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Writer Capt. leon
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The Snake's Heir
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Z10ZXrHD3DRGyvqDwzhUposted on PENANA


Chapter 3: The Snake's Heircopyright protection3PENANAksakr7L9LP

.copyright protection3PENANANDvl8WZEvh

.copyright protection3PENANAz02QYuzfm2

One night near Halloween eve, after leaving the infirmary for another beating he received from his room "friends," Neville met with the ghost of Sir Nicholas and he invited him to a ghost party.copyright protection3PENANAoGuz1WHM5s

"Why not?"", Neville thought. "At least I won't have to be around Harry, Ron, Seamus or Dean."copyright protection3PENANACT57fe4fSz

The ghost party was held on Halloween night. Neville wanted Hermione to be with him, but he dismissed that idea as Harry and Ron would come looking for the girl and take her to the party in the big dining room. The ghostly atmosphere was depressing, but it was in keeping with Neville's mood. In the end Neville had to retire because ghosts from the headhunter club arrived and started pestering everyone, ghost or not.copyright protection3PENANAwsAziy3SNp

Neville was crestfallen down the corridors when in one of them saw that the water was flooding the floor next to a strange inscription, next to it was Mrs. Norris hanging, in that moment several students came out of the great hall and found the poor boy right in front of the inscription.copyright protection3PENANAUc6pL7lsUr

Neville, what have you done? Hermione told him as she saw the boy as a monster.copyright protection3PENANAVxl0EAfJQ7

“I didn't do it.”copyright protection3PENANAimATVSrZKf

“The chamber of secrets has been opened, fear the heir of Slyterin dirty blood unclean," said smiling Malfoy.copyright protection3PENANApErv4cDpFy

Neville saw Malfoy and could not understand how someone with such a beautiful face and such charming eyes could harbor so much evil, could not understand it. Just at that moment Filch the janitor broke through and looking at Neville told him full of anger.copyright protection3PENANARA5cBKMQtD

“You... you killed my cat.... Now I'll kill you.”copyright protection3PENANAYMZyFVr7Vb

Poor Neville was scared stiff and couldn't articulate a word, he just shook his head nervously, Filch was getting closer and closer to the boy.copyright protection3PENANAmkQOQV1ukG

“Argus, stop it!” Dumbledore shouted.copyright protection3PENANA2ch8oSSbJm

The janitor insisted that Neville was responsible, but neither Dumbledore nor any of the other teachers believed that the poor boy had anything to do with it and sent everyone to bed.copyright protection3PENANAOI8OhOJIWE

.copyright protection3PENANAUiZL7QG8k1

.copyright protection3PENANAPnd6vBZoNJ

In a History of Magic class, Neville was agitated, he had run from the infirmary to the classroom as fast as he could, reason? he simply had an access to green foam vomit from the stress-induced ulcers. Hermione who always sat in front of him asked the ghost teacher about the secret chamber and he reluctantly explained everything he knew to them, but in the end he claimed that this story was just a silly myth.copyright protection3PENANAKBrTpII9rE

.copyright protection3PENANAOlXN74ENdY

.copyright protection3PENANAP2l29RE9fr

One very late night, Neville was alone in the common room of his house, the poor boy wanted to go upstairs to sleep, but he had to wait for the others to fall asleep, otherwise they would torment him when he tried to sleep like they did every night.copyright protection3PENANAS02kUs3CBu

“If they don't shake my bed, it's beating.”copyright protection3PENANAgpQedXiRLw

"If it's not a beating, they shake my bed.”copyright protection3PENANAPBzbDJ3hSi

"Hey, don't forget they're throwing all your stuff around the room or the stairs.”copyright protection3PENANAJLjL6dd9QP

"Or throw them out the window.”copyright protection3PENANAE7evlrtEif

"Yes, that's the most serious thing, I had to learn accio through despair.”copyright protection3PENANAa8QKkttnLm

"The worst was when they threw your wand out the window.”copyright protection3PENANAGu8Zgeduo3

"Yes, I had to go down to the courtyard and Filch punished me... Damn it, I keep talking to myself!”copyright protection3PENANAj2bxxwZ0bi

Neville was angry at himself when a loud noise rang in the place, Dobby the elf stood in front of him.copyright protection3PENANAflq66Kzz7l

“Mr. Longbottom, Dobby is sad that he has not heeded Dobby's warnings.”copyright protection3PENANAVOQ3N7i0BG

“Dobby, what are you doing here?”copyright protection3PENANA4VJftgMshX

“Dobby came to warn you sir, you must leave Hogwarts now that the secret chamber has been opened.”copyright protection3PENANAKxjbDpWdY4

“Then it's true, there is the chamber and it's been opened, tell me who was Dobby.”copyright protection3PENANAzUSpYGwhH8

“Dobby can't say sir, Dobby can't betray his masters.”copyright protection3PENANAXL3G1wXOZf

“Why are you warning me about this, Dobby?”copyright protection3PENANALKM4WquSEt

“You, sir, are the child who lived, thanks to you the one who must not be named was defeated along with his henchmen, all the domestic elves stopped being treated like animals, although, even though poor Dobby is still treated like an animal," said Dobby and began to weep.copyright protection3PENANAXdoPDmwaEd

