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What Did You Dream?
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What Did You Dream?
My sister...
Apr 7, 2018
2 Mins Read
489 Words
No Plagiarism!diRfWA9o7gwDix6VRXugposted on PENANA

Well she is not my blood related sister, but I consider her sister by heart. Two dreams regarding her, first thing, I love her a lot and second thing she have pure soul but want to be bad.copyright protection17PENANAqjcJoJGf58

1st Dream-copyright protection17PENANAPjqHznhJMp

It goes something like this, I remember, she was committed to this guy and after a while her insecurities started to take over. She has been in poisoned relationships before have been heart broken and rough. So, it was not coming easy.copyright protection17PENANAZj2hQ9cI7G

It was after she fought with that guy and was on verge of break up when I saw this dream, I had talked her that day and it was eating me up.copyright protection17PENANAZx0bhoVYE1

I saw her breaking down in my arms that night in dream and it pained me, I don't remember it exactly but yes I remember hugging her and the background scene was of roof of my house. Breaking down her like this had shattered me, and I am sure I would have talked to that guy. But before that things got cleared up, in all reality circumstances have been such that I never had got the chance to talk to him.copyright protection17PENANA6tlxaUVsDI

2nd Dream-copyright protection17PENANARC1UTR36za

I got it after a while, her father died I guess, yes then. Exams were going on she was not coming to school and I didn't have any idea because she never wanted to publicize the news. It was in middle of exams and it was the first time had bunked my class I was in washroom crying for my sister, because I know she loved him a lot. Actually right words is loves him a lot, her believe that he is looking over her is really strong, It was after that I saw this dream.copyright protection17PENANANyINKZcGXQ

In it I saw her talking rudely to me exact words, "Don't you think your I care for you is getting a little too much." copyright protection17PENANAH4k2CvXxXA

And her these words in hospital background was worst than any nightmare I have ever seen, after waking up it took me a lot to believe that she will never say such words in reality because I am her younger sister.copyright protection17PENANAfPdhJ78MdI

Because I had no conversation with her around that time and the feeling was mutual that she react roughly with me. But she never did, nor does she now, she is my classmate in school. two years older than me and is also tom boyish and get into others fight so, I playfully say, that I consider you my elder sister because you are emotionally there for me like one and also become my big bro and protect me when necessary.copyright protection17PENANAX0hFN2F0ID

Okay the question was what did you dream and I gave complete story with the dreams I shared, two things, even the stories are true and my dreams too. I am really grateful that she is there for me. As already said God is watching me!copyright protection17PENANAQqIbtkGqSE

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