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Another vampire story
Writer Jayanti sahu
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Another vampire story
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Jayanti sahu
Jun 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!CXlZV7WmKUh33rQr4GwBposted on PENANA Deborah scurried along the crowded school corridors searching for Mrs. Hansen. Her sharp eyes flickers and scanned all around the place and finally among the sea of heads, far at the corner she could she a red haired bun making her way to the library. She yelled for her attention, " MRS. HANSEN!!". But her sound seemed to disappear between the noise made by the whole lot of students. She shoved and fought her way through the students and stumbled into the library. " Oh! Mrs. Hansen! you call me for some reason?", she blurted out with a nervous laugh. The red haired middle aged lady smiled " Of course dear." She started moving along the rows of books inspecting the shelves for something specific while Deborah followed her looking anxious. " There is this absolute stupid who is a total failure in English literature. He fails this semester if gets another big fat 'F' on his paper. So I was wondering if you could tutor him. You'll even get monetary amount as fees for tutoring him.", Mrs. Hansen informed. " Oh...", she trailed off lost deep in some thoughts of her. " May I know who the guy is?", she asked with curiosity. "'s Vlad you agree to tutor him or should I find someone else?", Mrs. Hansen asked. " You mean the silent guy who sits at the back in the dark corner of the classroom in all of his classes?!", Deborah asked not believing her ears. Mrs. Hansen laughed and said " Yes. That would be him I guess." Deborah thought for a while. She was being offered money. Who would say no to such a thing. Not that she was a desperate bitch in need of money, but her circumstances proved to be something else. She had been searching for a few jobs recently and this one came along. Without giving any second thought she agreed to tutor him and walked off from the library with a hint of satisfaction and hope from her face. Now all she had to do was to talk to him and sort out the timings suitable for both of them and everything would be just fine. But little did she know what she stepped Into when she agreed to tutor him a few moments ago....

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