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Writer Capt. leon
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The attic
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!K9p3DDM5MbiiVWm6g5oKposted on PENANA

Work translated with DeepL and myself, forgive grammatical and punctuation errors, thank you.copyright protection4PENANAU7DWH44sui

A CAT IN LOVE WITH A CARPETcopyright protection4PENANAKfsaj5N6bz

Capítulo 1: The atticcopyright protection4PENANAhuSdqejHkI

The afternoon had fallen in the city and the dark of the night was gradually taking over the sky with its inseparable sister: the night cold.copyright protection4PENANAseQ5axaf0F

A light brown cat awoke from his nap and shook his head, and woke up.copyright protection4PENANAxKUZUe5Ikg

“These humans are very noisy," said the green-eyed cat, "they don't understand the value of silence.”copyright protection4PENANAiCLaPbp9TK

Around the park, lots of people were dressed in multi-colored buffoon hats and sports shirts, all of them going to the various restaurants and canteens to watch the Bolivian team face a foreign rival.copyright protection4PENANARlYHr9fBpf

“Bo, bo, bo, li, li, li, via, via, via! Long live Bolivia!” the passers-by sang cheerfully.copyright protection4PENANAgWZbWUq2CL

Seeing that he was going to fall under the pleasant temptation of sleep, the cat shook his head and then got up and then did the usual stretches to wake up.copyright protection4PENANAjUn45dgum9

The cat looked up to the sky, which was already beginning to show the first stars, some pale blue and others reddish shining, all of them flashing at irregular intervals and seeming to laugh at the cat's whiskers that at that moment were moved by the cold wind.copyright protection4PENANAedudVVnaxM

The feline began his nightly rounds in the hope of catching the occasional mouse when suddenly the loud sound of the firecrackers reverberated throughout the atmosphere with a thunderous roar.copyright protection4PENANApOJp0FjqIV

“What's that! I'd better hide!” shouted the cat and started running as fast as he could on all four paws.copyright protection4PENANAb1Qz5VMlq8

In the middle of the race the cat ran into pitbulls who barely saw him and started chasing him.copyright protection4PENANAvEmZSiVgst

“Come on, baby," said the domestic dogs mockingly. “We just want to bite those pretty little paws of yours, sweetheart.”copyright protection4PENANA2ShLhhrBI9

"Dogs," the pussy thought in the middle of a runaway. "I'm not a girl! I'm a boy, and I'm a very macho boy!"copyright protection4PENANAxTbnsgifCI

The dogs had resistance but could do nothing about the fast race of their prey which, thanks to its tail, made fast turns that made the pitbulls dizzy.copyright protection4PENANAn7nK7g22wv

The cat decided he should try his luck and try to get into a house.copyright protection4PENANAwzoNkG5MhN

“Over there!” he thought aloud the misifus, and then he packed himself into a garbage can, jumped over it and landed on the wall.copyright protection4PENANAWOG7b9ouo0

“Get down, cat!” the dogs barked furiously at him.copyright protection4PENANAdM8AxfRAin

“Not even in jest," replied the cat who then showed supreme indifference and began to groom himself with the greatest calm in the world, right there in front of the dogs that continued to bark in frustration.copyright protection4PENANA5OWuBhaH4r

“Shut up, you dogs!” you could hear someone screaming and then a bucket of cold water fell on the flea rugs, making them run away in the race.copyright protection4PENANAu1fb9rlxVJ

“We won't forget this, pussycat!” The dogs shouted at him as they fled.copyright protection4PENANAy8wGJ4VAEd

“Well, I'll forget all about it by the time I go to sleep tonight, you snouts!” The cat answered in a scream.copyright protection4PENANAYK1VeDcokh

“Shut up, cat!” shouted the same man from one of the rooms of the house and after disappearing through the window frame, he would come out again, this time grabbing an old shoe with the intention of throwing it at the cat.copyright protection4PENANAPPi50rwlZs

“Hey, where'd he go?” asked the guy, and then he disappeared again behind the window frame and slammed it shut along with the curtains.copyright protection4PENANA5xACdkG9Vk

"Sure, human," thought the cat. "As if I'm going to stand by and let you throw me your ugly shoe that sure smells like your dirty, sweaty cheeses."copyright protection4PENANAnT4oOi21Hn

New firecrackers exploded in the air and the kitten saw that a window in the house was broken.copyright protection4PENANAiwcABd28y1

Neither short nor lazy, the agile intruder entered the house and began to wander around.copyright protection4PENANAAEybgMvWWq

There was a lot of dust everywhere and all the doors of the place were open, which gave the cat some hope about finding a mouse or two for a snack.copyright protection4PENANAhjklI9EKal

In one of the rooms, apparently the attic, was illuminated by the light of the moon that entered through one of the dirty windows and gave the atmosphere an aspect that could almost be considered as cozy.copyright protection4PENANA7tSk3tx6C6

The cat began to sniff around the corners but found no snack to chase and gobble up afterwards, so after a quick look around the place, he decided to turn around and try another room.copyright protection4PENANA7cKGo1tTXp

“Wait, don't go.”copyright protection4PENANAkeJFArOecY

A shy, soft timbre of barely audible voice came from somewhere in the dimly lit, dusty attic, causing the cat to leap and go to hide behind boxes.copyright protection4PENANAAkrsEvWcBy

"I thought there was no one here," the cat thought, and carefully went to the door.copyright protection4PENANAiJL3p94S32

“Please don't go, I'm so lonely,” asked for a delicate voice in a whisper of supplication.copyright protection4PENANAinh12RtR6F

“Where are you?” asked the cat cautiously.copyright protection4PENANAPHZh9EN5Qp

“Here, here, in this lit little corner.”copyright protection4PENANAE98qcxzhqD

The cat approached and saw who he was talking to... it was a carpet.copyright protection4PENANAjJ1AK3seUy

CONTINUARÁ...copyright protection4PENANATKgS2pxQvn

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