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Writer Capt. leon
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Fucking M. Night Shyamalan
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!yPkPODTy2wzcl5QMsmiAposted on PENANA

This is a non-profit fanfic that does not intend to infringe the rights of those who have the rights to the franchise of: Avatar, the last airbender. Fanfic translated with DeepL and myself, forgive grammar and punctuation errors, thank you.copyright protection3PENANAafzytBsS8k

.copyright protection3PENANAPG99wYNpwQ

.copyright protection3PENANAW52iaT4Dgn


Capítulo 1: Fucking M. Night Shyamalancopyright protection3PENANAMOdWYJUL9r

Peace had finally come to the four nations, it cost much sacrifice and blood, but the fire lord had been defeated. Now Zuko was the fire lord and was married to Mai, and speaking of weddings, Katara and Aang had also married; even Sokka and Suki had already formalized their relationship and set a wedding date. Yeah, everything was going so well.copyright protection3PENANAB5xEnHxslN

"Everything's going so well," thought a barefoot walker. "But why do I feel sadness? Why, even though the heat is suffocating me, do I feel cold in my heart?" Why do my eyes shed tears?"copyright protection3PENANAPyftlezJGy

Toph Beifong turned around and "looked" at the road she had traveled, wanted to go back to her friends, but knew she had to go back to her parents.copyright protection3PENANAgtmuqldk6m

Perhaps if her heart had not been full of melancholy, she would have noticed that a strange individual wearing a strange mask had approached her.copyright protection3PENANAMHrjlP1Thm

Toph felt a strange blow strike to her back, it seemed to be some sort of art control but of an unknown type.copyright protection3PENANAH7UWAgba0S

“Toph Beifong, the only daughter of Lao Beifong and Poppy Beifong. This is my revenge on your family.... tell them that the magician M Night Shyamalan sends his regards... they will surely appreciate the twist I gave to your life... yes, a good plot twist worthy of a genius.”copyright protection3PENANAJhl6LMrY7x

The ugly imitation of a human being walked away giving a laugh that he considered evil, but that sounded pathetic, so insignificant was the miserable one.copyright protection3PENANAlTfNcBCeuU

The girl heroine could not move and was unable to do so until several hours had passed, a new day had arrived when she was able to regain her mobility.copyright protection3PENANAAc2v8DMkNM

"My bones, they hurt so much. I feel like my leg muscles are burning, like I've run a marathon. Damn him, I don't know who the hell that crazy man is but I'm in no condition to chase him."copyright protection3PENANAcx3yDOk4Nr

.copyright protection3PENANAC8kRVxsxLX

.copyright protection3PENANAsm9uSi8ECV

Lao Beifong and Poppy Beifong were facing a dilemma: Their daughter was one of the greatest heroines in the world. What parents would not be proud of such a daughter, however, if they were to boast of their daughter to the four winds, the whole of society would hold it against them for having hidden her from the rest of the world for being blind.copyright protection3PENANAqPsun6jIa6

Such worries dissolved when a twelve-year-old girl came through the front door.copyright protection3PENANA9MeuEa27IO

“Daddy, Mommy... I'm home now," said Toph and then he fainted.copyright protection3PENANA5aafF3yNHb

.copyright protection3PENANAJ80bDohW6s

.copyright protection3PENANA2gfhKUrM29

Toph was waking up, apparently someone had put her to bed.copyright protection3PENANAA7kLmZPUMx

"Strange, what's that noise?"copyright protection3PENANA5wG6HjuZfA

Toph raised her head and listened as her parents groaned in anguish.copyright protection3PENANAsiQIzBC1nE

“Mom, Dad?”copyright protection3PENANAbYMvK8uA3h

“Dear!" shouted the man as his wife had fainted and then it was he who fainted next.copyright protection3PENANA79NNgv7Kvn

Toph could not believe it, according to the servants, she had grown a tail and cat ears. Then they took her parents to the main bedroom and left her alone.copyright protection3PENANAlYGbGgNihb

“And now, what the hell am I going to do with these things?”copyright protection3PENANAXsaJXUSsvW

Toph was so upset that using earthbending, she knocked down a good section of the wall that bounded the interior garden of her house.copyright protection3PENANAJC5xql3y6y

“Hello, Miss Beifong, may I come in?” said someone after a while.copyright protection3PENANAVrwBDdRqw9

“I don't need anyone right now.”copyright protection3PENANABtBLdzG51b

“Sorry, but it's time for your bath.”copyright protection3PENANA1LO7jetmMz

“I don't need a bath!”copyright protection3PENANAVI1rkEFb4b

“It's not what it looks like from this distance, you stink a lot.”copyright protection3PENANAlGEWrRw8Xx

“What, who are you!”copyright protection3PENANAjYj76CmzZ9

“I'm the cook's assistant and I'm here to bathe you.”copyright protection3PENANA8US9mcO1oS