“Dobby, please stop crying, I'm worried about you...”copyright protection3PENANAjBZmi1TgPS

“The great Mr. Longbottom cares about me, Dobby knew that the Lord was great, but I didn't know he also had a huge heart," said the elf impressed and Neville blushed.copyright protection3PENANAvACiFyJ9rn

“Dobby, were you the one who stopped me from crossing the wall?”copyright protection3PENANADoB1efoKp2

“Yes sir, Dobby thought that if I blocked the wall you wouldn't attend Hogwarts, Dobby did everything. Dobby knows dark magic that allows him not to be detected by other domestic elves or appear within Hogwarts, Dobby's masters would like to have that power but only the domestic elves can have it, yes, Dobby did everything, he even did not allow your letters sir to reach your friend...”copyright protection3PENANAYJEX5WYZcN

“Dobby!”copyright protection3PENANARIou043Jev

“Dobby is sorry, sir, but Dobby thought that if you thought your friend wasn't responding, you wouldn't want to go back to Hogwarts.”copyright protection3PENANA6RUIT8XhTn

Now Neville knew why Hermione didn't answer any of his letters, at first the boy wanted to talk to his friend about this, but then he thought it would be best not to discuss it.copyright protection3PENANAjS6YPcUOb7

“Sir, you must leave Hogwarts before another death happens.”copyright protection3PENANAC2P1xQ5Azk

“Did someone die?”copyright protection3PENANA5Gc0o59mm2

“Yes sir, years ago a student died, the Lord must leave.”copyright protection3PENANAJGVPEL2zzd

“I'm sorry, Dobby, but I can't do that," Neville replied, and Dobby started sobbing.copyright protection3PENANAHcgxdNnjoW

"I wish I could do something for you.”copyright protection3PENANADuCPu1UDnh

“The lord is very generous, but he doesn't need to worry about me, the one who is in danger is you please leave Hogwarts," said Dobby, disappearing afterwards.copyright protection3PENANAG6YBWCmYcV

Neville decided to go to Dumbledore to warn him about Dobby's visit, but just as he was getting ready to leave the common room he remembered what time it was and not knowing where Dumbledore's office was, so he decided to wait until tomorrow.copyright protection3PENANAbT7rrlfOED

.copyright protection3PENANAKh7n7Bo2fL

.copyright protection3PENANAkVRiwOVTM7

The next day, Neville decided to skip class and got dressed to meet McGonagall, a pity that he suffered a setback when he put his feet in his shoes and found that there were animal droppings inside, or at least that's what he wished it was, Neville changed his socks and ran to McGonagall's office.copyright protection3PENANAPY1XqsiFhW

Upon arriving at McGonagall, the boy explained the situation to her and the teacher accompanied him to Dumbledore's office. Neville told the principal everything that happened during Dobby's visit.copyright protection3PENANAi1eqpm2Noh

“Albus, you think this is related to what happened to Mr. Creevey.”copyright protection3PENANAyIcq1JfWC1

“I have no doubt Minerva, but as I said before, the important thing is not who, but how," said the director cryptic.copyright protection3PENANA4r05oqyH5P

“Sir, what happened to Colin?”copyright protection3PENANAEoRSOgfQ4E

“Mr. Creevey was attacked by something we don't know what it was, he is alive but petrified," Dumbledore said.copyright protection3PENANA7Dmk3o3ikF

The news of what happened to Colin leaked through the school and everyone suspected Neville.copyright protection3PENANAko7luwL3eR

“That Colin boy was always bothering, taking pictures of everyone, and his parents are Muggles," said a student in the halls without caring if Neville listened to him.copyright protection3PENANATSfLL320U6

“That Neville always gave me a bad feeling, look how skinny he is," said another student.copyright protection3PENANAE1J1lNpp6K

“And those eyes are the eyes of a depraved, a murderer..." said another student, without mind lowering her voice.copyright protection3PENANA5r8cMDJyHX

“Neville is pure blood, surely he is the heir of Slyterin," said another boy.copyright protection3PENANApAPEmAIoBC

“But is he not from Gryffindor?” And so the gossip continued and continued, poor Neville hurried the pace and ended up running.copyright protection3PENANAufEeh01Hp7

.copyright protection3PENANAruyAHkdrSV

.copyright protection3PENANAoiweXSPFgq

After a few days a dueling club is established and this is supervised by Lockhart and Snape. Lockhart, after losing to Snape (according to him, on purpose), decides that Neville will be next to fight.copyright protection3PENANAiLGXZYX0Fn

“Now... tell a friend of yours to train with you," said Lockhart. Neville just looked down.copyright protection3PENANA76SGHz0V0T

“That idiot doesn't have any friends, professor," said Ron mockingly in a loud voice so that he would be heard throughout the hall, and all the Gryffindor laughed at Neville, who looked as red as a tomato and blushed more when he saw how the Ravenclaws laughed at him, and of course at the Slyterin, only the Hufflepuffs didn't laugh.copyright protection3PENANAQpbmD8etOv

