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Submission Closed
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Apr 17, 2018
3 Mins Read
562 Words
No Plagiarism!vVHm0tyR4Jrpj7F2fa8Sposted on PENANA

Sometime during mid-winters, in the jungle, I went on a hike with my friends. They had been pestering me for a long time now to accompany them to the famous lake side. So after three days, I gave in. We were walking by its bank, for about half an hour. We then reached the famous spot which is known to be the home to the world’s deadliest creatures – Lake Yugokami. It’s not shown on the map of Japan, yet.copyright protection22PENANAQlXYzklhXF

Back to the story, we were setting up the tents and the ladies started the campfire and prepared for smores when I saw something in the water. Some movement. It triggered the irritation at the back of my mind. Not that I wasn’t excited about it but it itched me all the same. Then I saw it again. Yellow scales. Not only that, but with cheetah print. I rubbed my eyes and exclaimed, “Did you guys see that thing?” They all looked at me as if I had grown another head. “What? The dust? Ha-ha you are so funny sometimes J.” One of them said. My mind was too busy to find it amusing and proceeded towards the lake.copyright protection22PENANAlsA3PAwnrA

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the creature materialized in front of me. I kind of smirked when I heard breathy gasps behind me. Their expressions were priceless. Now that I had given that thought enough of my mind, I reverted back to the animal. Crocodile – was the first thing that crossed my mind. But how was it possible for it to have furry scales, yellow in colour with bright black spots all over its body?copyright protection22PENANA7TZr1FugPD

I thought for a moment. It had fast strides too, thanks to its longs limbs. Cheetah. And crocodile. It did not sum up in my head. How can it be possible.copyright protection22PENANA8GY6EyqZQo

But being the stupid person I am, I thought how a crocodile could be assaulted by a strong cheetah. I chuckled to myself. I advanced towards the animal breed I saw.copyright protection22PENANAEcRffGPM4h

It did not move. I tried to pet it. It did not respond. Slowly it opened its mouth to display a wide spiky arena of ivory teeth. They brush their teeth. I laughed out loud this time.copyright protection22PENANAncamEc28sR

I was going crazy. I am supposed to be scared of the animal before me who could gobble me up in matter of a few seconds, let alone the fact it would devour my fleshy limbs.copyright protection22PENANAMBxKHcj8b9

“Aha!” I said. “It’s a Chedile. I know it. I breed from ancient Japan. Only shows once a month, which happens to be today.” All my companions stared at me.copyright protection22PENANAwQln5B4Un8

The chedile neared me, waited for a second. I did not dare move. I had watched enough of ‘Man Vs Wild’ to understand this situation.copyright protection22PENANAcKln7Zz981

Then, it licked my arm. Shocked, I petted it once more. This time more confidently. The group was fascinated. Amy, my friend threw away a small damp twig which wouldn’t catch fire. In two blinks of an eye, the chedile across my path, wagged its long furry tail in the mud and picked it up.copyright protection22PENANA1UCyEjLYsW

*Three days later*copyright protection22PENANA7YMtlS4qMs

Whoa! I was shocked to see my selfie with the chedile in the newspapers, on news channels and on some websites. Apparently, no one had ever managed to capture it, let alone click a selfie.copyright protection22PENANAyYdUlkTVu2

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