“But.... What are you thinking, you're going to bathe me! Where are the maids!”copyright protection3PENANAcJzRF0Jc9G

“They are all very afraid of you after you has destroyed the garden wall, so I...”copyright protection3PENANAKsF3ALGXkF

“Forget it... burn water or whatever your name is, I can bathe myself... or how old do you think I am?”copyright protection3PENANA6tAZDWbrYz

“Well, the masters talk about you like you're six.”copyright protection3PENANAkbjT3ZUMb3

Toph was insulted and walked over to the sliding door and tugged open this one.copyright protection3PENANAtVw9Y6UF4f

“Idiot, I'm 12 years old, I'm not a child anymore!”copyright protection3PENANAlbJVamSlNQ

“But being twelve makes you a child.”copyright protection3PENANAV81e14dWRp

The little heroine punched the man right in the mouth of the stomach, making him bend his knees and rest them on the floor. Already calmer, Toph was able to deduce that the subject was not very old.copyright protection3PENANAZlkvujCoYG

“What did you say your name was again? And how old are you?”copyright protection3PENANAEjRnf1J7nx

“My name is Lee, Rock Lee. I'm 14 years old and I come from the Fire Nation. Your parents were very generous in allowing me to help the head chef.”copyright protection3PENANAYjF0yH5MDW

“You have no right to speak to me saying that I am a child because you are not a man either.”copyright protection3PENANAbDhv8LPLaN

“At fourteen I could be called a teenager, but with twelve years old...”copyright protection3PENANArO7jcnkVuI

Toph kicked the ground and a column of soil sent poor Rock Lee to the garden pond.copyright protection3PENANAts29tAQymu

“Well, what a bad servant you are, you came to bathe me, and instead you took a bath first," Toph mocked as she laughed and then went to prepare the bath herself.copyright protection3PENANAuy7M3gyT1I

When Toph finished her bath, she realized she hadn't brought the towel.copyright protection3PENANAGtxOMJb7FG

“Miss Beifong, I think you forgot your towel. Would you like me to take it?”copyright protection3PENANAQ99SiCs9aP

“Do you want to die?”copyright protection3PENANADEnLrr2Zk4

“But your parents have recovered and they want to talk to you. No maid wanted to...”copyright protection3PENANAI1xfPkZ1sF

“Give me the towel at once! And I'm warning you, even though I'm blind, if I suspect you've been peeping, you're going to die... uh, Rock Lee.”copyright protection3PENANAHiOQa6sDgD

“Miss Beifong, you remembered my name. I'm so happy!”copyright protection3PENANAsThQFJhHIB

“What are you talking about? Pass me the towel at once.”copyright protection3PENANALqCjGsDFt5

Poor Rock Lee, he was carrying several towels because he didn't know which one was Toph's favorite, so many of these covered all his vision and what had to happen happened.copyright protection3PENANAkbn91yfucv

“What was that noise! Hey, are you okay?”copyright protection3PENANA7Eppu58MMR

“I tripped over the pot and now it's broken.... I'm covered in soil and potting fertilizer.”copyright protection3PENANAnyh0RXtuDW

Toph couldn't believe the guy's clumsiness and crashed the palm of her hand into her face.copyright protection3PENANAAY7Y79xnEJ

With great difficulty the boy passed the towel to his mistress and she covered her entire torso. Toph turned her face to a position very close to where Rock Lee was, could hear his groans of nervousness and could also feel the stench of the compost.copyright protection3PENANATLojbSojFb

“Come in," said Toph as she frowned.copyright protection3PENANAb2Js3Aqw54

“I beg your pardon?”copyright protection3PENANAtF2BEaKbxo

“Come in, it's my fault you tripped. Besides, you... you're the only one who had the decency to talk to me since I got here. So my parents want to talk to me, so let them wait, before I wash you so that you stop stinking so much... and think that it was you who told me before that I was the one who stank.”copyright protection3PENANAUraiKlb8FQ

Needless to say, poor Rock Lee had a panic attack, but in the end Toph convinced him.copyright protection3PENANAjQT3jWDJtJ

“Don't worry," Toph calmed him down while she washed his back. “After all, your modesty is protected before eyes that cannot see.”copyright protection3PENANAOWpQy30jey

The young man felt a painful fit and wanted to turn his face to say something to his young mistress.copyright protection3PENANAH9ZSsJeDSU

“No, if you turn your face, I'll hit you!” Toph warned him that she felt the cook's torso twist.copyright protection3PENANAucKnf4kTOO

“Excuse me, you're very good, Miss Beifong. From now on, I will always be there for you, no matter what the Beifong masters tell me, I will always obey you... I will give my life for you!”copyright protection3PENANACCL1sj5tCk