“Seriously, no one is Neville's friend?” Lockhart asked. copyright protection3PENANAT7gA4gz2ge

Hermione, eager to participate, volunteered.copyright protection3PENANAqoli42R5XS

“In reality, a duel can be a dangerous thing and I would like a male participant," said Lockhart. Hermione looked frowned at the professor, couldn't believe Lockhart was a machist.copyright protection3PENANAYOhaaVjpo8

“Any suggestions Severus?” Lockhart asked Snape. Neville felt that fear would dominate him, but something curious happened, Professor Snape's expression was strange, his gaze lost in the void, as if he was remembering something very sad.3copyright protection3PENANAVifbTkssnI

Malfoy offered himself with a sinister expression on his face. Neville was already starting to shake her legs.copyright protection3PENANAGN625b5Wg3

“Well, then let's get started," said cheerfully Lockhart and took Neville to the center of the dueling table.copyright protection3PENANAPfR6q22Jsq

“Don't worry squib, this won't hurt, at least not to me," Malfoy said. Neville swallowed saliva.copyright protection3PENANARnJ7zCs14P

In fact, it didn't hurt Malfoy at all, as he swept the floor with poor Neville. The idiot of Lockhart insisted that Neville confronted the blond again and again, and most students laughed at Neville.copyright protection3PENANAJLCQNH1SEi

“Enough is enough," said Snape, and Malfoy was surprised.copyright protection3PENANAVuxNAXPCHh

“All right professor, just let me give Longbottom a souvenir," said the platinum plated with malice and conjured a snake from his wand.copyright protection3PENANA3zFMGeo9gt

Neville was petrified but apparently Snape went to the rescue of the boy no matter how incredible it may seem.copyright protection3PENANAY0eBQ2jSVX

“Don't worry Severus, I'll take care of it," said Lockhart, but all he did was raise the snake and let it fall again, and it made him angry.copyright protection3PENANAaRrIE2GuFn

“Damn it, if you come near me, I bite you” Neville heard the snake talking.copyright protection3PENANALJWrvDGUMW

“Mama!”   Justin Flinch-Fletchley shoutedcopyright protection3PENANAnLWCmMEFFA

The serpent turned and advanced to the Hufflepuff.copyright protection3PENANADQr5y58fzN

“Don't shout so loudly," said the snake, even though only Neville understood him.copyright protection3PENANAClwzN2dtW0

“Don't hurt Justin," Neville said as he approached the snake. “Please don't bite him, nobody's gonna hurt you.”copyright protection3PENANApkLlW78BMN

The snake calmed down and Snape made him disappear.copyright protection3PENANAcqDDvcJDsi

Neville approached Justin to see if he was okay.copyright protection3PENANAr4EYEr0RUX

“But what the hell were you trying to do!” the Hufflepuff shouted to him and the teachers sent everyone away from the classroom. Snape looked at Neville strangely.copyright protection3PENANASjhDFeKNQx

Neville could not understand why Justin told him that, but later Hermione explained to Neville that only a tenebrous magician could speak to the serpents, in fact not just any tenebrous magician, but a very powerful one, Hermione told him that Salazar Slyterin and Voldemort also spoke to the serpents.copyright protection3PENANAA2XeFtro6T

If at first the students at school didn't bother to keep their voices down when Neville passed by, now they were speaking loudly about the poor boy and even pointing his finger at him in accusatory fashion. His room "friends" who knew him well did not believe that he was Slyterin's heir and continued to martyr him whenever they could.copyright protection3PENANAHyYmwCNwuI

“Why didn't I go to Hufflepuff," Neville was talking to himself.copyright protection3PENANAtm2L0HZKuP

"You should have given the stone to the one who must not be named.”copyright protection3PENANAi5SgkxJLWQ

"It's true, Neville, you're a fool, a moron, an asshole, a..."copyright protection3PENANAEEoD0VgOrK

Again the beautiful scarlet sphere cracked and Neville felt very miserable.copyright protection3PENANAwV7zG7hGSM

.copyright protection3PENANAwbRorcVbXS

.copyright protection3PENANA1CwqfwlvkN

The boy, although it was very late at night, left his common room and wandered aimlessly through the corridors of the castle for a long time. No prefect or teacher on duty crossed paths with him, Filch and Mrs. Norris were far away from the boy, just as any ghost, even the few paintings that did not sleep at this hour did not notice his presence.copyright protection3PENANAgRJorqwI6p

Not knowing how, Neville got to the astronomy tower. The boy put on a serious face and climbed over a battlement.copyright protection3PENANAuCAm01yWcw

I don't need to be here... I don't need to be in a place like this.....copyright protection3PENANAOe9kFpQ1Ub

The silence of the dark night was interrupted by the noise of something heavy that fell on the floor...copyright protection3PENANAPb3yAuY6d5

TO BE CONTINUE...copyright protection3PENANAvIH65H7EDk

.copyright protection3PENANAaszjMeIDgD

.copyright protection3PENANAP5PSDqnCwB

Thanks for reading. How about this Neville story? What do you think?copyright protection3PENANAH2jp8p7g3L

don't forget to vote and comment on my story. Thank you so muchcopyright protection3PENANABedaxZpgDF

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