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What If?
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What If?
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Behind the mask, is there love waiting to bloom?
May 16, 2018
20 Mins Read
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‘This is not happening, this cant be real, I just said goodbye to Liam and to Drake and now I am supposed to just go with Maxwell back to Cordonia to compete for Liam….Prince Liam’s proposal? This is crazy, it has to be a dream, yes that is what this is it is a dream. I am going to open my eyes and look out of my bathroom and Maxwell will not be there and I will just go back to bed’ Jade thought to herself hoping that with everything that she was at that moment that she would open her eyes and still be bracing against her bathroom sink but look out and find to be alone, though as she opened her eyes and looked down she found her small bag of toiletries sitting there right in the sink and as she leaned out the door frame there he was Maxwell sitting right on the edge of her bed playing with his phone. She let out a sigh knowing that this is real this was actually happening but she knew that she couldn’t do this and as she walked out of the bathroom carrying her things Maxwell stood up immediately. “So are you ready?” and as she looked at him out of the corner of her eye she plopped down on the bed starting to reach over and sliding her off the shoulder sweater over her black tank top, knowing Maxwell told her to dress comfy for the flight.copyright protection65PENANA8jP7t7BZPG

As she looked to him again starting to stand and walk over to the closet she looked back at him “Do I look ready Maxwell?” and when she looked at him she didn’t realize that she looked more scared than anything. “I know that it’s a lot to take in but you will be fine. I promise…you will have my brother..” and as he looked to her and seen the look on Jade’s face in  a questioning look he said again “Yes you have my brother and I there and you will be in good hands. Don’t worry if you forget something we can get you the rest when we land in Cordonia. But I do have to say that we only have about a half hour to get back to the plane.” He said again looking down to his watch as Jade walked over and slunk to her bed placing her head in her hands leaning over her knees “Maxwell physically I am as ready as I guess I will always be but mentally, this is crazy. Why me, what did I do? I met him for a brief moment in time and I just said good bye to him…what is it going to be like if he doesn’t want me there….this is…Maxwell I cant do this. I am no one special and I am damn well not good enough for a prince….why bother?” she said as her leg began to twitch in a nervous twitch that she gets when she is scared starting to shake her head.copyright protection65PENANAC2oyiqC5Oc

Soon she felt Maxwell taking her hands and starting to kneel in front of her “Look Jade I am sorry that I came off a little strong when I first got to you here…but I didn’t know how to respond to this either. The way that I saw Liam look at you and the hurt in his eyes when he left you I have never seen him look so hurt and looking out the window as we drove away was a look of not wanting to leave. I saw something when he looked at you the way that he did…I saw happiness in his eyes, a genuine happiness that I haven’t seen on him in a very long time. I knew right then in there that as his friend I had to do something. You wont just be going back to help out the Beaumont home but you would be going to possibly find love, find your role as a queen, and you have a chance to change your life….that is unless you want to stay here, alone….in New York working under that awful boss of yours. If you don’t want to do this I will leave now and you will never from me again, but if you chose to do this….think of the positives that could come out of this” and as he stood up he reached for her bag and looked to her a look in her eyes of trying to process but then a smile crested upon her lips as she stood up and looked to him “I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring…but Maxwell….I do believe we have a plane to catch.” She smiled as he took her hand and started out the door as she left a small note for Autumn as they then headed to the airport knowing that she would be saying goodbye to New York…for now.copyright protection65PENANAAMbkTUrOd3

While on the plane Jade found herself looking out the window and just wondering what in the world this was going to do what her life was going to be like once there, what this process was going to be like. Knowing that when they boarded Maxwell had explained a little bit about what was going to happen with the Social Season and explained that right as the plane landed they would have to head to the palace, then the boutique and get ready for the masquerade ball that was to be happening that night. Though as time seemed to be standing still as she sat in the private plane looking out over the clouds she thought about everything that has happened up to this point and everything that she thought that she knew, her life was just flipped upside down. Liam was a prince and was someone that she had feelings for but also knew in her heart that she still thought about Drake, but that night when he bluntly told her that he would not get in the way she figured that she should not dwell on that and worry about what was about to happen. As she thought about everything she didn’t realize that she had dozed off until Maxwell awoke her to get off the plane as they then immediately hopped into a limo and headed to the palace.copyright protection65PENANA1mmRuPZ5PO

