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The Topdogs
Chapter 3: First Lessons (Hawkeye)
Apr 17, 2018
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fzDiNSfV5OPZM9VxLZG2posted on PENANA

Chapter 3: First Lessons (Hawkeye) copyright protection11PENANANdvenbvJGf

"How did we do for our first mission sarge?" asked Thain. copyright protection11PENANAEVOidBbsxg

Cucumber looks out the window of the helicopter and says, "it's not over yet."copyright protection11PENANAhmg4wbBhai

I look out the window and see another Heli approaching. copyright protection11PENANAkYvPdT1ICH

"Hostile?" asked Thain. copyright protection11PENANAXhCLAQnMjU

"that's NASF. Its the hell we are on that seems fishy," said Cucumber as he goes to the cockpit door. copyright protection11PENANA2AhjFNuh5F

"It's locked! Shit!" Said Cucumber banging on the cockpit door. copyright protection11PENANAzpD5fRZhzC

"Wait what’s happening!" Asked Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAYxUBjurGgL

"We are supposed to be on that heli. The Germans must be on our radio signal and sent a look-alike to pick us up," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAAjmRC1F7iK

"Well that heli is going to help us, right?" asked Revin. copyright protection11PENANANSarYpiXGS

"How? Shooting us down? They wouldn't open fire with us in here," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAzFpuhIYJof

"Does anyone have any small explosives?" asked Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAuZzQQbRwja

"I have a sticky bomb," said Revin. copyright protection11PENANAg62qy0QQYx

"This is risky but we gotta try it. Revin do you think you can get the outside tail with it?" asked Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAIxd81uQ0df

"I like to think I can. Although I may fall out of the Heli," said Revin. copyright protection11PENANAgHePy50pBk

"No, I will hold you while you lean. You can do this trooper," said Cucumber grabbing hold of Revin. copyright protection11PENANAARrCiZD9PB

"They will close the side doors once they see what we are doing so be quick," said Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAGy9UGbowcC

"Ready?" asked Revin. copyright protection11PENANAMsk0hS5iiG

"I won't let you go," said Cucumber holding tightly. copyright protection11PENANACSy3uQ280S

Thain grabs Cucumber with one hand and holds a grip on the heli with his other. copyright protection11PENANAJHrSB740Eg

"Just in case. You know?" asked Thain. copyright protection11PENANACqIWqZOvi6

"Now!" Said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAcUZKYtB1CB

Revin leans off the side of the Heli with the sticky bomb in his hand. He throws it at the tail of the heli and Cucumber quickly pulls him in and everyone braces for impact. There is an explosion and the heli jerks hard then start spinning wildly as we lose height. copyright protection11PENANATlikeTsjT6

"We're going down! Brace yourselves!" yelled Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAzvxisYhhuA

We crash into the ground hard. Luckily, we landed right side up so the crash wasn't as bad as it could have been. Unfortunately, I noticed some of our weapons falling out while we were spinning. But I still have mine. copyright protection11PENANAoGunqtQ1ut

"Anyone hurt!" yelled Cucumber.copyright protection11PENANADoOVJ3PbmI

Suddenly the cockpit door opens a crack and a grenade is tossed at our feet and the cockpit door shuts again. copyright protection11PENANAiWeQeHOvYi

"Grena!-" The grenade explodes before Kevin could finish the word. copyright protection11PENANA5mYAJp3Ary

The grenade was unlike any other I have ever seen before. The bright flash and the ringing in my ears is blinding and deafening.I lost my balance and collapsed to the ground. My vision is screwy from the flash and I try to look around. I see a few soldiers running to us on foot, I can't tell if they are friendly or not. I struggle to reach for my pistol but they got to me first and a foot stepped on my hand. copyright protection11PENANA34WSZGVPSi

I realize now that these are Germans. My vision is clearing up a bit but I can't seem to hear anything. The Germans rushed to bound our hands. Next thing I know there is a German 3 inches from my face laying lifeless. There is blood splattered all over my face and I believe it's his. The effects of the strange grenade are wearing off and I sit up realizing that the Germans are dead. I see captain Cooper pulling a key out of a dead Germans pocket. He unlocks our handcuffs and we are helped to our feet. After a few minutes, my hearing is back and I look around to see if everyone is alright. It seems everyone is fine. copyright protection11PENANAxaeM0stPYr

