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Weekly Poetry!
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Weekly Poetry!
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Goodbye my grandmother
Jul 13, 2018
1 Min Read
294 Words
No Plagiarism!GgIkfRlEQM7BCy9NvnHRposted on PENANA
27Please respect copyright.PENANAYB5uamkdc3
The angel of death came to you in our carelessness.
You went to the house of immortality without depositing us
We shed lots of tears
I hope you come back
Your spirit ascended to heaven.
All that remains is your lean body.
Which has been weakened?
Coldness touched all of your limbs.
I screamed even louder.
Enjoy Your Deep Sleep
Your ears are deaf.
And your mighty eyes are fixed.
I hugged you.
I cried until my tears dried.
My eyes bulged and my cheeks reddened.
If crying would bring you back to us.
I will weep until my tears become rivers and valleys.
The Funeral
Hold you in the coffin
They call you forgiveness
We prayed to you in a congregation
And put you in your grave
Everyone left and I stayed
I look at you how you became under the dust
Wonders of this world.
The lovers gather and divide them.
She Left Us
My grandmother left us the symbol of wisdom and originality.
She left us who gathered and told us the history of ancestors and stories of nobility and loyalty.
She has departed from us who were scattered and the vineyards everywhere.
Our lives without you have no taste.
Your spirit will remain immortal among us.
So the case is out of place.
Departure Date Is Approaching
Someday the king of death will call upon you.
So accept yourself and complete the virtues.
And cultivate goodness and harvest well.
It is very serious and it is harvested.
Know that the world is vain. 
One day you will stand before the king of kings.
The one who is cruel.
God is unparalleled and will ask you.
Have you prepared an answer to the question?
The departure date is approaching.
Calculate yourself before the day of reckoning.
Make people what you want to be treated.
27Please respect copyright.PENANAdSkVdzMzeC

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