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A K-Pop Utopia (A Black Kitty Series, Book 2)
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Writer Namwezi
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A K-Pop Utopia (A Black Kitty Series, Book 2)
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Chapter 1: Guess Who Was In The Closet
Apr 15, 2018
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!624s0SKWFv8zTBXJcg3bposted on PENANA

My name is Samantha Glasson. I'm known to almost the entire world with the initials B.K, that is, Black Kitty.copyright protection20PENANApWN3ycA4UI24Please respect copyright.PENANABbkB0oPRHm

Why Black Kitty if you 24Please respect copyright.PENANAUUDawSs1By
may ask? Well, that's my stage name (got it under weird circumstances). 24Please respect copyright.PENANAIriOPb1oE3
And I'm guessing for someone like me to have a stage name, I must be 24Please respect copyright.PENANATgfdRfBH6j
some kind of a celebrity. Which I am. Well, let me give you a quick 24Please respect copyright.PENANA30dGbKzELa
summary.copyright protection20PENANA50LatL3dHI24Please respect copyright.PENANAcuCvjrGkQl

I'm the lead singer, 24Please respect copyright.PENANAnJBDXtSzaY
dancer, songwriter and leader in an American pop dance group called The 24Please respect copyright.PENANASeZ5VbQuPC
Toxins which consists of five members. Myself, by childhood best friend,24Please respect copyright.PENANAF26hxpJeKz
Zoey, my two brothers, Mike, who follows after me and Daniel, the 24Please respect copyright.PENANAz8jbLgFDQQ
youngest in the group. And last but not the least, my dear cousin, 24Please respect copyright.PENANACI5CO0NEvD
Christine.copyright protection20PENANAIQiCrgmDwp24Please respect copyright.PENANAgbFntdNcrx

In the music industry, 24Please respect copyright.PENANAL1G5drmT5c
life is never easy. But with time, we got where we wanted to be. With 24Please respect copyright.PENANAKHUPkJQ7ol
all the support we rendered throughout the last three years, we became 24Please respect copyright.PENANAKFxq20DPc5
very successful. We even had our own fashion clothesline named after my 24Please respect copyright.PENANAnY733kvpeA
stage name which became a huge thing as well.copyright protection20PENANAPWmD0UQAZK24Please respect copyright.PENANACYiwNCgDKE

But that wasn't the best24Please respect copyright.PENANAZvjwVlwzbJ
part. In the past few weeks, we got to collaborate with one of the 24Please respect copyright.PENANAEzIMDM68bk
popular boy groups in the k-pop music industry, BigBang.copyright protection20PENANAj5L4feQirx24Please respect copyright.PENANAJOi1k6EBJo

As usual, when you go to24Please respect copyright.PENANAfJTyfPUMo6
a new place with a culture different from your own, you get to face a 24Please respect copyright.PENANAw3GePj0Wsc
lot of challenges. Fitting in wasn't the worst part. When it comes to 24Please respect copyright.PENANAhb0AdlGSWq
groups, we usually tend to have a lot of differences and we get into a 24Please respect copyright.PENANAhc9bKp0Fcp
fit of ups and downs. I had that with BigBang's leader, Kwon Jiyong, 24Please respect copyright.PENANAMItsWjLXgd
also known as G-Dragon.copyright protection20PENANA1aokNPA9t724Please respect copyright.PENANA9xp97DvOvr

This time around we're 24Please respect copyright.PENANAfNDoYoOY41
all good and apparently that wasn't the only thing we all had to deal 24Please respect copyright.PENANAoQJSiGb3Dr
with. Zoey, my best friend (who pretty much gets into trouble), found 24Please respect copyright.PENANAhNZHX7lsVQ
herself into a little of a mix with a French diamond smuggler and the 24Please respect copyright.PENANATbDxzCWoB0
two groups had to work together to bring him down. Which was dangerous 24Please respect copyright.PENANApZQ9S8Q3ct
by the way and I had no idea what I was thinking with coming up with 24Please respect copyright.PENANAvuhvbeCxGy
that horrendous plan which worked out in the end.copyright protection20PENANAyj4VW4PMFP24Please respect copyright.PENANAoAJ27jE3If

It's been two days since24Please respect copyright.PENANA37fUh727be
we had the diamond smuggler arrested and right now, I'm in the hotel 24Please respect copyright.PENANABHJScV6PsN
room, standing on top of Zoey's bed because the weirdest thing had 24Please respect copyright.PENANAoQn7Svrwz9
happened to me just a few minutes ago.copyright protection20PENANAxZUi39wTsY24Please respect copyright.PENANAMCh1wy9zGk

