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The Journey to End All Journeys
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Writer berserker823
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The Journey to End All Journeys
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Chapter 2: And We Wanted to Set the World on Fire
Jun 13, 2018
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LjTARp40u4te9crXlBhPposted on PENANA

After the affordable dinner was eaten and paid for, Curtis and Elizabeth drove both their son and Autumn back to their neighborhood. Night had fallen by the time the vehicle was parked in the driveway. Jackson clicked his cane against the concrete and smirked as the aura outlines of the neighborhood around him formed.copyright protection19PENANA0H5llXPrmt

“Thank you for dinner,” Autumn told Curtis and Elizabeth.copyright protection19PENANAL7NEIF4MFz

“You’re very welcome, Autumn,” Elizabeth responded, leading her husband into the house.copyright protection19PENANAR8O0kgXGRf

            Jackson found himself at his family’s porch swing and sat upon it. Riolu leapt onto the railing that bordered the porch and stared up at the nighttime sky. Autumn crossed her arms against her chest and glared at the neighboring home just as the curtains swayed shut.copyright protection19PENANAvRXAdiy2JU

“Well my mother knows I’m back,” she grumbled under her breath.copyright protection19PENANAwv2kaKZfxE

“Sit. Let’s just swing life away,” Jackson told her.copyright protection19PENANAOoMCp7TnNK

            He tapped his cane at the empty spot beside him and Autumn rolled her green eyes.copyright protection19PENANACjCzTPSrSC

“Rolling your eyes again?” he questioned with a smirk.copyright protection19PENANAmp8oJi8IxF

“You have to tell me how you know I’m doing that, dude!” Autumn exclaimed, sitting down beside Jackson.copyright protection19PENANAnm4aZthSQ5

“I… I simply just know when I say something you would consider annoying. Quoting songs is one of those things,” Jackson lied.copyright protection19PENANACtof3i4WKX

“Uh huh,” Autumn grumbled skeptically.copyright protection19PENANAy6mGu5ZDOx

            They swung idly and Autumn continued to glance over at her home. Jackson tapped his cane against the ground and received a clearer aura outline of the porch.copyright protection19PENANAjbTnmSRDKH

“Try not to commit murder when I leave,” he suggested.copyright protection19PENANAJnb8CerHbb

“No promises, dude. You know how my mother is and without you… I got nothing holding me back,” she responded.copyright protection19PENANAEJi1qN7prV

“You can always come with me when I leave,” Jackson pointed out.copyright protection19PENANAXK7Q8uJZ7u

            Autumn sighed and turned her body toward Jackson.copyright protection19PENANAHRRS0u7rci

“My mother would never let me do that,” she told him with a sad expression in her eyes.copyright protection19PENANACQ2VRsJZSa

“Let? Since when do you allow your mother to decide whether or not you do anything?” Jackson questioned.copyright protection19PENANAVQU2G3wq2E

“This isn’t some disrespectful comment or going to dinner with the neighbors though, dude. This is leaving home for several months… with a guy… and… stuff,” Autumn responded.copyright protection19PENANAUJwMCwhJXt

“Not like I’m gonna get you pregnant,” Jackson commented, “I can’t even see what you look like. For all I know, you’re ugly as sin.”copyright protection19PENANA2Aj5wbyfar

            Autumn punched him on the shoulder and Riolu turned toward her threateningly.copyright protection19PENANAp5hk8YnFop

“Oh you know he deserved that one!” she shouted at the Fighting-type.copyright protection19PENANAki9R4Lnlvl

            Riolu shrugged in agreement while Jackson rubbed his shoulder. He never felt comfortable disclosing that he could see in a way. He had a vague idea what Autumn looked like and she was attractive in his opinion. Jackson simply felt things would be weird if he told her about the ability he had obtained through his training with Riolu.copyright protection19PENANAOyW8DskbHv

“Okay. That comment was uncalled for. I’m sorry,” Jackson apologized, “I think you should come with me. You’re an adult; you can file for your Trainer Card in the morning when I go in to do the same. There is nothing your mother can do to stop you.”copyright protection19PENANAC7BUrJSPpg

“She can kick me out of the house,” Autumn pointed out.copyright protection19PENANAeKynBD9ZZF

