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The Forgotten
Writer TylerDoak
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The Forgotten
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Chapter Three: Tinhorn
Jul 12, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!3SYsoivrlc2wuGeGm5vvposted on PENANA

“We can't send Allie to see who lives there,” Oswald said. “Some men get real funny ideas when they see a girl all alone.”copyright protection25PENANASsPaVLIudw29Please respect copyright.PENANAEO16raO093

Br’er shook his head in agreement. Allie wrinkled her eyes at them. “I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Besides I'm a little girl. Most men don't get those funny ideas about little girls.”copyright protection25PENANAhhogJNzeeU29Please respect copyright.PENANAYd61hvb22m

Oswald shook his head. “But some men do.”copyright protection25PENANAqgrVWGCjM829Please respect copyright.PENANAqg8OdrdSS1

“I can take care of myself, Oswald,” she replied.copyright protection25PENANAOEADPvpx0D29Please respect copyright.PENANA1wP3Dhesin

“I know you can, Allie,” the black and white rabbit said. “But don't you remember Tinhorn?”copyright protection25PENANA3iUsyDf7Rt29Please respect copyright.PENANAvhABiS7uVa

Allie started to reply,  but stopped and looked at the ground with a sour look on her face. She remembered Tinhorn. She remembered that little shit speck of a town all too well.copyright protection25PENANA2iJudGaPZX29Please respect copyright.PENANARmqZaEqnwj

“I remember Tinhorn,” Oswald continued, “Br’er does, too. I had to put a bullet in that fella who drug you up to his room. You thought you could take care of yourself then, too. But some folk are dangerous Allie. And their ideas only get more dangerous when they see a woman. No matter what size she is.”copyright protection25PENANAXOCxsr3RY429Please respect copyright.PENANApxPfBtwPVO

Shame swept over Allie. She remembered how the burly man in Tinhorn carried her over his shoulder and threw her on the bed. She remembered he smelled like cheap moonshine, sweat and tobacco. She remembered the fear that crept over her as he held her down and ripped her pants off. She remembered how she cowered at the headboard of his bed as he skinned his own pants off and exposed his pecker to her. She remembered the deafening bang and the warm blood that splattered all over her face as the man’s face exploded. She remembered seeing Oswald’s pistol smoking as he yelled at her to hurry up and get dressed so they could escape.copyright protection25PENANAu2mpuV2K3T29Please respect copyright.PENANAdr5O2oGaTB

Yes, she remembered Tinhorn. She remembered it quite well. “Fine,” she said in defeat. “Then who’s going?”copyright protection25PENANAd5bXzpDKeD29Please respect copyright.PENANAkKXLK8pbwV

“I reckon I'll go,” Br’er said quietly. “It don't smell like rabbit a’roasting, so I figure I'll be safe.” copyright protection25PENANAHcrjJULNMK29Please respect copyright.PENANAuVtka4OHUJ

Both Oswald and Allie nodded in agreement. copyright protection25PENANARhNeGhaI1e29Please respect copyright.PENANAw7bCVe1CoU

“If’n you hear my shotgun blast come a’running,” the brown rabbit said as he stood up, grabbed his shotgun and straightened his straw hat. He started walking towards the hut that smelled so delicious.copyright protection25PENANACfjOcTdPEr29Please respect copyright.PENANAeJFbuqkTBQ

As he got closer to the weathered hut the smell of the smoked stronger and Br’er’s belly began to rumble just as Allie’s had. “Howdy,” the rabbit hollered. “Is anyone in there?”copyright protection25PENANAsmDUGnPrbB29Please respect copyright.PENANAP6MirXnfEh

Almost immediately the door burst open. A black cat stood in the doorway with a shotgun of his own in his hands. Br’er stopped and raised his hand in greeting.copyright protection25PENANAc3SZiygshi29Please respect copyright.PENANAZapaNlpOXN

“How do,” the rabbit asked. The cat nodded. “My name’s Br’er. Br’er Rabbit.”copyright protection25PENANAGTx0HKUVzz29Please respect copyright.PENANAJbwon1PIUr

The cat remained silent. His eyes never left Br’er’s. He left his shotgun leveled at Br’er, but made no aggressive movements. copyright protection25PENANAn2V1XCoM3A29Please respect copyright.PENANAyJxl2ZipfX

“I was a’wandering east when I come across that smell,” Br’er said with a smile. “That is the best thing my old nose has come across in a coon’s age. That grouse?”copyright protection25PENANAogDgfVPwo629Please respect copyright.PENANAHe87pVsOJq

The silent cat lowered his shotgun. “Turkey,” he said.  “They are wild and plentiful around here.”copyright protection25PENANAO5Zm6H61CG29Please respect copyright.PENANACtC9SZaHH5

“Wild, plentiful and great smelling,” Br’er said. copyright protection25PENANAAZJw0H8puc29Please respect copyright.PENANA8gPGBRFUhU

The black cat pointed his gun at the ground and Br’er did the same. He slowly strode towards Br’er with his hand extended. “My name’s Julius,” he said. “Pleased to meet you Br'er.”copyright protection25PENANAZSsD9IzYeX29Please respect copyright.PENANARZ9Z6zUyoE

The two shook hands. Br’er could instantly tell that Julius wasn't mean or dangerous. “Speaking of wild turkey,” the rabbit said, “I got two friends not far behind me and one of them bagged a turkey not but an hour ago if you would like to split it with us.”copyright protection25PENANA4233p9Lwbo29Please respect copyright.PENANAZ08Ba0BlHj

Julius nodded his head. “It's been a spell since I had company,” he said as he turned around and started his way back to his hut. “Flag them on over and you can share my supper with me.”copyright protection25PENANAdLnXioErO9

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