight came home to see only the oldest cat in the house. “Br-Brother..?” Her lip quivered as she kept her eyes still on the eldest. Thick carmel ears and tail twitching impatiently. 

He had been waiting for her.copyright protection8PENANAC8Uc9sMRXb

Maroon irises bore into her lavender ones. “Where’s Alfred, Brother.” She ignored his uncomforting welcome. No response. Wrong question. “What is it Brother.” The middle child demanded, nearly stamping her foot harshly onto the floor, charred coloured ears and tail appearing. Both the suspense and tension stacking neatly in the room ticked the siblings off their metronome. Would one of them just spit it out already?!copyright protection8PENANAhaRBoX4cAu

”You smell different.” Wow, her brother CAN speak! Midnight remarked in her mind; still bitter about the whole incident. She shrugged, slipping her significantly heavy backpack down to her palms; turning on her heel to head upstairs.copyright protection8PENANAWKIxyMLQtE

”Stay. Come here and sit with me, Sister.” Oh no.copyright protection8PENANAL6NFjW75O5

Reluctantly, the tiny neko–in comparison to her brother–forced her feet to heave. Each step feeling like she was falling into some kind of trap. She grumbled softly, harshly tugging down her long, lace sleeves to cover Pyro’s mark.copyright protection8PENANAh6f9HE6MQG

She sat down, eyes pasted to the floor instead of her brother; “Sister…” Samuel whispered, voice suddenly becoming so low it was nearly mouthed. “I–I’m…I’m sorry.” Wait…THE Samuel? Apologising for HIS mistake? His sister instantly spun to face him; so quickly that she nearly fell off the couch they were seated on.copyright protection8PENANAgNrYkZL5Qf

”Heh” Samuel chortled breathily, “Now you’re interested. Well, I just want to say I’m sorry and I’ll tell you what I know.” Samuel was always the type to either leave someone hanging or otherwise uninformed entirely so the shortest didn’t know what to expect. Not like she didn’t know anything anyways…copyright protection8PENANAKBmxhFtoLi

~copyright protection8PENANAt3oJc5niRd

After about a quarter hour of explanation, the siblings had basically shared knowledge that was already known but not acknowledged. A query lingered in Midnight’s mind though, one that she  felt her heart thump when thought about. copyright protection8PENANAZ80r7krTqh

“Brother…” She began, inhaling a deep breath, Samuel looked at her. “May I ask a question?” With a brief nod as her reply, Midnight mustered up everything she could before placing her enquiry. “What would you do if I got marked?” An uneven hush settled within the living hall.copyright protection8PENANA8bTvIaaczW

”By an Alpha?” Midnight nodded once, “Well—if he’s good to you then…I mean—well…I…I don’t mind.” He stammered, after hearing this, a solemn smile of gaiety stretched on the Omega’s face; she brought up her sleeve, pulling the layered fabric down to reveal the bite marks. copyright protection8PENANAv2ZTMcZ9vR

“Pyro. I trust him.” She explained, Samuel sighed, taking off his glasses and massaging the bridge of his nose; a minuscule grin on his lips, “I knew you wouldn’t listen to me anyways. Also, Sister, I knew that you had knowledge of this entire topic we just discussed.” He laughed, causing Midnight to laugh too.copyright protection8PENANAmuZmW7Hn08

”Now that that’s over with, no more hiding between us, alright?” Midnight smiled and nodded, taking up her brother’s offer as they headed out to fetch Alfred from his–basketball–practice. Samuel folded up the sleeves of his bronze collared-shirt. He placed his hand on Midnight’s shoulder, “Sister,” he began, “if you really need help on anything, ask someone, ask me even.” He comforted, a sniff of musk floating in the air, she nodded, adjusting her sleeves and leaning back into his touch.copyright protection8PENANAE9jxE2IPfh

”And Brother..?” She mimicked, Samuel gave a small hum, “You smell bad, go put perfume.” She laughed heartily, her ears and tail standing straight up to attention. The tallest hit her playfully, telling her how he can’t actually get rid of that. She giggled and soon they were off to fetch a tired Alfred.copyright protection8PENANAMKkME6YDft

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