“Well you won’t be living there for several months, so we have that much time to become rich and find our own places,” Jackson responded.copyright protection19PENANAlOdhXQKh2r

            Autumn smiled and leaned into Jackson’s sore shoulder.copyright protection19PENANAMFznz07rPx

“Thanks loser,” she told him, “I’ll go tell her that I’ll be leaving on my journey tomorrow.”copyright protection19PENANAH4hgsTTCTT

            She stood and Jackson figured she did not leave right away when he could not hear her platform boots pound against the porch. He stood and clicked his cane against the porch. Jackson received an aura outline of Autumn standing right in front of him. Before he could react, she leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. She left a dark red imprint of her lips behind before hurrying off to her home next door. That door closed shut and Jackson remained on his porch, holding his free hand against his kissed cheek. Jackson noticed Riolu’s outline staring at him.copyright protection19PENANAheIuvFlfXn

“Say anything and no Poké Puffs for you,” he threatened.copyright protection19PENANAHK2g7Chf37

            Incomprehensible shouting emitted from Autumn’s home and Jackson immediately recognized it as Cassandra’s noise. Then Autumn’s shouts followed her mother’s.copyright protection19PENANANLb41EYVgR

“Well… she told her mother,” Jackson muttered under his breath.copyright protection19PENANAOx5w1BcnR9

            He clicked his cane against the porch and approached the front door. Once inside his home, Jackson discarded the cane and allowed his memory to navigate his way around. Riolu kept watch and followed Jackson up the stairs into his bedroom. The shouting next door had already dissipated and Jackson collapsed his cane, setting it on a nightstand beside his bed.copyright protection19PENANAKzTNQ1q8ht

            A knock on his bedroom window put a smirk on his face and he shot a thumb up toward Riolu. The Fighting-type opened the window and Autumn climbed inside. There was a tree growing on the Key family side yard that Autumn used to traverse the gap between her and Jackson’s bedroom whenever she and her mother would have one of their fights. Cassandra despised the tree due to this and went to great lengths to attempt getting it cut down. None succeeded much to the delight of Autumn.copyright protection19PENANAf4er9f57bl

“Well that went over about as well as I had expected,” she grumbled.copyright protection19PENANAZZT5wVHJiy

“Why did you kiss me?” Jackson asked.copyright protection19PENANAT38MRYOh65

“Really dude? I just got into yet another screaming match with that she-beast I call a mother and that’s what you wanna talk about?” Autumn questioned.copyright protection19PENANAKmaZNjfSrq

“In my defense; you always get into screaming matches with your mother. You never kiss me,” Jackson countered.copyright protection19PENANAeqq8wX3dHl

“Don’t think too much into it, Jax. I was just excited about going on a journey with you and…,” Autumn responded.copyright protection19PENANAMAoUnfTbxZ

“And you kissed me?” Jackson asked.copyright protection19PENANAhimrh9Lx2d

“It didn’t mean anything,” Autumn told him.copyright protection19PENANAXhDopamsn3

“Is there lipstick on me?” Jackson asked, turning his kissed cheek toward Autumn.copyright protection19PENANAO9Dc30sWc0

“Shit. Yeah. My bad,” Autumn responded, approaching to help clean the lipstick off his face.copyright protection19PENANAWtiiVzsH6u

            Once Jackson’s face was cleared of the evidence of Autumn kissing him, the latter sat down on the end of his bed in a huff.copyright protection19PENANAU4LytaIPD5

“I swear to Arceus; she gets a kick out of being so damn difficult,” she grumbled.copyright protection19PENANATrewEiw7fI

            Jackson wandered about his bedroom; setting his shoes by his bed, putting his dirty socks in the laundry basket, and finally sitting himself down on the end of his bed next to Autumn.copyright protection19PENANA7bcpu7ZXP6

“How do you move around so easily?” she questioned, “I know I’ve asked this before; I just can’t imagine being blind.”copyright protection19PENANArJbdhEoZu1

“Well you could close your eyes and walk around,” Jackson suggested, “But it took a lot of practice and tripping to be honest.”copyright protection19PENANA5ntkU7CqfR

            He then stood up and maneuvered around his bedroom, counting his steps in his head, and accounting for every piece of furniture. He finally stopped in front of Autumn, gently brushing the side of his leg against her knee so he could accurately locate her, and then lightly extended his hand to touch her.copyright protection19PENANA9m3mMyuLvj

