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Writer Capt. leon
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The gentle smile of the stars
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
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Capítulo 4: The gentle smile of the starscopyright protection4PENANAuLyDCKwnr3

Except for the usual daytime naps, cat had always run away from routine, but now it pleased him. Every day he would go to his friend's carpet and tell her cheerfully about the things outside.copyright protection4PENANAmFCPYzGxQq

“The best thing about humans is undoubtedly their food," explained cat.copyright protection4PENANAPOcNUSNf0b

“I wish I could have a human shape, so I could taste the human snacks.”copyright protection4PENANAcuXK8zuEWW

“You should have a name first," cat explained. “If you don't have a human name, you can't eat human food, at least that's what I think.”copyright protection4PENANAIjCl8AUP7K

“What name do you think I should have?” She asked him shylycopyright protection4PENANAfWzsKtlxJl

“I think you should call yourself... Princess," said the cat with a blush.copyright protection4PENANAJVPGFYgaDc

“Princess... I like that name.”copyright protection4PENANA6lwIHFiBuq

“And you... what would you call me?”copyright protection4PENANAmKnVc7pxF8

“You are a champion. I think that name looks good on you.”copyright protection4PENANATp3I5JGmUj

The light brown cat, Champion, held one of the Princess's corners, the carpet, with his paw and kissed her gallantly.copyright protection4PENANAz1F5JnL2Yg

“Tomorrow is the new moon, my Princess, I promise that I will face and defeat the monster so that it will not disturb your smile again.”copyright protection4PENANAsk0QgcXFKD

“I know that as my Champion, you will succeed," replied Princess who seemed to emit a delicate light from each of her fibers and arabesques.copyright protection4PENANAND2Rm8B3uv

.copyright protection4PENANAn3w29gpUjo

.copyright protection4PENANAaMJbCZnzE8

The day of the new moon arrived and Champion, went like everyday where his friend Princess, without realizing that Mordelón, Bocón and Cabezón, followed him with infamous intentions.copyright protection4PENANAdsLfj8nUbS

“We know that pussy's routine," Mordelón snarled at them. “Tonight we'll wait for him and when he jumps out into the street we'll attack him.”copyright protection4PENANApyWWB5c10v

“I want to bite his paws," said Bocón.copyright protection4PENANApbh8mT7KtL

“Leave me the tail," said Cabezón.copyright protection4PENANASGdEWxMksY

It was another match night and the Bolivian national team fans were on their way to the local canteens and restaurants. Restaurant employees switched from soap opera to sports channels, despite the ladies' demands.copyright protection4PENANAcSw8O7e18e

“Don't worry Princess, I'll be crouching in this corner and when I see the mouse I'll chase him to the corridor and you'll never see him again.”copyright protection4PENANAwypOGMIOwc

“I don't want you to take unnecessary risks for me," said Princess.copyright protection4PENANAApTO3PlQaO

“We're just talking about a mouse. How much damage can that miniature do?”copyright protection4PENANAOmGlvutJvC

In the house, the caretaker had gone out as he did not want to miss the match, unfortunately he had forgotten to turn off the stove in the kitchen.copyright protection4PENANAY2aoRRaAGG

After a couple of minutes, both Princess and Champion heard the unmistakable sounds of a mouse nibbling on boxes.copyright protection4PENANAMg5G49vq0F

"You are here now, you will see," thought Campeón, as he tightened each of his muscles and prepared to jump.copyright protection4PENANAeO2VaypEhV

The little black rodent suddenly sensed a noise behind him, and decided to step out of the attic just as Champion was jumping on him.copyright protection4PENANAggYrEQjOqZ

“You won't get away from me!” shouted Champion and began to chase the tiny mouse.copyright protection4PENANAvcgASkKoLK

Champion cornered and devoured the mouse, but in that he heard a loud, crystal-breaking sound that came right from the attic.copyright protection4PENANA40z7VJFlnX

“Princess, are you all right!” shouted Champion but no one answered him.copyright protection4PENANAhEdf5S5oGw

A draft of cold air penetrated the attic and Champion saw that one of the windows was broken.copyright protection4PENANAobJEMBZw0L

“Princess!” shouted Champion, and rushed to the broken window.copyright protection4PENANAh5LQcHAS2X

Already on the roof Champion saw his beloved Princess being shaken by a huge rat.copyright protection4PENANAPjC3zHVF6C

With huge eyes and very long incisors. The huge rat that was as big as the Champion and had the same light brown coat, except that he was not clean and neat, but dirty and disorderly, tried to bite Princess, who was hitting him with two of her corners.copyright protection4PENANAbvOU9Aw97x

A strong slap knocked Princess down and when the ugly rat pulled his ugly head towards the carpet, Champion was already falling on him and the fight was beginning.copyright protection4PENANAUoCFePmOIp

Squeaks and hisses were heard on the roof as black smoke slowly began to rise and surround the contenders.copyright protection4PENANAMyIpBi7xXd

In a display of bestial ferocity, the rat pushed Campeón to the edge of the roof. The light brown cat had half a body in the void while his opponent was on top of him.copyright protection4PENANA99JX4SyB1F

“Look, there's the cat!” Mordelón shouted to his two brothers, and the dogs started barking furiously as they put their front legs on the wall.copyright protection4PENANA8V4LBiBY7j

The fire from the fire blew out the windows of the house and now the flames consumed the roof and came dangerously close to the two duelists.copyright protection4PENANAnUR6jsoq0m

A flat, rectangular object flew flush with the surface of the ceiling and struck the rat's body, causing it to fall into the void.copyright protection4PENANAEawn8AgGbi

The three dog brothers, believing that it was Champion who was falling towards them, attacked the rat which found its end in the jaws of the canine brothers.copyright protection4PENANAmkeq5PJGNR

“Princess, you saved me," said Champion, who was breathing with difficulty from the fire.copyright protection4PENANAZbMQh6jGwk

“How could I not," groaned Princess as she hugged Champion, and the flames engulfed the couple as the roof collapsed.copyright protection4PENANA3buzzCaPjm

.copyright protection4PENANA8FGm6LbQsZ

.copyright protection4PENANAHsbtjtzDa6

A large crowd of curious people watched as the neighbors put out the fire with buckets of water.copyright protection4PENANAXdirNR4XHn

“Those three dogs were barking loudly to warn us of the fire," said a neighbour.copyright protection4PENANAjP30b9LnZe

“Yes, they are heroes," said another, and the rest of the crowd applauded and caressed the three pitbulls who looked confused.copyright protection4PENANAnHGybZ2LCc

Two children saw the scene with funny smiles on their faces. One of them had a mischievous face with light brown pants and shirt and his companion, a beautiful girl, had a purple, violet and lilac dress and silver hair that accentuated her beauty.copyright protection4PENANARzqa1d25bJ

The two children laughing and holding hands ran to the street and ran away from the crowd in search of new adventures, while up there two stars shone very close together over Bolivia. One flashed brown and the other, silver and reddish shimmering.copyright protection4PENANAtvzwvLGh9G

FINcopyright protection4PENANAvwnb5yb8jN

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