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The Unusual Luna
Writer Ÿùûrï Sīskå
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The Unusual Luna
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Chapter I .
Ÿùûrï Sīskå
Jun 12, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!6Gx7OKfaGW4YiYGDswXiposted on PENANA

44Please respect copyright.PENANA3GzqYDIqEj
copyright protection40PENANAgmsvmVA60K

hello! I hope you like my story (English is my 3rd language) but I will do my best; In story what characters say or do are just for the benefit of the story so no hateu lol (It's a story, It doesn't mean I think that way ^^)44Please respect copyright.PENANADfdgC9iyFy
copyright protection40PENANAg7rNffxuqe

Notice: Please don't copy/steal my work I really worked hard on it, also I post only on Wattpad and here if you found it somewhere else plz msg me copyright protection40PENANArucJsSnUpk

PS: the photos up are for Grace I couldn't put them both up and I don't own the photos in my book (credits to their owners)copyright protection40PENANAdFHFb4BLbB

Ahhhh Now, let's start 1...2...3!  copyright protection40PENANAwrJXfYdNtD

************************copyright protection40PENANA1U7eDA60vw

[On the bus]copyright protection40PENANAlIb3on7Z9j

Have you ever experienced a loss? A loss of someone, someone who you like, who you treasure in your heart, someone who meant a lot to you, have you? If not, let me tell you the worst type/scenario is losing that person in deception without you knowing; while you were aslope and unheeding, while you were in another place far from him/her. It all happens in a blink of an eye and under our feet.copyright protection40PENANABGKkDZjRNM

The bus scudded awhile from now, looking from the window I see that I am far from home I didn't notice, I was so chained by my thoughts of How could things change this fast, having a flashback I still not believing what happened earlier I never thought it will happen at least not in this way, I feel completely lost and left; slamming a hand on the backseat before me unconsciously, gaining some stairs on me that I replied to with glairs then I turned back to the road on my window I hope I know what I am doing...copyright protection40PENANAuOGC2jd9kI

[Hours ago]copyright protection40PENANAFGrRJPeRPn

It's 11:53 in the morning ahhh! What a lovely day! Except for some awkward moments but still lovely I have just finished my tennis match and now I'm almost home I won but I am not really satisfied because Joe had promised me to come but he didn't, I am mad at him.copyright protection40PENANAaq3VLHV4zI

I opened my house door and yelled "I'm back" but before I could shout my mouth my mom came running to me followed by dad and grandma Annastasia (my dad's) and 2 of our housemaids she grabs a hold of me looking to the eyes and said some words made my world span aroundcopyright protection40PENANAQ4xwGzQTJb

"WHAT!!! Can you say it again?!"copyright protection40PENANACoR3fBTutJ

"Grace Honey your grandpa Joe had left us this morning... he's ...he's dead"copyright protection40PENANASEaWzVDv0d

What! No it can't be he was okay, he wasn't even sick or something... he was well healthy.copyright protection40PENANAdRhKnXkeR3

"Mom stop joking is not funny you start scaring me...really"copyright protection40PENANAqusiyITrcn

"Grace my dear..." dad cut his words to stand next to my mom and hold hercopyright protection40PENANAa51k1BgF6g

No! Please, no...this is not happening... it can't be, why him?! Not my Joe ...Joe is my everything my best friend my buddy my mentor, the person I tell everything and spend my time with the most my one and only grandpa... we are inseparable.copyright protection40PENANASk795v7pKZ

"No! it can't be... I TALKED to him this morning he was FINE he said he was coming to my match and we gonna spend some time after it TOGETHER!" I said breathlesslycopyright protection40PENANAtatVs1DmtQ

My mom starts crying he was her father... WAS No HE IS and...why aren't they answering?!copyright protection40PENANAJDVLYXmfCt

"Graceee" and that was the last thing I heard before things went blank...I fainted.copyright protection40PENANAvuODDT9LjT

[Little hours later]copyright protection40PENANAKM3dIwfmSI

I opened my eyes slowly when the sun rays hit me in the face, it is the sunset already I am in my room as I can seecopyright protection40PENANAdCm8ok6LzI

I put my right arm on my forehead covering my face while the other is laying next to me, I can't move my legs or maybe I don't want them to, I am just... not surecopyright protection40PENANAe5c2IQWRBf

I start thinking about what happened earlier, was it true? Is this really happening? Maybe it's just a prank or a trick of his and he's just hiding somewhere watching me he likes to test me, he does it all the times.copyright protection40PENANALm2PzLlO7e

I'm not ready to face this I never imagined this day will come he kept telling me about it but I always refuse to listen and denies his words.copyright protection40PENANAxlRTufdA0N

I laid on my bed for a while lost in thoughts that took me far-far-away until then I decided I can't stay here I have to face this Joe wouldn't want me like thiscopyright protection40PENANAifTviBletX

<Come-on move, you can do this you are strong Joe is watching you don't show weakness keep it together> after repeating that for many times I stood on my feet ignoring my heart whining,  hardening my face I headed to my bathroom I took a shower.44Please respect copyright.PENANAILIf0gOWH6
Changing my clothes to my simple TETBURY PLAYSUIT with a matching flip flop letting my hair down, I don't care I am home and not in the mood plus it was the first thing my eyes land on.  44Please respect copyright.PENANAyLM8bLLUcq
copyright protection40PENANAufjw4TipIq

I take a sigh and open my bedroom door to notice two tall man wearing suits standing outcopyright protection40PENANAEfLv8fLmPL

Not bother to look at them I headed down waving my hand for them to not follow.copyright protection40PENANA9712CjEYy8

Almost there still on the stairs I take a look to see the house crowded there is a lot of people and few more are about to come in from our wide open front-doorcopyright protection40PENANAW2nfzs9RSR

I start to walk around them looking for my parents who there is no sight for them I can see Martha running here and there and some maids too until a voice called my namecopyright protection40PENANAhw621eiMA7

"Miss Grace"copyright protection40PENANAyKfANSUrRs

"Philip" I can see his falling face and now shallow eyes red he's tired, sad, and lost somehow, I never saw him like this he got affected too, of course! He should be they knew each other for so long, Philip served my grandpa since they were young but they were more than that they were best friends who got each other's back no matter what best mates, I had always envy them for their friendshipcopyright protection40PENANAANvY24qbWi

"Are you feeling better now? When I first arrived they told me"copyright protection40PENANA3eO9hQozDZ

"I don't know what to say" I can feel my eyes start to water "I mean look at all these people ah!... I don't know" I added raising my both hands, I kept asking myself is this real, is this really happening... without even a warning.copyright protection40PENANAHcKWMxPGZG

"Yes, I understand...please follow me I believe you are looking for Lady Jane and Mr. Thomas?" I nodded and started following himcopyright protection40PENANA8ztDywIYIF

We stopped by my dad's office door which is on the other side of the house where you can see the garden that made me wonder why we are herecopyright protection40PENANAhLT6UaWjKA

"Why?" is all that I saidcopyright protection40PENANAirM2oyAdez

"Please" he opened the door for mecopyright protection40PENANAUn9n1HTJGB

The moment he opened that door and I stepped-in all the heads snapped at me.copyright protection40PENANAoXnh3hs0Bc

**//**//**//**//**//**copyright protection40PENANAATDnW1Vwfa

By: @siska_yuri or just call me Ash hhhhh copyright protection40PENANA59xexyWriC

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