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The Journal of M.A.N
Co-Writer Jonathan W. Western*
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The Journal of M.A.N
Jonathan W. Western
No Plagiarism!vBmt9ZSKPitavnUwHMpUposted on PENANA

Mark sidestepped another zombie and pulled the trigger downing another zombie before continuing to run. Then out of the corner of his eye, Mark thought he saw a blind open slightly in the window of a grey house on his right. His head jerked to the house as he saw the blind close a second later. Mark took a chance and ran with Rachel up to the front door of the grey house.copyright protection17PENANATQRA5v8pY2

Mark pounded on the door and shouted, “Please let us in!”copyright protection17PENANAHuD4XM3QxT

No reply came and Rachel tugged on his arm, they turned to face their threat. More than sixty zombies where coming towards them and with sadness in his heart, Mark had to accept that this is where he died. Smacking the door one last time Mark’s voice trembling said “Please. At least let her in.”copyright protection17PENANA803EoYa5Kz

Shocked Rachel turned to meet Mark’s sad gaze “No Mark I’m not leaving you.”copyright protection17PENANAZEqRfwmnWk

“Rachel there’s nowhere for us to go and the thought of at least you living makes me happy” Mark replied. Lifting his gun, he shot the closest zombie, not 10 feet away. Pulling the trigger, again and again, Mark took down zombie after zombie. Finally, the gun clicked multiple times confirming to Mark and Rachel it was empty. Zombies continued to close in on them with more on their way. Mark knew he didn’t have enough bullets for all of them.copyright protection17PENANApDO3IMQMCn

“I’m sorry Rachel I wasn’t able to protect you,” Mark said as his head and heart sank low.copyright protection17PENANAFKoJpMIzRs

The Journal of M.A.N Volume 1 follows Mark and Rachel as they try to stay alive in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Along the way, relations will grow and some will break. The only thing that's for sure with zombies is that death will follow; for humans, the undead, or both!!!  copyright protection17PENANA9R7AIm74K3

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