The lights went out and 24Please respect copyright.PENANAOh1x9esg3V
surprisingly someone had been hiding in my closet and had jumped out to 24Please respect copyright.PENANA4rLrzEX0aw
push me to the floor. I had tried to run out of the room but I was 24Please respect copyright.PENANAaX9rYGZ7fF
bought back in. And the next thing I know, I'm trying to defend myself 24Please respect copyright.PENANAs3XuB7I4oM
with a bed lamp, standing on Zoey's bed and when the lights came back 24Please respect copyright.PENANAZsdKUNoROz
on, I receive the shock of my life and had dropped the lamp to the 24Please respect copyright.PENANAnYwwpvcpDs
floor.copyright protection20PENANArt8POVFo5824Please respect copyright.PENANA55w2z79ibx

"You? What are you doing here?" I asked.copyright protection20PENANAwDrAzoFpal24Please respect copyright.PENANA4b0iVU5kLT

Seunghoon was staring at24Please respect copyright.PENANAU8RrFhWSGA
me with a smile. To be honest, I never expected that HE was the guy who24Please respect copyright.PENANAkLGQOgYYya
had been hiding in the closet. HIM! A member of a k-pop group called 24Please respect copyright.PENANAwClwVhq0Bc
WINNER, under YG Entertainment.copyright protection20PENANAeIk80nixhK24Please respect copyright.PENANAUvlMX03USK

"Did I surprise you?" Seunghoon asked.copyright protection20PENANAvJdEy1zeqE24Please respect copyright.PENANAudwa3kr2iZ

"Huh, ya, you did," I 24Please respect copyright.PENANAcPCxlxOMyq
said, as I looked at him and then went to look at the floor where the 24Please respect copyright.PENANAYtWkfTljNd
broken lamp lay. "And now the lamp's broken."copyright protection20PENANAmXiOxRcdgn24Please respect copyright.PENANA3irztvUUxc

"It can be taken of. It's no big deal." Seunghoon shrugged his shoulders.copyright protection20PENANAyv5SD6gVDy24Please respect copyright.PENANAUJ2whn45aD

A knocking came at the 24Please respect copyright.PENANAv86stllOE9
door and it was then that I remembered that the others were still at the24Please respect copyright.PENANA2IrtiUYcPv
door after they heard the noise in the room. Seunghoon had locked the 24Please respect copyright.PENANApJfrfwOkCY
door to prevent me from going out and the others from coming in.copyright protection20PENANAG9hUNQWn4m24Please respect copyright.PENANAX873ABpWp4

"Sam, are you okay?" Zoey called out to me. "I heard something break in there! Answer me if you're still alive!"copyright protection20PENANA2rjkfRcs5t24Please respect copyright.PENANA5rMxU4rThg

"I heard her say something," said Seungri. "I bet she is okay."copyright protection20PENANAPEYVwC1NyF24Please respect copyright.PENANAoG0E7gaWAM

"Why isn't she saying 24Please respect copyright.PENANAVxU3BvE1r3
anything now?" Mike asked. "Do you think she killed the person who was 24Please respect copyright.PENANA5xuS4pXvie
in there? There is definitely someone with her."copyright protection20PENANAlePD8Cu40z24Please respect copyright.PENANAMHUMl22wZD

Seunghoon and I stared 24Please respect copyright.PENANAjUaeYMJCNb
at the door without saying a word. There was silence at the other side 24Please respect copyright.PENANAGSIbLMAIiT
of it and I knew seconds later, this was going to happen:copyright protection20PENANAr20LngDzJI24Please respect copyright.PENANAX4ASRWUUtU

"Sam! Open the door!" 24Please respect copyright.PENANAxMOI0NuKpi
Zoey was banging on the door this time. "If the person in there is dead,24Please respect copyright.PENANAW5bEgWqRFI
then you better open the door right now and we can all sort this out!"copyright protection20PENANA3zm2uTEwHc24Please respect copyright.PENANAKCNluFhpzK

If there was anything 24Please respect copyright.PENANAj6x8PyVjjk
Zoey is good at, it's being melodramatic. I rolled my eyes and jumped 24Please respect copyright.PENANACfqNTHJkzo
off the bed, standing beside Seunghoon.copyright protection20PENANAc2r1GzEaEF24Please respect copyright.PENANA3k1RFvwXV6

"Zoey takes my brother too seriously sometimes," I whispered to Seunghoon.copyright protection20PENANAJ5HKR51uFK24Please respect copyright.PENANAIecfn1Oil7

"Don't be so dramatic, Zoey," said G-Dragon. "I bet Sam hasn't even killed the person, who ever it is."copyright protection20PENANAdIjAKOtpla24Please respect copyright.PENANADXm4LgMuBl

"Why isn't she saying anything then?" Zoey asked. "Something in there is definitely wrong."copyright protection20PENANABxd2zUCe5h24Please respect copyright.PENANATEFVwlq2im

"Sam, please say something," said Christine.copyright protection20PENANATPnBzeGBIl24Please respect copyright.PENANA80AlgYn5gJ

"Sam, I'm scared," came the voice of my younger brother, Daniel. "Say something. This isn't funny anymore."copyright protection20PENANAlW4FwPt0eO24Please respect copyright.PENANAcTHzYsQKXr

