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Short Story
School Assignments
Writer Ace King
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School Assignments
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Words by
Ace King
Aug 11, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!E5kXZaPpryoZbeDmpIqMposted on PENANA

As if made of cotton, her long blonde locks bounce as the slender body moves forward with each bounce in her small feet. Bouncing and swinging as if her hair had a life of its very own. It moves up and down, back and forth mesmerizing anyone who lays eyes on it. Her small face filled with bright ruby roses entices any man who gazes, her eyes as clear as the sky and filled with the largest of stars. Small, bouncy and cute everything anyone would want and more but most of all innocent a mind that rivals God’s angels. 7Please respect copyright.PENANA5RHpOGAD62
Her hair again, her hair is blonde, a bright yellow that reminds you of daffodils and matches her very name, Daffodil. I am the dark moon failing to reflect the sun's overwhelming beauty, a patch of mud in a beautiful field full of the brightest flowers. A man with indecent thoughts of a beautiful woman. We study the same topics and read the same books but I was drawn in by her undying smile that stretches from one rose to another. Even though she has the face of a grown child she is two years above me in age. I don’t have a chance not even in heaven not even if we were the last two people on earth I could not touch that innocent white petal. 7Please respect copyright.PENANAcu1nIFK7nb
Her smile is what drew me to her as it drew other men too. How dirty. Of course, she does not know of her power. The blonde hair is still trotting with the small frame. The cotton hair suddenly whips around not to face me but another man. Dirty. She smiles that enticing smile, to a man who could be double her age. A black demon, hair with a few silver streaks and wide evil grin like a hungry wolf that had his prey, he is tall and built well made for taking down girls as innocent as dear Daffodil. I pull my book closer to my face hiding in plain sight. They talk as if no one else is looking as if the world doesn’t matter he smiles the entire time. Dirty. She wraps herself around the older, taller man. Dirty. The beaming blue crystals look up to meet his muddy brown eyes and she pulls him closer, SHE PULLS HIM closer and softly places her sherbet lips on his hungry mouth. DIRTY. 7Please respect copyright.PENANATiL1FAusbG
I turn around and walked away looking a the book it’s called FAMOUS POEMS a collection of well-known poetry I look at a line in the poem I’m reading “Would draw from her alike the approving speech, Or blush, at least. She thanked men—good! but thanked Somehow—I know not how—as if she ranked” it resonated with me. Women are dirty, impure creatures no better than a hungry wolf or a tempted man, no better than me.7Please respect copyright.PENANA5gxMGmth0z
“Drew!” A voice of a sweet angel called. 7Please respect copyright.PENANAkc3mAM1kTp
The voice new but familiar, sweetened by the harps that angels play. I turn to see green grove like eyes beaming up at me “Fern?” I voice my wonders. Fern a friend of mine that I have known for a long time longer than my memory allows.7Please respect copyright.PENANAvNHgPnRjP2
“I saw you from across the street,” her exuberance shows “Are you reading a new book? What’s it about?” Her eyes spark with the flame of curiosity.7Please respect copyright.PENANA0VjxH0UbiU
“A man who gave up on his fake love,” I reply closing the book within my long slender fingers.7Please respect copyright.PENANAKC7OZHA02u
“That’s sad,” her eyes dim.7Please respect copyright.PENANAqxh7O6vFql
I don’t want to see Fern sad let alone because of me and my ugly heart. “But!” Her eyes beam waiting “He finds true love.”7Please respect copyright.PENANAIqg2YY2S9k
Smiling always smiling not a smile that attracts random people who pass by but a large toothy smile only meant for me. “Fern do you like me?” I blurt out, surprised we are both surprised I cover my face with the hardcover of my book, to hide the redness that had found its way onto my cheeks”7Please respect copyright.PENANANTXUIWCiXE
“I like you, Drew.”7Please respect copyright.PENANAMnc4v0b1GB
copyright protection3PENANAUA8nOsMBcC

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