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Writer Capt. leon
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Authentic Cat Girls
Capt. leon
Aug 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!rtZcbRlrn2gbyZgLtJxgposted on PENANA

I.- Authentic Cat Girlscopyright protection2PENANADtbJ95JBVn

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1.- CAT GIRLS (CURRENT SCHOOL)copyright protection2PENANAXKmvKDhemO

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They are the Cat Girls that come in the Animes and Mangas from the nineties to the present, hence the name "current school".copyright protection2PENANAQ03HWCKKxe

In computer games they are those that come with the Windows operating system, that is, those that were licensed for sale in the West.copyright protection2PENANAVvZi1JViXi

They are characterized by having only cat and tail ears, without adding any other feline characteristics. Although the pupils and iris are usually somewhat elongated, in reality it is not noticeable, since all human females of the Animes and Mangas, unlike males, have somewhat elongated irises and pupils.copyright protection2PENANA7sip71RTuU

I repeat, apart from the ears and tails (which can vary in a multitude of shades), there is no other feline characteristic of these Cat Girls.copyright protection2PENANAAkVD2RgMBO

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2.- CAT GIRLS (OLD SCHOOL)copyright protection2PENANAYJbTndLD0n

.copyright protection2PENANAr0ULZJ7ItM

They are those Cat Girls belonging to the eighties or earlier, hence the name "old school".copyright protection2PENANAovyxQKNdOW

In computer games they are those that came with the DOS system, such as "Knigths of Xentar", known in the West as "Dragon Knight III".copyright protection2PENANA4NGgG3usHu

There are some modern Animes that show Cat Girls as in "Words Worth" but this Anime is based on old DOS games or Japanese operating systems before the standardization of Windows.copyright protection2PENANAP8uJUus1dV

These Cat Girls are characterized by having fur on most of their bodies, and little or no fur on their faces. This body coat covers their breasts or pubic region, as if it were a bikini. Some Cat Girls have cheeks and only cheeks covered by fur.copyright protection2PENANANBrm9i6WvV

In Words Worth, Nina, the Cat Girl has the breasts, pubic region, most of the thighs and arms, and part of the cheeks covered with fur. Although the pupils and iris are usually somewhat elongated, in reality it is not noticeable, since all human females of the Animes and Mangas, unlike males, have somewhat elongated irises and pupils.copyright protection2PENANATAIzQpDkRk

In "Dragon Knight III", the two types of Cat Girls are presented: One with only ears and tail (current school) A young Cat Girl with fur on most of her body but no fur on her face (old school)copyright protection2PENANAPGtjpoOSp1

I repeat, the characteristics are having fur on most of the body and very little or nothing on the face.copyright protection2PENANANdDfzMyGI3

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.copyright protection2PENANAaEgEYG2Myr

3.- CAT GIRLS (CAT'S PAWS)copyright protection2PENANAOmFrBee9VX

.copyright protection2PENANAdwzRQLmyBb

They are those Cat Girls, from the nineties onwards, also appear in console games from this decade onwards.copyright protection2PENANA8LPpqN5szD

They are characterized by having fur on most of the body (which covers their breasts and pubic area) and the most characteristic are their hands and feet, which are not those of a human, but those of a cat.copyright protection2PENANAUoZzQBO4LJ

These cat limbs can consist of only the hands and feet, or go from the elbow to the tips of the toes, and from the knee to the tips of the toes, in any case, both hands and feet are cat paws somewhat bigger than normal, as if they were wearing bulky gloves and slippers.copyright protection2PENANA2YgCQ6ocFZ

The best example is Felicia from the Dark Stalkers/Vampire Hunter games, she has ears and tail (current school), she also has fur that covers most of her body (old school), but she is characterized by having her hands and feet replaced by large cat paws.copyright protection2PENANAnOLcdb0iDA

I repeat, the main characteristic of these Cat Girls, apart from the ears and tail, is having fur on most of the body and limbs.copyright protection2PENANAWyYV7OwWTh

.copyright protection2PENANAGWgWy73WjI

.copyright protection2PENANAVHxHUKSU3w

4.- CAT GIRLS (BIG CATS)copyright protection2PENANAuZ4tVchs9b

.copyright protection2PENANAKP70MF8PBr

These kind of Cat Girls also appear from the nineties onwards.copyright protection2PENANAyx95e3Q7XU