I never heard my brother24Please respect copyright.PENANA5Q6LLC6cFp
talk to me like that ever since he was five years old. Once there was a24Please respect copyright.PENANAyOq9aG7xMo
time during Halloween when I went out trick or treating with him just a24Please respect copyright.PENANAgYiYygqo0n
few blocks from home. I decided to hide in the bushes, just to play a 24Please respect copyright.PENANAQ6eXRZAYcg
little trick on him when he stopped by a house to get candy. When he 24Please respect copyright.PENANAnL4NVeu3Mg
turned around on the porch, he kind of freaked out, thinking I might 24Please respect copyright.PENANAr3fJ1NZrc0
have been taken by a boogy man or something. He ended up crying and 24Please respect copyright.PENANAP3631X3BVg
calling out to me on the street. In the end, I decided to step out of 24Please respect copyright.PENANASj1W6XbA0Y
the bushes because he was so scared and his little shouts were 24Please respect copyright.PENANARs16b3Tbv6
attracting attention to those nearby. He was so relieved in that vampire24Please respect copyright.PENANAck9ioagrMc
costume of his when I appeared that he hugged me and told me how scared24Please respect copyright.PENANAHEvJBBGNcH
he was. It was then that I promised I would never scare him like that 24Please respect copyright.PENANAL39N9lR3xm
again.copyright protection20PENANAaPmoSWjvao24Please respect copyright.PENANA9JHj15thxg

"Sam, are you there?" Daniel called out to me, with that same tone he had had when he was five.copyright protection20PENANAM4d9GMnmo624Please respect copyright.PENANAtfUZYwAFjN

"I'm alright, Daniel," I called out. "Don't you worry."copyright protection20PENANAIJ2NoyCSyQ24Please respect copyright.PENANAm5QvTZQL3o

There were huge sighs of relief at the door and some muttered "thank goodness."copyright protection20PENANAHJG38zZr5a24Please respect copyright.PENANA7c7Pv9UZrs

"What's going on in there?" Daesung asked. "Are you okay?"copyright protection20PENANAQRe31VQphe24Please respect copyright.PENANAfVHaUFGuk0

"I'm fine," I said.copyright protection20PENANAv0XyOm7qfG24Please respect copyright.PENANAiH68c083Lb

"Can you please open the door?" G-Dragon asked. "We've been worried sick."copyright protection20PENANAhWqY0zyZ0D24Please respect copyright.PENANArTozITIDT9

I looked at Seunghoon, 24Please respect copyright.PENANA584MjZs0uN
who looked back at me. How was I going to tell them? If they were to see24Please respect copyright.PENANA1Mu7UH83LT
Seunghoon, I don't know what would happen.copyright protection20PENANAaQuoUwjKVB24Please respect copyright.PENANAfdMDMvxv9q

"Are you seriously going to open the door?" Seunghoon asked.copyright protection20PENANAYrCW0rj7Sy24Please respect copyright.PENANAFezJ1SJuTd

"Do I have a choice?" I 24Please respect copyright.PENANAhUZM1UuaXf
asked quietly. "It's going to be difficult for you to get out of here. 24Please respect copyright.PENANA3dsQQfmoKv
Which reminds me, why are you even here anyway?"copyright protection20PENANAO9ve8vNGvO24Please respect copyright.PENANAOpJo9LhSga

"I'll tell you if you don't open the door."copyright protection20PENANAjFFO4zkokg24Please respect copyright.PENANA5y45k6ZOgX

"What!" I whispered. 24Please respect copyright.PENANA3jawa0Lwow
"How am I going to tell them about all the noise? They are not dumb to 24Please respect copyright.PENANA1dVLB5xTXN
figure out that I am not alone. I'm going to tell them whether you like 24Please respect copyright.PENANA33l78Fe8uu
it or not."copyright protection20PENANA0jHCfI4zPW24Please respect copyright.PENANA5yOf4YgQvF

"Are you serious? If Jiyong and the other hyungs (형) find out, I'm dead. Especially with our manager."copyright protection20PENANA8D6DSe9FVE24Please respect copyright.PENANAmxThivnPok

"I already know your manager. Trust me, he's just like Collins. Don't worry, I know what I'm doing."copyright protection20PENANAuej93nJoL324Please respect copyright.PENANACroXzxDNF7

"I sure hope so."copyright protection20PENANAELmmoC4scU24Please respect copyright.PENANAhLG60K5hBA

"Hello, Sam? What's taking you so long?" Daesung asked.copyright protection20PENANAokxuYqJ76E24Please respect copyright.PENANAXX7QfqlCfK

"What if the person in there is a criminal and has held Sam for ransom?" Zoey asked.copyright protection20PENANAMAT5KWstke24Please respect copyright.PENANAXSclPLTtzy

"Now that's just silly," said Seungri.copyright protection20PENANAxZ0UlowpRJ24Please respect copyright.PENANAARkgXl12CC