"What the fuck was that?" asked Bruce. copyright protection11PENANA74O5FxvI7W

"Suspicious pinecones man. You should have listened to me," said Thain humorously. copyright protection11PENANAha1e21UYQM

"It seemed to be some sort of stun grenade. I knew it has been worked on but I didn't think anyone actually succeeded in making them," said Kevin. copyright protection11PENANAgoXvaYXDNV

"Cucumber. You made a mistake today. I hope you learned something from it and won't forget what can happen when that happens," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANA5U0T0Frwoy

"I know sir. I got into a heli that came 1 minute before it was supposed to without confirming it was friendly. It won't happen again," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAtFJuTMvNLl

"Let's just get out of here," said a feminine voice. copyright protection11PENANAA2KxxUwuyj

"You brought my other squad with you. Good idea Captain," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAqEeqyf5ZLt

"Wait. We were saved by Taylor, Daylyn, Maya, Daglin and Raymond? It was all Daglin and Raymond right?" asked Kevin. copyright protection11PENANAye9iJ24eQP

"I don’t know who saved your ass. But Hawkeye definitely owes me one. I got the one on him," said Maya who looks me in the eye with an angry look. copyright protection11PENANAArRkZpfvTN

"Good, now Hawkeye knows who to thank for the bullet," said Thain. copyright protection11PENANAPjr3K0jQZ5

I figured it was just another joke of Thains but suddenly I start to feel a burn in my right side. I look down and see red all over my side. copyright protection11PENANAkxjtP2wUhn

"Hawkeyes hurt!" yelled Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAKROCcN1rjU

I see Kevin about to help me but Thain hints for him not to. Next thing I know Maya is lifting my shirt. copyright protection11PENANAf8eHcZHvPG

"The bullet just grazed him," said Maya pulling out her med kit. copyright protection11PENANAA9eUC4X9Ye

Maya starts to wrap the bandage around my torso. It stings like a bitch but I don't want to show that in front of Maya, I don't really know why. copyright protection11PENANAwJ6klj8mLr

"I'm very sorry Hawkeye. I didn't mean to," said Maya to me. copyright protection11PENANAh0AwIMvpil

"It's alright. I didn't really feel it until Thain pointed it out," I said. copyright protection11PENANA6TulO7pLgo

"Yeah-yeah tough guy," said Raymond. copyright protection11PENANA0N777sqgPb

"Hawkeye, are you good to go?" asked Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAH7ciDU49kn

"Yeah," I said getting to my feet. The pain in my side worsened when I stood and I try my best to ignore it. Kevin pulls out a morphine needle and injects me with it. copyright protection11PENANAvqh0L58bRp

"I think she likes you, bro," Kevin whispered to me. copyright protection11PENANAzRcGYj9pzZ

She only did her job. I see no reason why that means she likes me. She even seemed to be somewhat angry towards me. copyright protection11PENANABh6NzKIEU2

"Let's go," said Cooper.copyright protection11PENANA2ptjpfoyqg

We start walking to the heli that Cooper and the others came with. Suddenly the heli starts getting shot at and it immediately lifts off the ground. copyright protection11PENANAXZ79G6tPv3

"Hostiles!" yelled Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAO7kUUUFDzz

"Get down!" yelled Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAGBZ9VpokXO

"No. Follow me," said captain Cooper in the most serious voice I have ever heard come out of his mouth. copyright protection11PENANAAUOH4uNxkj

Cooper runs away from the gunfire and we follow him. Bullets are kicking up dirt all around us as we follow the captain. We come across a small trench and we take cover in it. copyright protection11PENANAA9qV4lQJYp

"I saw this from the air. I had a feeling I would need it," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAiF0iOWHdgE

"You had a feeling Ehy?" asked Thain. copyright protection11PENANA2QzQxDllaG

"I didn't come with my normal pilot. I knew if there was any gunfire at all that new pilot would take off like that," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAFLP5GTrwCq

"Noobies. Bunch of fuck heads aren't they," said Thain sarcastically. copyright protection11PENANAWV5WdUTU79