Sitting in the back of the black long stretch she looked to Maxwell “So if this happens to all pan out I will become Queen, what does that mean for House Beaumont?” and as a smile spread across his face he answered “Don’t you worry about that leave that side of the journey to my brother…I get the fun side, he gets the economic and political side, which is honestly for the best.” He smiled as he started to reach over popping a bottle of water open knowing that the party was just getting ready to start. Though soon enough Maxwell looked out the window and then exclaimed “We are here!” as he began to slide towards the door and then starting to get out and then holding the door and his hand out for Jade who took it slowly taking in deep breaths. “Wow…this….I will be staying here…at the Palace?” a look of horror began to wash over her face as Maxwell nodded his head “Come on I will show you to your room!” he said as a maid began to get out her luggage but giving a smile to signal that Jade could head in.copyright protection65PENANAMsRa1aADfo

As Maxwell lead Jade through about 3 different halls and then up the grand staircase he finally starting to turn her down a long corridor though as Jade was laughing at the excitement of Maxwell she didn’t have time to respond when she collided right into “Drake!” she gasped, as his strong hands were on her hips to steady her from falling down to the floor. A look on her face as though she had seen a ghost was matching his surprised look as well “Morgan….what are you doing here?” and as he looked to her their eyes met as she immediately felt weak again, something that he did to her whenever he was around. “Wha…what am I doing here…what …what are you doing here?” she said starting to stand up though finding it very hard with the way that it seemed that where his hands were holding her, her skin felt as though it was on fire. “Well seeing as how its my best friend that is having to go through this ridiculous social season I promised him that I would be there for him….but that still doesn’t answer my question what are you doing here?” and as his hands never left her sides her eyes burned to him as she began to open her mouth but was cut off.copyright protection65PENANAPQb0a5VCT9

“Jess here is going to be representing House Beaumont, come on Drake you saw and heard how much Liam took a liking to her….this is a good thing!” as he started to get the door to her room open for her. Jade’s eyes locked on Drake seeing the color sort of draining from his face but as he shook his head and removed his hands Jade felt the emptiness hitting her like a brick wall and as Maxwell slid into her room Drake looked to her his eyes burning into her “You think that this is going to be easy….this is not your average blind date, did he explain anything to you?” a stern sound to his voice masked over by the deepness and the husky sound of worry and aggravation. “Yes he told me a little bit of what was going to be happening…but why…” she was cut off by Drake reaching out and stroking her cheek as she felt her head inadvertently tilted to his touch. “Morgan….this is going to be something that you are not going to just be able to flow with….this place is so different than New York, you are going to be with nobles that have been getting ready for this moment for years, some who have grown up in this hell of a life.” Though as Jade can feel the concern that he is stating she cut him off “Are you saying that I don’t have a chance, cause the last time I looked you walked away from me and now that I am here…you are trying to scare me away from this.” As she pulled her head away from his hand “I am not scared and you of everyone should know that I am nothing like these other girls” and as her green eyes met his he released a breath that he had been holding “That is the part that is scaring me the most…you are not like them….and they are going to rip you apart….I don’t ….I don’t want to see you hurt.” He stated as he looked right to her as she looked down and said “You should have thought about that before you walked away from me the second time….I will be fine Drake….but I have to go.” She looked at him and though her lip was quivering knowing that she missed him deeply, missed his smile that she saw, the gentleness that she knew he hid and the embrace that made her feel so good…she knew that she had to take this chance and as she stepped back to her room she looked at him one more time and stated “I am happy that you are here…don’t think that I am not but this is something that I have to do” as she stepped into her room shutting it as she heard him cuss to himself as he then walked away angry at himself.copyright protection65PENANAFVv2NZSM5H

