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The Growing Of The Trees Contest
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The Growing Of The Trees Contest
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Growing trees
Sep 15, 2018
3 Mins Read
700 Words
No Plagiarism!qwT0vaTZC87eOqNotoGxposted on PENANA    I never wanted to grow any plant, as its difficult to maintain it. To nurture it, to water it, to put fertilisers to it, to take care of it just like a baby, just as the name suggests "sapling". Everything starts with a drop, and yes I was very careful in dropping the seeds just in the garbage bin so as to avoid it from growing to a tree. I had been very selfish and lazy cause I always looked only into my business. I never thought that growing a tree is also my duty. I have ample place around my house to grow more trees but all I did was keep it clean from every dry leaf.

     I never realised the beauty of nature until I met the mango tree in my backyard. I never watered it, but it was green. I never kept any fertilisers, but it was safe. I ever took care of it, but it cared to give me just sweet ant tastiest mangoes. I was ashamed to eat the fruit cause I did nothing but it gave me the tastiest fruit. copyright protection7PENANAHtkkpiNxWP

   I now realised how much we need trees! How much I need trees!! Cause I quickly fell in love with the tree that loved me with all its leaves and branches. I now even love the sound of dry leaves. A heart touching speech on "importance of growing trees", never changed my heart. Only the tasty fruit of the tree changed my heart. Its really nice to have a tree which gives me shade in return of water... Which gives me fruit in return of love... Which gives us rain, in return of nothing we give. copyright protection7PENANAxnmrnRCgQf

      If just one tree could give so much joy, just to one person like me, how much it would give joy to the entire world. So growing trees is one such good duty of every person born in the world. As a living form, it is the duty of each and every person, to take care of our mother nature. Just as a mother takes care of the child so does the mother nature. copyright protection7PENANAoYtdohBSGh

       Every animal does its work correctly. But we, the social animal, are we doing our work properly? It's just a question that remains unanswered for decades. We the people are always looking for civilisation by destroying the forests and trees. Does civilisation meant that? Oh! If it means so, I never want to meet that sort of civilisation. I do not want something that is got at the cost of destroying my mother. Everywhere we see people are ready to destroy everything, rather than creating one. It takes just a minute to destroy a tree but it takes years for a seed to grow into a tree. We always see the outcome of our work, just our work. What about the outcome of our trees? Aren't they more important than our work?copyright protection7PENANApoLJJa2wIY

    Just imagine if every tree tries to destroy the person that cuts it, then there would be no forest but a graveyard where trees take care of the dead corpses. But trees never do so... Cause it knows only to give... And give... And give... Even when it's cut... So let's try to be practical while destroying trees. Some people say," plant a seed, before you cut a tree." I really don't understand the logic behind that. We kill a mother to feed a child, and even before the child will grow we destroy its roots in any form. copyright protection7PENANAlgmHIKyk1o

      If you cut a tree, why don't you plant a tree? Is it possible? I don't think so!!! If its impossible then why do we want to destroy the outcome of our nature. Its not our work. Its the nature's work to grow trees, then its nature's work  to destroy it. Let's keep our hands to ourselves rather than laying our hands on someone's efforts. So I finally conclude that, "The more we bring awareness among the people about the destruction we are causing ourselves, the more we succeed in implementing to grow more trees which is our responsibility as a citizen". copyright protection7PENANAzpn3DMlfE1

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