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Talmeir: Spell Masters
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Co-Writer DylanHen*
Beta Reader Eurepa
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Talmeir: Spell Masters
Chapter 1: Bullys
Sep 14, 2018
9 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7guGg3mEh8ZXm6SeycA4posted on PENANA

A soldier walks into a room.copyright protection1PENANAZMSoQaJUdV

 In the room sits a handsome man who looks like he is in his mid thirties. He has dark hair slicked back, and sat in a chair behind an unnecessarily large desk. copyright protection1PENANAjkcO1sSn69

“General Sexy,” said the soldier. “Its draft day.”copyright protection1PENANAv57RbZ6JcG

The general opens one of the drawers in his desk and pulls a piece of paper with names written on it. He hands it to the soldier.copyright protection1PENANAObtGAkQje4

The soldier glances at the paper and says, “these are some good picks. Hopefully they turn out better than the last few groups.copyright protection1PENANAfxormqUeN0

“Poopstain, my picks for the last three years have gone to shit. Every year the balance of power seems to shift away from us,”copyright protection1PENANAnj6vbhvh1H

”We throw them into battle too quick,” said Poopstain.copyright protection1PENANAYPTswuMmO0

“Well we don't have time to wait for them to train for half a lifetime. We can't even wait a couple days. Luckily some of these spell casters are exceptional and should be battle ready,” said general Sexy.copyright protection1PENANAq4yPvUfq83

“I hope you're right,” said Poopstain.copyright protection1PENANAqwmw1yOwPQ

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection1PENANAeOG8gcD2zr

A young boy with short light brown hair is walking home from school during a hot sunny day. copyright protection1PENANA2ZvBP1v4rE

“Oh crap,” panicked the boy in his head when he sees Godfrey up the street.copyright protection1PENANA8Sbvpc3dJT

The boy runs to the nearest tree and hides behind it, “I really hope he didn't see me.”copyright protection1PENANA4YHL7XXKZw

He waits a few minutes and peaks around the tree to see if Godfrey is still there; he sees nothing. copyright protection1PENANAc2wIElK9qb

“That was close,” he thought.copyright protection1PENANAOy4Z3tc6HW

Suddenly the boy turns around and Godfrey stands right in front of him. The boy runs as fast as he can.copyright protection1PENANAZMVHx2EvME

“Rock Spell, raising rock,” said Godfrey.copyright protection1PENANA1YHyHlUrvk

A sudden rock lifts out of the ground and catches the boys foot. The boy falls to the ground and scrapes a bit of skin off his elbow and it starts to bleed slightly. copyright protection1PENANADkTHkWbw3S

“Awe, little Sean have a boo-boo?” mocked Godfrey. copyright protection1PENANAt3FoKcrpHd

“Please just leave me alone Godfrey,” begged Sean.copyright protection1PENANA4JcMiT7clD

Godfrey holds his hand open and brings his fingers close together. More rock comes out of the ground and consumes Sean's left leg and squeezes tightly. Sean yells in agony.copyright protection1PENANAwYYpFimQOp

“Leave Sean alone!” a young girl's voice.copyright protection1PENANAJitpHeB8Dj

A young medium built girl with long black hair runs at Godfrey with her sword ready. copyright protection1PENANAlI2yuksCwN

Godfrey laughs and draws his sword. copyright protection1PENANAg3LetrwPil

She chops down at Godfrey and he blocks it with his sword and he punches her in the face. copyright protection1PENANAf2DJrkX2sB

She stumbles from the force. She quickly fake swings her sword left and she punches with her right fist. Her fist connects with his jaw and he gets knocked on his ass. Without hesitation the girl swings to finish Godfrey off but the ground she was standing on pulls her legs until half of her body is consumed by earth. copyright protection1PENANAmOjonOJQqg

Godfrey gets up and says, “you're the first girl who ever landed a hit on me, that pisses me off. You are going to watch me juice your cousin's leg. I might even make you drink it.”copyright protection1PENANADGkpUNRqD9

“No!” contended the girl.copyright protection1PENANALTcpCDKAGc

Sean screams from the pain of the rock slowly tightening on his leg. His eyes poor water like a fountain.copyright protection1PENANAc21wrpkbfK

“Spell cancel,” said a voice.copyright protection1PENANArTrMimzaNd

A short light brown skinned guy with very short black hair puts the palms of his hands to the ground. The rocks holding Sean and the girl crumbles. Two guys, one about 6’0” tall with very short brown hair with medium-high muscle tone. The other about 6’4” with medium short black hair, medium build; stand in front of the light brown skinned guy.copyright protection1PENANAjy6vYJ9IkP