As she finally heard that he was not out there she began to walk more into the room where she was met with an array of delicate fabrics and the beautiful room began to calm her down a little bit from seeing him again. How was she going to get through this knowing that he was here? How was she going to get over the feeling that was clinging to her now of his hands on her again? As she took a deep breath she started to look around the room seeing the gorgeous details of the lights and the way that it was like a princess’s room. As she sat down on the bed she literally sunk into the bed finding the mattress to be even more comfortable than hers at home and as she stretched out on the bed she heard that familiar laugh as she looked over and saw Maxwell walking towards the bed as he said “I wouldn’t get too comfortable you have an appointment at the boutique. I kind of gathered that you wouldn’t have a masquerade dress/costume in there” as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Jade looked at him as if to wonder if he was serious when he said costume as she then asked “You mean we really have to dress up in a costume? Then in that case no I don’t have anything with me that would even pass for tonight.” And as she sat up Maxwell smiled and stated “Then it’s a good thing I got you a spot at the boutique.” He smiled as when he looked to her seeing the nerves hitting her like they did back in New York. “Jade you are going to be just fine tonight is just the start everyone is going to be nervous and everyone is going to be wondering how to be around the Prince…Liam just treat tonight like you are going to some city party and you have to dress up, but just on a higher price party and the one you are trying to impress is a prince.” Maxwell starting to reach out taking her hand “You are going to do great. I saw the way that Liam looked at you remember…you are going to surprise him and he is going to be thrilled.” He stated with a smile and soon Jade looked up to Maxwell and asked “But what if he isn’t…what if he doesn’t want me here..” she looked back down to her lap as Maxwell looked to her and stated “I don’t know how he is going to respond, but all I know is that you deserve a chance to make your life a fairytale, we will just have to be patient.” He said smiling to her leaning in and kissing her head gently.copyright protection65PENANABR9s2aDCOT

About an hour or so later as Jade walked through the halls with Maxwell who was showing her to the boutique he also pointed out where the ball was going to be held, talking about the etiquette and how she should talk with the King and the Prince, explaining that a normal curtsey would be just fine for the King and addressing him as such. Though as he left her to head into the boutique Jade felt a sudden fear as she heard Maxwell yell for Drake to wait up knowing that he was just right down the hall she dipped quickly into the room and shutting the door when she heard a soft “Oh I am sorry I didn’t think anyone had an appointment” as Jade jumped at the voice turning around and finding a smiling girl in just her under ware “Oh I am sorry I ..I didn’t know someone was in here…I can come back” and as the girl shook her head and stated “No no that is alright I didn’t have an appointment I just knew that I had to get here before the other girls so I had a shot at something to wear” as she then extended her hand “Im Hannah and you are?” as she took a step towards Jade, Jade reached to her hand and shook it “Im Jade it’s nice to meet you” as Hannah smiled she explained that she was just looking over one of the dresses and then asked if Jade would help in which of course Jade did helping Hannah into a gorgeous pink dress. As they talked a little bit more Hannah ended up helping Jade pick out an angel and a devil costume and Jade tried on the angel one first Hannah admitted to liking the white silver specked dress with the peek a boo shoulders, with the diamonds lacing down the dress with a matching halo and white diamond encrusted mask. “This is the one…you have to wear it!” Hannah exclaimed as Jade took a look in the mirror turning a few times as she stated “Yes…this this is the one” as they both started to laugh and talk a little bit more about where they both came from and how things were going to go, though just as soon as they started to really get into a decent talk Maxwell knocked on the door and walked Jade back to her room to wait for the beginning of the Masquerade. “I will see you later Jade” Hannah exclaimed as she also headed to her room.copyright protection65PENANA1DJdEUizxc

After just about an hour it was time and as Maxwell lead her to the stairs that she would ascend to be announced on her own she was beginning to be scared a little bit more than she thought that she would and as Maxwell noticed that her hand was shaking he explained that the announcer would introduce her in any way that she wanted with either a name and where she was from or as Lady Jess Morgan and as he took her hands to try and calm her he had her look right at him as he explained again that she was going to be okay and that she would see him soon. She looked to him thanking him with her eyes as she headed up the stairs and once at the top she indicated to the announcer how she wanted to be introduced “May I present Lady Jess Morgan” and she began to walk down the stairs soon at the bottom she looked around through the mask that she sported finding that there was no one around that she knew until there he was sitting at the bar looking angry and not wanting to be there. She decided that since she had a little bit of time to spare and didn’t see Hannah that she would go make a little bit of talk with him….just to make sure that things flowed smooth.copyright protection65PENANAJc7efUe7Hj