"If the person in there is really holding Sam for ransom, I'll blame you for this, Zoey," said G-Dragon.copyright protection20PENANAjg3RL2iuao24Please respect copyright.PENANADAAKqPbMsq

"What! Why!" Zoey asked.copyright protection20PENANA9WZ31JZudk24Please respect copyright.PENANAwpiIL8uEB3

"Because you always get into trouble. Remember what happened with Jehan?"copyright protection20PENANAJLjJFF8c5Z24Please respect copyright.PENANAdcUxsSSuUv

"We should call the police."copyright protection20PENANAVpfZh01zvb24Please respect copyright.PENANA6y5GjwwuiY

"There will be no need for that," I said as I went back to looking at the door. "I'm perfectly fine."copyright protection20PENANAXF8WI9GIEU24Please respect copyright.PENANAUPndy9m2NX

"Then what's going on and why aren't you opening the door?" Christine asked.copyright protection20PENANA2nFm7k1fx624Please respect copyright.PENANA6190zCTr6O

"I......uh.....," I looked at Seunghoon who was also staring back at me wondering what I was going to say next. "I can't."copyright protection20PENANAeswurNvtm124Please respect copyright.PENANAXdm2UFzq9R

"You what?" G-Dragon and Daniel asked at the same time.copyright protection20PENANAFkGNhpXY7C24Please respect copyright.PENANAp4GNifWEhK

"You see, I told you that person in there has Sam," said Zoey.copyright protection20PENANAS90xw7Sxmp24Please respect copyright.PENANABnMLolniNu

"I'm not being held for ransom, Zoey," I said. "It's just that......you guys shouldn't get mad, okay?"copyright protection20PENANAEBSa6kYCOk24Please respect copyright.PENANA6KHsNC8m2h

There was silence behind the door and they were all probably wondering what I was talking about.copyright protection20PENANADtFkhWJfUQ24Please respect copyright.PENANAesmVfEacis

"What do you mean?" Christine asked.copyright protection20PENANARN0RkwYd4l24Please respect copyright.PENANAXUQJFf52xS

"Look, when I came in the room and the lights went out, there was someone in here."copyright protection20PENANADIXvT3PRFD24Please respect copyright.PENANAwDDe6rQeOT

"And....?" Zoey wanted me to continue.copyright protection20PENANAcj7RDpOnEI24Please respect copyright.PENANAw2lSYBx8OP

"And the thing is, I don't know how I'm going to tell you, but..... you wouldn't guess who just came out of the closet."copyright protection20PENANAdvvenQKm4P24Please respect copyright.PENANABLKrvpGAse

"Who is it? Santa Clause?" Zoey asked.copyright protection20PENANAIHyFcrJ2jp24Please respect copyright.PENANAsZS5dYx4dl

"It's a little too early for Christmas, don't you think?" Daesung asked.copyright protection20PENANAGwINnmcbJR24Please respect copyright.PENANAYJnkClV9uK

"And you still believe in Santa?" Seungri asked Zoey. "I thought I was the childish one."copyright protection20PENANAUXnqbKhW7l24Please respect copyright.PENANAZ5wJx19dBB

"Of course I don't believe in Santa!" Zoey snapped. "I'm too old for that. I was being sarcastic."copyright protection20PENANALP2jvfLeh424Please respect copyright.PENANAs4BkaPjHTw

"Okay, enough beating 24Please respect copyright.PENANA2RgqcSM82g
around the bush, Sam," said G-Dragon. "You've delayed us more than 24Please respect copyright.PENANAS1moLTpU71
enough. Open the door so we could see who it is ourselves."copyright protection20PENANADXAmLYIYar24Please respect copyright.PENANAwz57UgWdXQ

"If I open the door, promise you won't get mad," I said as I looked at Seunghoon.copyright protection20PENANAQ5pdvBYNx524Please respect copyright.PENANAJ0I0qUSc2U

"When do we ever get mad at you, Sam?" said Daesung. "You've our word that we won't get mad. Right, guys?"copyright protection20PENANA8jVbCqqoFH24Please respect copyright.PENANAsVWPjHIJCP

The rest behind the door agreed with Daesung. Seunghoon silently sighed in relief and I smiled at him.copyright protection20PENANAtjF4Fr2nqd24Please respect copyright.PENANAK9oQgj6dw4

"Okay," I took a deep breath and stared at the door. "Here goes."copyright protection20PENANAPgieuNPsBn24Please respect copyright.PENANA4g4MguH9HJ

With two big steps, I 24Please respect copyright.PENANA3aF0ZYIHIk
reached the door, unlocked it and held the door knob. When I turned it 24Please respect copyright.PENANAwstVjKeqYL
and swung it open, I found the others all staring at me.copyright protection20PENANAyJGuUjUlHA24Please respect copyright.PENANAu21yOi3vrK