They belong to the big cat family (tigers, leopards, jaguars, etc.), which means that their tails and bodies show stripes or spots.copyright protection2PENANADsTIVPVdh4

Although in real life there are cats that have stripes and spots on their bodies and tails, this kind of catgirls belong more to the big cats and have the following characteristics:copyright protection2PENANAo1Uv2GbawN

They have ears and tail. Fur on most of the body (covers breasts and pubic area) Faces with very little fur (on the cheeks) or no facial coat at all. They present on the tail and on their bodies Stripes and/or Stains (the main characteristic)copyright protection2PENANAC5kLbzO2HM

The most outstanding example of this kind of Cat Girls are the feline protagonists of the anime "The Vision of Escaflone".copyright protection2PENANAWkfP3bFYoW

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.copyright protection2PENANAgOfBzqbosS

5.- CAT GIRLS (HALF-BREEDS)copyright protection2PENANAbodregCTf0

.copyright protection2PENANAQhNOe5QSz1

It is the strangest and rarest variety of Cat Girls, appeared since the nineties.copyright protection2PENANA2PQhrpICOb

They are characterized by wings, horns, reptilian, demonic and any other attachment that indicates their mixed character with other races such as the vampire, dragon, demon, etc..copyright protection2PENANAv0AIrOZ3Ie

They have all or only part of the above characteristics for Cat Girls, including attachments that indicate their ancestry with other breeds.copyright protection2PENANA4zwRoLWeDw

As for the crossbreeding with humans, there are three variations:copyright protection2PENANAgFm6XNwFqk

First, the half-breed cat girl has ears and tail like her mother, in fact she seems to be a minor version of her mother, this is seen in the game "Let´s Meow Meow".copyright protection2PENANAQVlqEMfEQY

Second, the half-breed cat girl has human and feline characteristics, for example, the protagonist of Anime "Hiper Police", has two pairs of ears, a pair of cat ears and a pair of human ears.copyright protection2PENANASUxpLWaIaO

Thirdly, the half-breed cat girl does not possess any feline characteristics that can be observed with the naked eye, although she can count on certain special powers, this is given in the Anime "Words Worth".copyright protection2PENANAeruAxro46O

.copyright protection2PENANAoWKKnpwC3n

.copyright protection2PENANABWh8l35wLf

6.- CAT GIRLS (FOREVER CHANGED)copyright protection2PENANAlZHPAegYim

.copyright protection2PENANAMHjxsHWZj0

This is another strange variety of cat girls, born in the eighties.copyright protection2PENANAmUWD3iG8Ps

Like the "Cat Girls (current school)", they have only ears and tails, and no other feline characteristics are present, except for the elongated eyes, which are not noticeable, since all the human females of the anime and manga have longer pupils and irises than the males.copyright protection2PENANAoas5Z2kg0D

These women were human beings who, due to a curse or a weapon, had their genes changed forever and thus became Cat Girls for all eternity.copyright protection2PENANADNlXlNEhMY

The best examples are seen with Pink from "Dragon Pink", and the Cat Girls from "UFO Princess Walkyrie".copyright protection2PENANAi8TeMXxt6m

.copyright protection2PENANAVuxoAxqVNr

.copyright protection2PENANAzreUoAI2Su

They consider themselves to be authentic Cat Girls, because although at first their nature was human, NOW THEY ARE Cat Girls, and they cannot return to their former human form, and if they did it would only be for a certain period of time as a disguise to hide among human society.copyright protection2PENANA1aDUpqSWUY

So far, here are the six varieties of Cat Girls that are found in Anime, Manga, and other media from Japan.copyright protection2PENANAiQtPe3nEZa

These females can become human, cats or big cats for a certain time as shown in the various animes and mangas, but THEIR TRUE NATURE is of Cat Girls, so they are considered AUTHENTIC Cat Girls.copyright protection2PENANA6yBlt0Vb2N

.copyright protection2PENANAG4XjZmKRiE

.copyright protection2PENANAPBuirJmOnm

Next, I show females who look like Cat Girls, but ARE NOT.copyright protection2PENANAZuUBPnBKzE

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