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Too this, Too that
Aug 1, 2018
2 Mins Read
537 Words
No Plagiarism!m6aCVTH9ftj22SD131xDposted on PENANA

Are my eyes too big or is my face too small for my eyes? I never know when people comment on the size of my eyes. They are pretty, at least that's what I'm told. They're too dark to be brown like milk chocolate but too light to be compared to black, dark chocolate. Yes, I know that makes them dark brown. Like my skin. Well is my skin dark brown? Against wood, which is notoriously brown, I am too dark to be mohagany yet too light to be ebony. I suppose that gives an idea to my skin color. I am too tall to be considered short but too short to be considered tall. Depends on the angle you look at me from. I'm too thin to be fat yet too thick to be skinny. So I guess that makes me average. Yet I am too strange to be average but not strange enough to be abnormal.copyright protection22PENANAGwHmqXQfVq

I am too smart to be considered stupid yet too bad at tests and math to be deemed smart. I'm too basic with my skills to be considered talented but too creative to be considered talentless. My mind is too active to stop generating ideas but too lazy to actually act on them. My physical appearance is too distinct to be standard but too ordinary to stand out. I guess that makes me average. Except I'm too unique to be average but too basic to be unique. copyright protection22PENANAeiwpUsjCBy

I'm too quirky to be an easy person but too conventional to be complex. I'm too much of a night owl to go out during the day but too afraid of when it's dark out to actually go at night. I'm too loud and excitable to be considered an introvert but too shy and nervous to be considered an extrovert. The word for that is ambivert, if you didn't know before then you know now. You're welcome. I'm sorry if that came off as a snide comment. I'm too modest to be a show off but I'm too wrong all time to not brag a little when I know something. I'm too soft to be mean but too sarcastic to be nice. I guess that makes me average. Except i'm too spontaneous to be average yet too much of a planer to be spontaneous26Please respect copyright.PENANAA8m7yhzRTb
copyright protection22PENANA5UA7Ne9QgG

I'm too bad at STEM to consider that a hobby and too invested in the arts to not pursue them.  I'm too inconsistent to become a writer yet too in love with writing to not try. I'm too filled with ideas to not write them down but too full of confidence to actually write them. . I'm too nervous too put myself out there but too eager to get feedback on my work to not. I have too many praises on my works to be considered a bad writer but too many critics on them to make me a good writer. I guess that makes me average. Yet I'm too profound to just write a standard self description yet too simple to be able to describe myself profoundly.copyright protection22PENANAuWdbjD99T4

Comments ( 2 )

Ria N. Chetty - Wow, this is strangely relatable. Thanks @CalicoCarter for your delightful submission!
2 weeks agoreply

CalicoCarter - Glad you enjoyed it. I always enjoy your contests. 
2 weeks agoreply