“It's the new guys,” thought Sean.copyright protection1PENANAVwSX2kmmvB

“I know your new and all so you get one chance to fuck off. I warn you that i'm the most powerful person in the school. And I don't give second chances,” said Godfrey.copyright protection1PENANA7XvzJOVjYI

“I kinda hate bullies,” said the 6’0” guy.copyright protection1PENANAwihDNfmXYG

“Listen bud, I have killed people before. Watch your tongue,” said Godfreycopyright protection1PENANANUcFRe0eBv

The 6’0” guy sticks his tongue out and tries to look at it sarcastically, “I cant,”copyright protection1PENANAQIslib9dv7

Godfrey takes a step towards the new guys and they take two steps ahead. The girl runs over to Sean and stands in front of him like a meat shield. Godfrey looks around and sees that he is outnumbered, “you're not worth my time.” He walks away.copyright protection1PENANAV1pdEds1ar

“Thank you Alice,” said Sean to the girl.copyright protection1PENANAHYlUEd9ErK

“Why does Godfrey bother you all the time?” asked Alice.copyright protection1PENANA9htCCLOMZj

“Because i'm small and easy to bother,” said Sean.copyright protection1PENANATVkj8ZwB0H

“Next time he touches you I will kick his ass,” said Alice.copyright protection1PENANA2IFoCkBLY2

“You can't kick his ass Alice, if no guy can, how could you,” said Sean still with watery eyes..copyright protection1PENANAw8k0KWMyJL

“If you weren't the biggest fourteen year old baby on the planet I would slap you,” said Alice crossing her arms.copyright protection1PENANASCGdVPcsqc

“Dont talk shit about girls little cousin’, guess who just got drafted by NASF!” cheered a girl who looks a little like Alice but more build, more mature in body and her hair wasn't quite as long as Alice’s.copyright protection1PENANAasUQRxasj9

“No way! That’s amazing!” said Alice hugging her sister. copyright protection1PENANAvQhPQ1MDAv

“That's great Lex,” said Sean.copyright protection1PENANAot85G4USwl

“What's wrong with your leg Sean?” asked Lex.copyright protection1PENANA5HNZxFxI7Q

“Godfrey,” said Alice.copyright protection1PENANARCG8sxaeaL

“Attah babe Alice! Kicking Godfreys ass,” said Lex raising her hand for a high five.copyright protection1PENANAKzfSFVWzOt

“I didn't,” moped Alice.copyright protection1PENANAUTaITIoqrv

“She did good though. She held him off long enough for the new guys to come,” said Sean.copyright protection1PENANAhi8XrBuCQF

Lex smiles at Alice who is looking at the ground in shame and says, “you will be a strong fighter too Alice, just gotta work your ass off. Tell you what, when I get back I will work my ass off with you,”copyright protection1PENANAoAeDsTyptn

“I would like that,” smiled Alice then chuckled, “whats with you always talking about working your ass off?”copyright protection1PENANASog379MvAd

“Because I am who I am because I work my ass off every day,” said Lex.copyright protection1PENANA0Rw9PXKjAA

“Can you show me a few things before you leave?” asked Alice.copyright protection1PENANAYYbdBE6a3z

“Sure!” Lex said.copyright protection1PENANAxWXO04YMzy

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection1PENANA0ApwKeuvy4

The light brown skinned short guy and the other two guys who showed up to save Sean are walking to the market. copyright protection1PENANA5x3hKFVQQZ

“Breaker,” said the short light brown skinned guy to the 6’0” guy. “Did you finish your homework yet?”copyright protection1PENANAqnWocWtaJ2

“No Agent,” said Breaker. “I didn't.”copyright protection1PENANAIJD8gonLTV

“You should, it's due in a week and it takes awhile to finish,” said Agent.copyright protection1PENANAQZtTgeyb5o

“Nah, we will prob be emergency enlisted by then,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAbvM7TZ3m9N

“That is the stupidest thing i have ever heard,” said Agent angrily. “What if we don't, and you don't finish the assignment?”copyright protection1PENANApRx30Nrnzk

“Bro, i can help you if you want,” butted in the other guy trying to avoid a fight.copyright protection1PENANAjpjMjA1RM6

“No thanks JJ, I got it,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAgXB34v28Rc

“Well if you change your mind, i'll be at home,” said JJ.copyright protection1PENANAVh3sl4gMrQ

