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    Greetings my friends and fellow creators, my name's Sky and this is my profile. I'm a young up and coming writer and I'm learning new things every day some significant others not so much, so what better way to channel that than writing? There's no equal. So look out world, I'm up and coming and there's nothing to do to stop me so you may as well enjoy me. Furthermore, I STRONGLY recommend that you read and enjoy my content. And if you like it please remember to hit the like button and leave your comments, criticisms, and praise in the comments and don't be afraid to privately send me messages if you have any ideas or anything else you'd like to discuss with me privately. And please do follow me if you enjoy my work, I'm constantly creating and posting on this site. You should also go follow me on Instagram to see the man behind the fiction. Instagram: SoFly_SkyGuy Thank you!
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Axis America

 "Grandpa Kirk died yesterday, at the blessed age of Seventy eight." Said Ansel as he spoke into the microphone mounted to the dark wood podium scratched and banged up from years of neglect, rain dripped through the church's ceiling the air was dank, dirty, and moist. Morning light beamed through  the huge stained glass window behind him, some of it shattered and discolored. "We were able to give Kirk a joyous extra eight years, before he died a peaceful and natural passing, in a way we saved him from the ruthless fate he would've faced at the hands of the Nazi Regime, that he would've faced eight years before his death.

Ansel wiped tears from his eyes, as he stepped down from the literal soap box, and walked towards the brown coffin, walking past puddles on the darkened red carpet. He held a bouquet of roses and rested it on top of the coffin, he then pushed down on the coffin, it sank down into the floor and fell into a chamber of countless other coffins, the ones Ansel saved.