"Sam, thank goodness you're okay," said Zoey as she approached me first and cupped both my cheeks. "You aren't hurt, are you?"copyright protection20PENANA3aTJeyahWB24Please respect copyright.PENANAfvUUvTTdBB

"I'm fine as you can see," I said. "Now for the worst part."copyright protection20PENANAuLSM0mAPPb24Please respect copyright.PENANAy8424nNjNL

I threw the door wide 24Please respect copyright.PENANA4iN6QCoU8P
open and in an instant, everyone in front of me gasped. Then Zoey and 24Please respect copyright.PENANAEnkziQtc44
Christine screamed that I almost held my ears. For a moment, I thought 24Please respect copyright.PENANANCdRFhfsA3
they were going to burst. Zoey's hands fell away from my cheeks and she 24Please respect copyright.PENANAdFl1LcDa6L
and Christine quickly ran past me into the room.copyright protection20PENANAdnVTRQdMbU24Please respect copyright.PENANA0L9lkrbODf

"OMG! It's Seunghoon! From WINNER! AAAAHHH!" Zoey screamed again as she hugged Seunghoon.copyright protection20PENANAne5gXjP8BL24Please respect copyright.PENANASrS5jxnz0X

Christine also joined 24Please respect copyright.PENANACdDYepaSzh
Zoey with hugging Seunghoon and the two were screaming and jumping in 24Please respect copyright.PENANADA2MVne7bS
delight. I looked at Seunghoon who was smiling at all the attention he 24Please respect copyright.PENANAm4jfaDNxcN
was getting and he didn't seem to mind at all.copyright protection20PENANAJ5xCSxYsnO24Please respect copyright.PENANAvP18NgyY87

"Just like BigBang, I also love WINNER. And you being here is so AWESOME!" said Zoey as she and Christine broke away from him.copyright protection20PENANAEAbzu3qHQB24Please respect copyright.PENANAfLHhyDEMKP

"Thanks," said Seunghoon. "I've to say I'm also a fan of The Toxins too."copyright protection20PENANACdQHuN1kWC24Please respect copyright.PENANAE7TYm3BaBO

"Did you hear that!" Christine asked so excitedly at Zoey. "He's also a fan of us!"copyright protection20PENANA5GIDiAah3x24Please respect copyright.PENANAY6DZfrfNpo

The two fan girls 24Please respect copyright.PENANAVEaCVIgAv0
giggled like little girls and they were bouncing off the floor so 24Please respect copyright.PENANApa7j9unLEY
excitedly. I smiled at what I was seeing. Looked like they both took all24Please respect copyright.PENANAzC5dCkES73
of this as a lovely surprise. Though I had to keep in mind the others 24Please respect copyright.PENANAg2HrFDaVdF
still standing at the door.copyright protection20PENANA5H8hhClHkb24Please respect copyright.PENANAWDQ3XZykKd

I turned around and what24Please respect copyright.PENANAjjQpxsJblR
I saw were guys filled with so many mixed emotions. My two brothers 24Please respect copyright.PENANAfCUW3AAdwO
were looking as surprised as ever, but they didn't seem upset. But as 24Please respect copyright.PENANATsrKwoJ5Ju
for the three BigBang members, their expressions were totally hard to 24Please respect copyright.PENANAi3O9tlCdxX
read.copyright protection20PENANAiWp8EUWFeS24Please respect copyright.PENANA4MzZJDAjR7

"Are you all okay?" I asked.copyright protection20PENANAiky0XRB88E24Please respect copyright.PENANA7KAzv7XfcH

Daniel shook his head. "I'm just trying to take this all in," he said. "This is such a surprise."copyright protection20PENANAGdlOvDrQkM24Please respect copyright.PENANAJvLxEeTgrq

"Ya, me too," said Mike.copyright protection20PENANA2DJrLnmI2A24Please respect copyright.PENANAewcNwVq6fi

"Sam is so lucky," said 24Please respect copyright.PENANAem2OWyVTN7
Zoey as I turned around and I saw her with her hand hooked around 24Please respect copyright.PENANABwDn4hBXy3
Seunghoon's arm. "I wish I was the one who was in the room when he 24Please respect copyright.PENANAoMzAA6w1dL
jumped out of the closet."copyright protection20PENANABlV9lT0X1924Please respect copyright.PENANAjr8mf4UbYH

"Zoey, you would freak out and would have hit him on the head with a lamp," said Christine.copyright protection20PENANABImXxSAYIV24Please respect copyright.PENANAizeVXjdzgL

"No, I wouldn't." Zoey shook her head.copyright protection20PENANALKyuckRy2U24Please respect copyright.PENANACEycf8iL9v

"Says the person who screamed her lungs out when the lights went out," said Mike.copyright protection20PENANA9Df4NBYOyZ24Please respect copyright.PENANAwsXEOdJJoH