As she approached Drake as he slammed down a whiskey shot she could already smell his cologne hovering in the air around him as she walked towards him and he turned hearing someone behind him “Well good evening my lady” as he started to give a little smile to her. She started to look at him as she stated “What is this costume too much to where you don’t recognize me?” and with that she saw his eyes look right to hers as she started to give him a smile and his eyes grew wide “Jade! I mean Morgan…is that you?” as he looked her over from head to toe his eyebrows raising seeing the way that she looked in the dress. “Yeah its me what do you think?” as she did a little turn for him “You …you look great…Liam is going to love it” as he started to then turn back to his drink Jade could tell that something was bothering him…although she already somewhat knew “Drake you and I both know that I am here for Liam, we both chose something else, what happened….it …its “ and as she went to continue he started “Morgan I get it….I know what we shared is gone…you don’t have to worry about me messing up your happily ever after, I can hold what I want to say inside, I am pretty used to it” as he started to take another drink. “ Drake…”she said as she turned his arm to make him turn to face her as he stood up towering over her and looking right down to her his eyes showing a deep pain in them as he shook his head “Morgan, you were right I walked away and didn’t come back and I know that I hurt you when I did, but this…this life changes people and I …I don’t want to see you change.” He started as he leaned in to whisper “Some of us have been trying to get away from this life for a long time, and there is always something or someone that brings us back to it.” And as he leaned in a little bit more to where she could feel the stubble of his chin on her cheek and his warm breath with the hint of whiskey lingering as he spoke “I wish I could change your mind and get you out of here, before it has the chance to take you too….but I know your mind is made up and I will still be here….I wont leave not until I know that its you marrying Liam or you telling me to get you out of here” and as he started to pull away before he stood straight up he pressed his lips to her cheek as she felt the fire burning through her body again and feeling the tingle that was racing though her by where he kissed her. Right as he stood straight she looked at him and she couldn’t help it as the only words she spoke was “Dance with me, just once” as she started to look right into his eyes and just as he smiled and began to take her into his arms to start to dance the announcer spoke “Please let me introduce Cordonia’s King Constantine and Prince Liam” and as Jade looked up she could see Liam and his dad walking down the stairs as Drake let out a sigh and stated “Guess I will have to take a raincheck Morgan…your Prince awaits” as he then took her hand bringing it to his lips and kissing it as he then again walked away.copyright protection65PENANAOibYLd9oQX

Watching Drake walk away and being stopped by another man for a moment that was close to Liam Jade felt her heart drop and feeling her heart starting to race as she felt her body shivering knowing that this is what hits her the most but soon she felt a tap on her shoulder as she turned seeing Maxwell “Ready?” he asked as she looked at him questioning him as he said “Your up next to see the King….and Liam.” As her heart started to beat faster and faster she soon felt her body still shaking from Drakes words but now feeling dizzy as she stood there frozen in place not sure if she can take another step though as she looks straight ahead she sees Liam standing there in his Prince attire smiling with the other ladies in front of her as she starts to turn around she feels the fear and the instant feeling that she is going to be sick but just as she goes to walk away she hears “Good Evening miss” knowing that it’s the King’s voice and as she straightens up again she took a deep breath knowing that this is it. As she turned around she sees a smile on the Kings face as she approaches she nods her head curtseying for the King “Well well a delightful and mysterious woman I may say, has the right manners for her King” King Constantine stated as he nodded to her as she smiled to him “Thank you so much for hosting such an incredible masquerade, it has been an amazing night so far.” She was shaking in her heels, here she was not even 48 hours into this social season and was talking to the King not knowing at all what to say or talk about but knowing that she had to be careful. “Well thank you dear I do hope that you enjoy the rest of the nights festivities.” He spoke nodding his head and signaling her to step forward towards “Liam” she whispered to herself and just as he finished up with the lady in front of her she watched him look to her right into her eyes, her heart beating faster and faster seeing him again right there, but this time as a Prince and not just Liam on vacation. As she took a shaky step forward she stopped right in front of Liam looking right to him she smiled to him “I don’t believe I have seen you around here before, may I ask my ladies name” and as Jade couldn’t find the words right away she soon took a deep breath “Oh you already know me, we met once in a far away place where all a prince wanted to do was have a night out with his buddies” as she smiled to him her eyes shone right to his as it was then visible that he knew “Jade? Is that you?” his eyes gleamed with a smile shining as she smiled back to him….To be continued!copyright protection65PENANAhRB15fWoPt

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