"I see three of you are without your weapons," said Cooper looking at Kevin, Revin and Thain who lost their weapons during the crash. copyright protection11PENANAz9Z80wMmSW

Cooper throws his Thompson to Thain who catches it and gives him a confused look. copyright protection11PENANA2xIRDoK4Vn

"You need it more then I do private," said Captain Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAuRiAOwuHqB

Cooper draws his pistol from his holster and cocks it back. Then un expectingly reaches it out to Kevin who stands there confused. copyright protection11PENANAQ0LP9MmV8e

"Take it private," said Cooper waiting for Kevin to take the pistol. copyright protection11PENANASaMA2pZMuU

"But what about you sir?" asked Kevin taking the pistol. copyright protection11PENANA9ZLszAY4hp

"What about me?" asked Cooper who draws another pistol he had tucked in his belt behind him. copyright protection11PENANAG7psXzekun

I realize Revin is the only one without a weapon so I hand him my pistol since I still have both a sniper and my bow. Cooper piles most of his spare clips on the ground for everyone to have access to. copyright protection11PENANAynylXALWnf

"Wanna help a girl out?" Said Taylor jokingly as she and her squad mates are holding off the hostiles. copyright protection11PENANARxfCZPcYTu

"Damn straight! But only shoot if you're going to hit someone. This ain't the time for spray and pray! Now kill these sons of bitches!" commanded Captain Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAnzBN2zmgTR

there are around 25 hostiles about 60 meters away shooting at us. I shoot an arrow at a hostile and hit him in the shoulder. The arrow went clean through, he will have to tend to that before considering shooting back. I look around for a target but I can't find a target open enough to hit. I put my back to the inside of the trench and wait. copyright protection11PENANADsecNcMz8a

Suddenly three hostiles with bayonets from behind charge into the trench at Cooper. I quickly shoot the closest one with my bow. Captain Cooper turns around quickly to grab the bayoneted weapon with his free hand. He then pulls the hostile closer and points blank shoots him in the head with his pistol. He uses the dead hostile as a shield as he puts a bullet into the other hostile. copyright protection11PENANAPZH4CHTPFN

"Hahaha! Nice try! But it'll take a lot more than that to take this bad ass mutha fucka out! Now come and get me!" yelled Cooper firing two rounds straight in the air. copyright protection11PENANAj2nVQpucFo

"Captain! Don't waste ammo!" said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANA4jQivEuidD

"It wasn't wasted. The flash would have been seen in any direction and if they thought they were hidden before, they can't be sure now. Trust me. If you thought you were hidden and you saw flashes and that there was a slight chance that it was in your direction, you would assume your not hidden anymore," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAs2Da7gR06w

"This isn't the time for lessons sir," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAOpzblpAQCf

"Drop and give me five Sergeants!" yelled Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAeGz5Z5KunX

"Goddamnit," said Cucumber quickly pumping out five pushups mid-battle. copyright protection11PENANA8Q0M082S98

Cooper grabs three clips for his pistol and says, "this should be enough." copyright protection11PENANApXyY8ToIJ0

"Captain. No," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAYYHy3HDNb1

"This is an order. Stay here and hold the line," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANALkRM6SU9K3

"Fuck. Alright. Maya and Taylor cover the North. Raymond and Daglin cover South. Everyone else keeps East. The Captain is going West," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAi91Q89JxSt

"Wait. Is he going alone?" asked Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAxQrfovW2j8

"Not alone. I got my gun, got my ammo, and I got the craving to kill Germans! You hear that fuckers’! Captain Cooper is coming for you!" screamed Cooper. copyright protection11PENANA34tURzNLIy

"Cucumber I'm rather upset with your lie. He is not normal at all, even in battle," said Thain. "And that's coming from me.”copyright protection11PENANAP0HQRQ0BnS

"It's hit or miss. Stay focused," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANA5VJxb828al

Cooper peaks over the west side of the trench then charge out with only a pistol. I face east like I was ordered to and look for targets. It seems the hostiles are further than before. All I can see is flashes scattered all over and the earth around me being disturbed. copyright protection11PENANAgeqK8hjW32

"Are there spotted tangos north or south?" asked Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAuT3cKU2Kwq

"Negative," said Maya. copyright protection11PENANADBlm8wvaEG

"Negative," said Raymond in his German accent. copyright protection11PENANAwVUXF3eZZi