"Pssh, I hate the dark,"24Please respect copyright.PENANAqGhFCeYQNf
said Zoey as she twirled a strand of her hair with her finger. "That's 24Please respect copyright.PENANACpUaC9jUVs
so embarrassing." She looked up at Seunghoon. "Did you really hear me 24Please respect copyright.PENANAqsVn7KAQtZ
scream like that?"copyright protection20PENANAXaHk8ecJdV24Please respect copyright.PENANAxTGOzi2x9P

"Ya, I did," he answered with a grin.copyright protection20PENANAEZFctSxlrz24Please respect copyright.PENANANLfHWRRgMN

I could see Zoey was blushing and she turned to looked at me. "So embarrassing."copyright protection20PENANAfAdvF06DPF24Please respect copyright.PENANAIdfEBmoccR

"How did you even get here to our floor anyway?" I asked.copyright protection20PENANADMPl6YAjHO24Please respect copyright.PENANAbKLRylaATj

"Ya, and what did you do with the lights?" said Christine.copyright protection20PENANAelNUygM5Cd24Please respect copyright.PENANAqG5Go2yfik

"I'm just wondering what he's doing here in the first place," came G-Dragon's voice.copyright protection20PENANAFROTmuTt7J24Please respect copyright.PENANA30yiF9F4lR

There was a change of atmosphere in the room when he spoke and now, everyone turned to look at him.copyright protection20PENANA8LvY6CWGWE24Please respect copyright.PENANAVwBHna2xLV

"You aren't mad, are you?" I asked.copyright protection20PENANAua0i5zySEa24Please respect copyright.PENANARbCWS0Yqgg

I knew he was. But he was fighting inside not to say anything insulting. He did promise he wasn't going to get mad.copyright protection20PENANA6k2Udpo7Sw24Please respect copyright.PENANALjhjCWsh0N

"You're going to be in 24Please respect copyright.PENANA9WkLEHVHfG
so much trouble when our managers find out. You aren't supposed to be 24Please respect copyright.PENANAD6Sf2Lg1bw
here," said G-Dragon, his tone cool and calm. Well, I thought otherwise.copyright protection20PENANAQ0hmZoZW4V24Please respect copyright.PENANAhXQygsvJJw

"I know, mianhae (미안해)(sorry)," said Seunghoon. "I just wanted to surprise you all, especially Sam."copyright protection20PENANAAz6ARb9q4O24Please respect copyright.PENANAxTtRE7zAPO

"Aish, that was some surprise," said Daesung, rolling his eyes.copyright protection20PENANABa9E4n3tuV24Please respect copyright.PENANAhsUaIXVYY7

"You couldn't have pulled this all on your own," said Seungri. "Where are they?"copyright protection20PENANA0lWiIWGHSL24Please respect copyright.PENANAvf4lOlNk4x

"Who?" I asked, giving Seungri a questioning look. I wasn't the only one who looked at him that way.copyright protection20PENANADtlJ3cVdDZ24Please respect copyright.PENANAQCrjt6r3Gg

"Seunghoon knows exactly who I'm talking about."copyright protection20PENANA2f9cTezXI324Please respect copyright.PENANARXJM7rJ3qH

Zoey gasped. "Don't tell me it's who I'm thinking of right now?" she asked.copyright protection20PENANASIpP07MHPE24Please respect copyright.PENANAaVXegMz46E

It was then that I 24Please respect copyright.PENANACXg3gKaINQ
understood what Seungri meant. He was right. Seunghoon couldn't have 24Please respect copyright.PENANAZFOIrWabZA
done all of this alone. And who else wouldn't help him out but his group24Please respect copyright.PENANAT9wRoMDXRK
mates?copyright protection20PENANAss7Nbb07pE24Please respect copyright.PENANACuHTyXDIGr

"Wait, they are here too?" I asked as I turned to Seunghoon.copyright protection20PENANA6sTgENvdKd24Please respect copyright.PENANAyF7noyjyKi

"I don't get it," said Mike. "Who else is here?"copyright protection20PENANAhDWGtWOfED24Please respect copyright.PENANA9DsFvQs8Oj

"They should be here by now," said Seunghoon. "I wonder what's taking them so long."copyright protection20PENANAT661UidVpC24Please respect copyright.PENANASqOzkmxY4e

"OMG!" said Christine as she bit her index finger. "They are coming?"copyright protection20PENANAzw4sMIghV024Please respect copyright.PENANApDTw0i5kQQ

"This isn't going to end well," said G-Dragon as he scratched his head.copyright protection20PENANAvdErU7oIm224Please respect copyright.PENANAC0t5FZV87K

"I should wait for them in the hall," said Zoey. "I hope I look okay." She quickly ran her hand through her hair.copyright protection20PENANAmg9si3LvZa24Please respect copyright.PENANAs0bgAvC7tH

"You look fine. Let's 24Please respect copyright.PENANAlTkfplxvFo
go," said Christine as she went over to grab Zoey's hand and the two ran24Please respect copyright.PENANAlipPn5OjdW
out of the room bypassing the others still at the door. Mike and Daniel24Please respect copyright.PENANA3FWeWwKyEd
went to join them.copyright protection20PENANA7yGc1tUhLQ24Please respect copyright.PENANAf06AgwVO2A