“And one Autumn,” he said, tapping his hand against her.copyright protection19PENANARX23ajIyjc

“Bro, you just touched my boob,” she pointed out, crossing her arms over her chest instinctively.copyright protection19PENANAApA4JublVq

            Jackson blushed and in his flurry to apologize, he backed into his dresser, knocking over a few picture frames.copyright protection19PENANAd5NgrzPVkk

“I’m sorry! I am blind,” he exclaimed.copyright protection19PENANAechhfrBX0U

“I know. I get it. Just don’t go “accidentally” groping me now that you know what they feel like,” Autumn warned.copyright protection19PENANAaBjKF2fRoa

            Jackson saluted her and then started to feel around the floor for the pictures he knocked over. He found one and ran his thumb against the glass, frowning when this touch located the web-like cracks along its surface.copyright protection19PENANAiBg5SHEHDZ

“Crap,” he muttered under his breath, setting the broken picture frame back on his dresser.copyright protection19PENANA1Rbi8rKJpL

            He found the second frame still on his dresser and sighed in relief when he found it unbroken.copyright protection19PENANAEznYk21zTp

“Had my first kiss and got to second base,” Jackson remarked.copyright protection19PENANAKb00hTHVAk

“Okay loser; none of those counted,” Autumn responded, rolling her eyes.copyright protection19PENANAVBc6UlyF5X

            Jackson returned to his bed, sitting on an adjacent side of it away from Autumn. She watched him out the corner of his eye and relaxed herself. She had always thought Jackson was a good-looking guy, but having him as a friend was far more important than having him as a romantic partner. Autumn felt like a huge cliché because of this.copyright protection19PENANArJwOHQQJqK

“I wish the world didn’t change so much. It would be easier to maneuver through it,” Jackson admitted.copyright protection19PENANA8aW9ad2S9C

“Sometimes change is what the world needs,” Autumn responded, lying back on Jackson’s bed, “I wish my mother would change so we could get along or I wish I could change so… y’know.”copyright protection19PENANAd4epb9KKOQ

            Jackson may not be able to see, but he knew there were tears building up in Autumn’s eyes. Despite how quietly she wiped them away; he heard.copyright protection19PENANAHfze3h5U0v

“Your boob felt uh… nice?” he fumbled over a compliment.copyright protection19PENANAE9FBiQPlIY

            Autumn stared at him incredulously and then laughed before turning her attention up to the ceiling. She knew what he was trying to do and despite the awkward attempt at it, he succeeded in making her feel a bit better.copyright protection19PENANAYV3dlfm6Za

“Arceus, why do I love this dumbass so much?” she questioned.copyright protection19PENANAWHqwVuN1oO

“I can uh… get you situated downstairs if you wanna stay over?” Jackson offered.copyright protection19PENANAw3XcFg2uCL

“Nah, I’ve troubled you enough. I’ll sleep in my own bed since it’s probably gonna be for the last time. Plus, I gotta get packed up for tomorrow,” Autumn responded.copyright protection19PENANAsAHwN2La9L

            She lifted her legs up and then swung them down, using the momentum to stand. She approached the bedroom window and sat on the sill.copyright protection19PENANAl5sLBogppF

“See ya tomorrow, loser,” she told Jackson.copyright protection19PENANAdVJb8osaS4

            He tapped his foot against the floor just in time to get an aura outline of Autumn saluting him before traversing the tree growing between their homes. Jackson heard her window slide shut and sighed.copyright protection19PENANAWlFDRtGDDP

“Well Riolu; at least it won’t just be you and I,” he told the Fighting-type Pokémon.copyright protection19PENANAoYUQKwf0VE

            Jackson quickly changed into his pajamas and lay across his bed. His hand unconsciously went over his cheek where Autumn had kissed him. He smiled to himself and closed his eyes to begin the process of falling asleep.copyright protection19PENANAF9AokIMMTE

            Across the gap, Autumn was also changed into her pajamas and lay across her bed. Her hand unconsciously went over her breast where Jackson had unintentionally groped her. Ironically it was near her heart. She smiled to herself before closing her eyes to begin the process of falling asleep.copyright protection19PENANARP0wtRZ9uC

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