"keep your eyes open out there," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANA2tb5GV0IGw

"Fuck this. I can't see what I'm shooting at anymore," said Kevin. copyright protection11PENANA8j7uGg1bqG

"Giving up boys?" asked Maya. copyright protection11PENANARXBMUhP9hP

"Yeah I notice I'm the only one shooting here," said Daylyn. copyright protection11PENANAsjjDoZzpIf

"Your wasting ammo," said Kevin. copyright protection11PENANAVQy3lejmqK

"Alright, that's enough. I sense drama," I said. copyright protection11PENANA2iHE4CWUMd

Cucumber is looking West making signals to I assume the Captain. copyright protection11PENANAJex2RW1rlJ

"Alright listen up. We will be running west to the captain. 778 will go first while we cover them. We will follow behind them," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAGgAfkWuDiU

Raymond, Daglin, Daylyn, Maya and Taylor get ready to run. copyright protection11PENANAnld50hIXbu

"Go-go-go," ordered Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAbVIIYAE010

The 778 squad runs to the captain while we stay and cover them. Cucumber takes out a smoke grenade from his bag and throws it towards the hostiles. copyright protection11PENANAJIhkXBhsfA

"Let's go!" yelled Cucumber leading us West. copyright protection11PENANAnDVAIWRqT3

We meet up with Cooper and the others and I see around 10 dead hostiles on the ground. Captain Cooper with only a pistol and 3 mags did this by himself. Suddenly a series of explosions from the east gets everyone's attention. copyright protection11PENANAV4ZDNXdsXf

"Its friendly artillery," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAsHXJ2Ukjnz

"Well played captain!" said Revin excitedly. copyright protection11PENANATKcPkVLcmF

"Why did we have to leave the trench? The hostiles were at least 80 meters away," said Kevin. copyright protection11PENANAfhKeVxc8Z9

"The smoke is for the heli that is circling above us trying to pick us up. He made the order and if he was a little off then no more push-ups for us. Also, keep in mind Cucumber likely can't throw a smoke grenade that far," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAnrQlbSgvcD

"None the less those hostiles are history," said Revin. copyright protection11PENANA55niUHdGTA

"Doubtfully. They likely scattered when it was called in. I think they are tapped into our radio signal," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAl9R5oNCAVC

"I think so too sir," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAJj4AEftULF

Cooper grabs the radio from Daglin’s bag and says, "this is Captain Cooper, North, 7, 70. Requesting radio silence. I repeat, radio silence." copyright protection11PENANAyQKV8FCmlv

Cooper then changes the frequency to the backup the frequency. The one set up for this exact situation. The captain then contacts HQ on the new frequency and requested pick up. the helicopter that was circling us finally landed and picked us up. We head back to base. copyright protection11PENANAWGFOL3BoDx

"That's how captain Cooper gets shit done," said Cooper in the 3rd person. copyright protection11PENANA1nR6Yvlrq7

"Aaahhhhh! It's Cooper!" yelled Thain pretending to try crawl out of the heli to get away from the crazy Captain. copyright protection11PENANA7YXSU6xwsS

"Thain, why are you such an ass," said a Daylyn. copyright protection11PENANA2ozHdlKOJo

"Whats that? Thain has a nice ass? Thanks, Daylyn," said Thain humorously. copyright protection11PENANAlLMcRKIdc9

Daylyn shakes her head with a smile. copyright protection11PENANAkk8hc2oJzQ

"Are we there yet?" asked Thain as we land at the base. copyright protection11PENANACBfbjsw4gg

"And people say us girls get special treatment, yet Cooper lets Thain be such an ass," said Taylor. copyright protection11PENANAsC1fPT0x6d

"Alright ladies good work! As a reward for such a good job you get the honour of doing 50 PUSHUPS!" yelled Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAHqxPIJS6tr

"What?" asked Daylyn. copyright protection11PENANAX52cglFMpV

"I said. 75 pushups! And 5 laps around the base! And private Maya! Extra 20 of each for staring at Hawkeye!" yelled Cooper.copyright protection11PENANA3Sy58nY8V5