"You and I are going to 24Please respect copyright.PENANAcnSBdgG1zU
talk about this later," I said to Seunghoon. There were so many 24Please respect copyright.PENANAYDzURvrB46
questions that needed answering, but for now, I was just too anxious.copyright protection20PENANAig3WHY46Gr24Please respect copyright.PENANAPk6VUnsQbu

"And he will have to talk with us too," said G-Dragon as he came in the room and approached us.copyright protection20PENANA83HiwZmhvl24Please respect copyright.PENANAroSkZ5AG7a

I stood in front of him. "You promised you won't get mad," I said.copyright protection20PENANAsCT8OVCJdn24Please respect copyright.PENANAB5Na0EGsgL

"For you, Sam, I will keep that promise. I just wonder what will happen if our managers find out."copyright protection20PENANAAvDEslCxrj24Please respect copyright.PENANAy55F102tQe

"I'm also worried too," said Daesung as he also came in the room with Seungri. "They aren't supposed to be here."copyright protection20PENANAYAmGSTGebb24Please respect copyright.PENANAYhCQBCWci4

"We know," said Seunghoon. "But we just wanted to come here and meet The Toxins. Is that so wrong?"copyright protection20PENANAADNuMCpomC24Please respect copyright.PENANAmTa94aOLD4

"Ye (여) (yes)!" the three replied at the same time.copyright protection20PENANALW8pABKc8b24Please respect copyright.PENANAwbaCRcCUFt

"Eish, guys, take a 24Please respect copyright.PENANA8ELKvnmrzF
chill pill, okay?" I suggested. "As much as I know they will get in 24Please respect copyright.PENANAwWzG5EQUqt
trouble for being here without Yang Hyun-suk's permission, doesn't mean 24Please respect copyright.PENANAYXF9zxlcr1
we could all just have fun."copyright protection20PENANAw6LTMEMsTY24Please respect copyright.PENANAGAFrkbPHDp

"You're only saying that because you're a fan girl," said G-Dragon.copyright protection20PENANADtBrYo4nMq24Please respect copyright.PENANAn9lXPrCGl2

"So?" I smiled at 24Please respect copyright.PENANAakZPtznPLO
G-Dragon and shrugged my shoulders. "I'll admit, I am a fan girl of 24Please respect copyright.PENANAQrowTJIIrl
WINNER. And I love it that they are all here. This is like the best 24Please respect copyright.PENANA7PutNjUq0f
surprise I've had so far, though it was pretty scary." I turned to look 24Please respect copyright.PENANAsaAs032nTN
at Seunghoon. "So, please don't spoil it with worrying over what our 24Please respect copyright.PENANAcJfAg8kYRM
managers will think when they find out. We've already found ourselves in24Please respect copyright.PENANAkZCOsq8mQ8
a plentiful lot of trouble this past month, haven't we?"copyright protection20PENANA0ym8XXKHaS24Please respect copyright.PENANACjjcMjgOG9

The three BigBang members looked at me and I for one, gave them the most sincere smile I could ever give. They soon gave in.copyright protection20PENANATGYFzLjmed24Please respect copyright.PENANACSTRta0O9R

"Fine," said G-Dragon as he sighed and stared at the ceiling. "I guess you're right."copyright protection20PENANAkSHWjFlo3724Please respect copyright.PENANABtRdijDqGu

"I also give in," said Daesung as he scratched the back of his head. "I just couldn't resist that smile on your face."copyright protection20PENANAO3GbcD8Wlj24Please respect copyright.PENANAzjNSwzbMoS

"Well, when the queen speaks, we listen," said Seungri as he smiled back at me.copyright protection20PENANAOeZNTzydVM24Please respect copyright.PENANAW0KPRe0S29

"First of all, no one 24Please respect copyright.PENANAKECBRUUvlB
ever listens to me at times until something bad happens," I pointed out.24Please respect copyright.PENANAZVUNNqnZdL
"And second, I'm no queen, okay? Third, thank you so much, you guys!" I24Please respect copyright.PENANAS9LDZDRZvU
clapped my hands excitedly. "This really means a lot to me and the 24Please respect copyright.PENANA9fyLQqGLV2
others too."copyright protection20PENANAqgF7dYNynQ24Please respect copyright.PENANAmVXhJLI6KW

"You're so lucky Sam is the one defending you," said G-Dragon as he turned to look at Seunghoon.copyright protection20PENANAGbUmn60w3l24Please respect copyright.PENANARC5Df5g75L

"Jiyong, be nice," I warned him playfully. I turned to Seunghoon and stood beside him. "Shall we?" I held up my elbow.copyright protection20PENANAPSAOFuoeHk24Please respect copyright.PENANA1e0AZR0GCW