Toph showed the young man a surprised look on the back of his head and then a tender smile lit up her face. No one had ever said such things to her, not even her friends in her adventure against the Fire Lord.copyright protection3PENANA1kt0dVKrzC

“Dumb, stop calling me that, just call me Toph.”copyright protection3PENANAl3O6r4aMXY

“ I don't think I can.... Ow!”copyright protection3PENANAAABmC3FHxi

“That punch in your arm is a warning. From now on you'll call me Toph. You, on the other hand, are so clumsy, I'm just gonna call you Rock Lee.”copyright protection3PENANA1yCuzPqkhZ

Toph punched Rock Lee's arm with another loving punch and now continued to rinse her new friend's hair.copyright protection3PENANAWC3LIuPThN

.copyright protection3PENANASSnteZxUG4

.copyright protection3PENANAcHDPcdFDxW

Toph was outraged, had left her friends with the intention of making peace with her parents, had even dressed in the formal way they had always demanded!copyright protection3PENANACuzFfha5bs

Now that Toph was wearing a cat's tail and ears, she would not be allowed to leave the mansion under any circumstances, lest anyone outside the Beifong mansion should see her and the family's honor be compromised.copyright protection3PENANAS3kfxzf4tV

“I was a fool! I was a fool to think anything would change.”copyright protection3PENANA9GDNwQ0btx

Toph tore off her fancy dresses, furiously combed her hair, and proceeded to wear her suit that she wore when she was with her friends.copyright protection3PENANA761GMhYXma

It was probably too late because despite the anger, the heroine was very tired and the eyelids began to weigh more and more, more and more.copyright protection3PENANApfeKvLjKQN

.copyright protection3PENANAGZukM0aMbE

.copyright protection3PENANAkjKm0wDZu0

The next morning had brought an unpleasant surprise.... Toph had rejuvenated! Now she looked like a six-year-old girl.copyright protection3PENANA9TfnEK9XuZ

“How could this happen!" shouted the girl with the ears and tail of a cat, as she waved her arms, making her sleeves cover her hands and then hung down.copyright protection3PENANALbYgvLgFxs

“You said a wizard did something to you," Rock Lee said. “Maybe if we find him...”copyright protection3PENANAkSM5eMBSM6

“That's right, but how am I gonna face that guy looking....?”copyright protection3PENANATVZ8jDTsBo

Toph stopped at half questioning, no matter what she looked like, she would still know she could face and defeat anyone. Apparently not only had her body rejuvenated, but her mind had also receded into that of an insecure child.copyright protection3PENANArnzpD4bUKJ

“No, I knew more than many earthbending masters when I was six years old," she muttered as she shook her head tightly to clear her mind.copyright protection3PENANAn4B99QWLJI

"Rock Lee, I want you to go into town and try to find out anything about the wizard. I, for one, have to talk to my parents.”copyright protection3PENANARCDRKXvEp7

As Toph had supposed, none of her parents had released any information, telling her that these kinds of things were not the kind of things that should interest a little girl as small and invalid as she was.copyright protection3PENANA2QuBg8Fr3q

Rock Lee's research has paid off. It turns out that a despicable mockery of a human being, an entire two-legged rat named Shyamalan, was known in the village.copyright protection3PENANAaquMAECwql

“Apparently this guy was some kind of sleight of hand coming from a rich family. Using his wealth forged a few successes, but then his lousy deeds led to his opprobrium and ruin," Rock Lee reported. “Your family lost a lot of money to that con man and then had him banished to the northern water nation.”copyright protection3PENANAeiYS9IPFme

“Then that guy learned a new power in that place and then he used it against me. He must have developed a whole control technique in which he is now the master.”copyright protection3PENANAMo5h0mqGNt

“I don't think so, Toph, from what I found out the guy's a joke. Whatever he did to you was purely by chance.”copyright protection3PENANA6YUBKufn0G

Toph meditated on his friend's words and decided that tomorrow morning she and Rock Lee would elope to hunt down the swindling freak.copyright protection3PENANAJfYH88qXNN

.copyright protection3PENANAcAchScDiSr

.copyright protection3PENANAMYqGzbbPyc

A new day had arrived and with it, a new complication. Apparently, Toph had become... a two-year-old girl!copyright protection3PENANAvirtZzBqxp

Rock Lee had asked Toph if they would stick with the plan, but the little girl now had only one interest: playing with her new friend the cook Rock Lee.copyright protection3PENANAdJZp1RBFau

"Oh no, Toph... you don't even have your old mind now," the boy thought, swearing he would find a way to save his friend.copyright protection3PENANA6WtxD2IORh

CONTINUARÁ…copyright protection3PENANA0nzsQz2sZz

Oh no! Poor Toph! Vote and comment for our heroine to recover.copyright protection3PENANASciRCjJeZU

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