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The Antichrist, End of the Age and coming Tribulations.
Writer BrotherAlameen
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The Antichrist, End of the Age and coming Tribulations.
The Antichrist, End of the Age and coming Tribulations.

I am writing this book so that whosoever reads and listens may understand the upcoming future events for whatever is yet to occur. Thus, I write this book not in my own account but in accordance with the Word of God in our Bible to tell you what is yet to occur in our coming times [The End of the Age] and the Millennia Reign. In this Book you will discover;

1. Ottoman Invasion and Jerusalem Conquest in 1948 and its Prophetic Significance from Scripture.

2. The Book of Daniel the Prophet fortelling the Messiahs first coming.

3. The Antichrist and who the Antichrist is?

4. Upcoming Events and beginning of Tribulation and how the Tribulations will take place.

Total Reading Time: 25 minutes


David Bunmi - Hello BrotherAlameen 
im david bunmi your friend on Facebook 
love this book
Thanks God i read this
You didnt told me some and many of this information you wrote okay
thanks for giving me the link 
God bless
2 years agoreply

BrotherAlameen - No Problem Brother.
2 years agoreply

BrotherAlameen - When you read the part of Tsunami, I just need you to know. I am also a weather forcaster even though i am still young but i have already known how to forcast the weather.
2 years agoreply