He smiled at me and wrapped his arm around it. "I thought you would never ask."copyright protection20PENANA18AGgOF3m224Please respect copyright.PENANAIZSFgBqZIb

We made our way out of 24Please respect copyright.PENANAVAO1d37tbc
the room and the Three BigBang members made way for us to pass with 24Please respect copyright.PENANAfdqgNq7O6J
shocked looks on their faces. When we were in the hall slowly heading to24Please respect copyright.PENANAKPIDuZeVZW
the other Toxins waiting by the elevator, Seunghoon whispered to me:copyright protection20PENANAT2eNpBUp8X24Please respect copyright.PENANA6VxVWKZ3ea

"How were you able to convince them like that?"copyright protection20PENANALXQlLvPaKx24Please respect copyright.PENANAftnGJb7QZd

"Persuasion, I guess," I said with a smirk.copyright protection20PENANAuMF4sVS8Yf24Please respect copyright.PENANAAJ3jnyjBti

"Looks more like charm to me. Especially with that smile of yours."copyright protection20PENANAbSiqFH2A7a24Please respect copyright.PENANAyAd5vaQue4

"Pssht," I rolled my 24Please respect copyright.PENANAFty2ahdh8c
eyes. "I've no charm, only persuasion. If I wanted, I would have given 24Please respect copyright.PENANAvJWy2j6mVA
them the death stare and it would have worked out just fine."copyright protection20PENANAxS7neTT33E24Please respect copyright.PENANAFubSAG3qbh

"Anyways, looks like I've you to thank."copyright protection20PENANABxqgCTcv1b24Please respect copyright.PENANAvQL3TVk6dt

"Nah, it's no big deal. Just doing it because I'm a fan."copyright protection20PENANAKd33DJLFjS24Please respect copyright.PENANAjIcghfAoBv

The three BigBang 24Please respect copyright.PENANAYg0a9AQc12
members came in the hall as soon as Seunghoon and I reached the others. 24Please respect copyright.PENANAuwSfALbVSo
Zoey and Christine were panicking like crazy.copyright protection20PENANAQRLXeZQ83U24Please respect copyright.PENANAoc7BspQ2Nr

"What's taking them so long?" Zoey asked as she tapped her foot impatiently with her arms folded.copyright protection20PENANAMErdV467z824Please respect copyright.PENANAyMIzWRaN4b

"Are they really going to be here?" Christine asked Seunghoon.copyright protection20PENANAjkmmoZ59Fp24Please respect copyright.PENANAPyIINiuZdn

"They will, don't you worry," he answered.copyright protection20PENANA1vgNsuMjDQ24Please respect copyright.PENANAnCzvd2U34I

"They better hurry because Zoey looks like she's about to run over something right now," said Mike.copyright protection20PENANAdqvFDqKKyj24Please respect copyright.PENANAvDudcr5mf9

"I'm just anxious," said Zoey as her foot tapped faster than it did before.copyright protection20PENANATREfd2ejbU24Please respect copyright.PENANAy5IgOwzivM

"Me too," I said with a 24Please respect copyright.PENANAGTofoBhiFm
grin on my face and I leaned my head on Seunghoon's shoulder. I heard 24Please respect copyright.PENANA1a0vocXtzc
G-Dragon and Daesung clear their throats behind me but I completely 24Please respect copyright.PENANAD7imo6SXpo
ignored them.copyright protection20PENANAIdpY1StNb724Please respect copyright.PENANAK5h9lFKDYq

The elevator made that 24Please respect copyright.PENANAZZB0vZdttM
"ding" sound and we knew they were finally here. My arm around 24Please respect copyright.PENANAG7UYtj5mhu
Seunghoon's dropped and we were all staring at the elevator.copyright protection20PENANAEpx95bzPV824Please respect copyright.PENANAK1z1aVHVyG

When the elevators doors24Please respect copyright.PENANAmyGXybWLFp
started to open, I held my breath and my heart skipped a beat. I could 24Please respect copyright.PENANAylxtk0Mpn3
tell the other Toxins were also holding their breaths too.copyright protection20PENANA9PZO4dRix224Please respect copyright.PENANAT75t9fpQbX

When the doors fully 24Please respect copyright.PENANAxxwdu4prQ4
opened, there was a huge ear splitting screams coming from me and rest 24Please respect copyright.PENANARoqoRKpEaM
of The Toxins as well. But we the girls were the loudest.copyright protection20PENANAdggCfhuI5G24Please respect copyright.PENANAH4UMx32XUe
24Please respect copyright.PENANAUrLqEgv3Il

24Please respect copyright.PENANA8zKyYCingt
But we the girls were the loudest24Please respect copyright.PENANAaYx4L58N22
24Please respect copyright.PENANA1WuNn94TcM
copyright protection20PENANAQJ6nTczt2v24Please respect copyright.PENANAfkm0TkCcHT
24Please respect copyright.PENANAFSRcWCh5qj

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