Daylyn, Taylor and Maya start doing pushups. I wonder if Maya was actually staring at me, or if Cooper is just being an ass. copyright protection11PENANAmCvTseDkl6

"Private Hawkeye! DROP AND GIVE ME 24 for letting Maya stare!" yelled Cooper. copyright protection11PENANALibOvr9aez

Now I'm even more unsure. I start doing pushups without a word. I get to 25 pushups then stop. copyright protection11PENANA6isEnB2lKX

"Did you fail grade one private! I asked for 24 and you did 25! Give me 51 more for not knowing how to count! 2 minutes go! And Thain, give me 51 for thinking about saying something," said Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAr6AX02bDmx

"Sir! Yes, sir!" Said Thain in an exaggeratedly excited voice. copyright protection11PENANAJ7PVVln5vB

"One! Another one! Another one!" counted Thain pushing his luck like an idiot. copyright protection11PENANAFBU8ghJiDt

"See private Hawkeye! That's how to count! You know what I'm in a good mood. EVERYONE WHO CAN HEAR THIS! DROP AND GIVE ME 69! AND TELL ME WHO THE GREATEST MOTHA FUCKING CAPTAIN AROUND IS!" yelled Cooper as loud as he could. copyright protection11PENANAg4zQ1ASddf

Everyone in sight and likely beyond that start doing pushups and chanting, "Cooper! Cooper!" copyright protection11PENANAKXmASiVfoq

"why are you all on the ground! Are we under attack? Give me another 69 for failing to tell me about the attack! Now someone tell me where the hostiles are!" yelled Cooper. copyright protection11PENANAR32Lbi3UBG

"Over there, Cooper!" Said Thain as a joke. copyright protection11PENANAoSLYIMyBZL

"Good work. You can all stop now," said Cooper walking away. copyright protection11PENANAQKJdkBvfRT

"Thain. How is it that the things you say should fuel him more, but it ends up being the best thing to say," I said. copyright protection11PENANAFIXIu80x3C

"I dunno," said Thain. copyright protection11PENANAdruYpdLYOL

"Hey, guys. There is information you need to know. Come with me," said Cucumber.copyright protection11PENANAKFvtSP4o4V

We follow the sergeant to a building that looks like a small classroom. copyright protection11PENANAhKEes8ntFq

"Whats this about?" asked Bruce. copyright protection11PENANA5TSARiODgD

"Relax. I'm just going to quickly go over the chain of command to eliminate any confusion," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAo0iTubJyzN

"I'm the boss right?" asked Thain. copyright protection11PENANAuQy851htuW

"I really don't have time for this. So I'll just tell you what you need to know for now and fill you in later. Your rank determines your authority. If you have a higher rank then someone then you have the authority to give them orders," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANATAPMbH5Zll

"Even Thain could have told you that," said Kevin. copyright protection11PENANACJmVDQ6mpF

"You didn't let me finish. It's not that simple. For example, I am technically a sergeant specialist for 2 squads in the 70th regimen. Meaning the 777 and the 778 squads are the 2 squads that are my main responsibility. If I give you orders and somewhere along the way another sergeant tells you to do something else. Then you are to do what I tell you. My rank trumps other sergeants when it comes to the men under my command," said Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANAaUwI3CKk5e

"That makes sense sorta," said Kevin. copyright protection11PENANAhZP7M0PR0a

"You should also know that Captain Cooper is the one and only captain of the 70th regimen. His focus is mainly on squads 770-779. He is basically our boss. You will mostly only hear from me or him. Is that clear," asked Cucumber.copyright protection11PENANAcCTzywqETQ

 "I thought I was the boss?" asked Thain. copyright protection11PENANAk3KRMOtw8z

"That also reminds me. Bruce, you know your a private first class right?" asked Cucumber. copyright protection11PENANALqzAxlAmcA

"I do," said Bruce. copyright protection11PENANAwpdqZLXpqQ

"That means your the boss when it's just the five of you. I have to go now," said Cucumber leaving in a hurry. We leave the classroom and head outside. copyright protection11PENANAgKT1CGP6cX

"Hey," whispered a voice. There is a man standing behind the building with something covering his face. copyright protection11PENANAFXofyVA9hM

"I need your help," said the man.copyright protection11PENANAKOcXebJbA9

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