“I'll be in the library,” said Agent.copyright protection1PENANA7Lfryy1zqN

“Alright, well I don't think I'm aloud in the library, so if I need something… i'll get JJ,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAFHLgLPMOYE

“You wouldn't be such an idiot if you read a book once in awhile,” said Agent.copyright protection1PENANA0UV4ng8E3z

“Hasn't made you any less of an idiot,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAuakKBSjDrK

“Shut the fuck up guys!” yelled JJ.copyright protection1PENANAr7rcnd2910

Agent storms off the library, JJ walks to his house, and Breaker walks to the calmer part of the city.copyright protection1PENANAN2UJ6h0eV3

--------------------------------------------------copyright protection1PENANAOqe9aQ1ttt

Sean has been tailing Breaker for awhile. Breaker turns around and looks every so often making Sean hide. Sean is currently hiding in a back ally. copyright protection1PENANAdUBF6YT88U

“I think he's onto me,” thought Sean.copyright protection1PENANA9WW4G3mGhh

“Why are you following me?” a voice from right behind Sean.copyright protection1PENANAK5IYfSOhmi

“I-I. umm,” Sean stuttered.copyright protection1PENANAKAdlfkk8tt

Breaker tilts his ear closer to Sean, “well?”copyright protection1PENANA3Cq0G632Ml

“I don't know,” admitted Sean.copyright protection1PENANAkwr2vGVjXh

“Weird, your not lieing,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANACISP489pgC

“How could he know that?” thought Sean.copyright protection1PENANASkeilVooYb

Sean notices that Breaker suddenly looks uneasy.copyright protection1PENANAJjIbldRhwO

“What's wrong,” asked Sean.copyright protection1PENANAz9xrYBz70Q

Breaker is looking up at the roofs and says nothing. Suddenly an arrow is headed right for Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAKTbZcwUAUT

“Fire spell! Fireball!” said Sean shooting a fireball at the arrow only lighting it on fire.copyright protection1PENANAMEcuPxHHPe

“Crap! I made things worse!” thought Sean.copyright protection1PENANAvon3QlEptF

Breaker stands perfectly still and the fire arrow just misses his neck and lands on the ground beside him.copyright protection1PENANAgeyrdKX7lR

A man turns the corner of the back alley and points another arrow. Breaker leans against the wall lazily as if he is bored.copyright protection1PENANA18wdClLk3A

A distant rapid panting catches everyone's ears. copyright protection1PENANAyyZVCPhgeL

The guy pointing the arrow looks around as the panting is getting steadily closer.copyright protection1PENANAWuZuWcfTkB

“What is that?” thought Sean.copyright protection1PENANAKmJhzmDkGG

“That…” said Breaker. “Is a maniac.”copyright protection1PENANAVefUaRJs8Y

Suddenly at a great speed a figure slides along the ground and takes out the guy's legs. Before he could fall to the ground the figure jumps up and punches him down; speeding the grounds arrival. The guy lays still on the ground as the figure circles him speedily continuing to pant with a mix of laughter.copyright protection1PENANAe4tdzpqPiL

“Get up-get up-get up,” circled the figure.copyright protection1PENANAq37akHwX1c

“Hunter I think he's done,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANADWrTQCKA4S

The figure stops on a dime and his shoulders and bottom lip drop, “awe.”copyright protection1PENANAyiW2wvsXkK

“You're getting faster Hunter, i'm impressed,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAJLORV8ys6z

Hunter's shoulders and bottom lip shoots up along with his whole body as he jumps with excitement, “really-really-really?”copyright protection1PENANAFKw6DnJnXN

“Relax Hunter,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAgw6czDI1B3

Hunter's shoulders and lip drop again.copyright protection1PENANALkPAbKJJdP

“Thank both of you,” said Sean.copyright protection1PENANAjSAPZdcIBa

“Your wel- OH MY GOD SICK TATTOO BRO!” Hunter interrupted himself copyright protection1PENANAwSHC4ggNhR

Sean looks at the palm of his hand and there is black markings on it, “oh that isn't a tattoo, i was born with it.”copyright protection1PENANAR3bGDnrm6E

Breaker looks at the marking and by the look on his face, he recognizes it.copyright protection1PENANAcqwMfw0seC

“Who are you?” asked Breaker.copyright protection1PENANACKujnzAEmR

“Im Sean Tygren, why?”copyright protection1PENANAvdUHTy4lUb

“Cuz that is the mark of the Tygren family… a dangerous mark to have,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAZ6BwTR2Tjh

“My cousins Lex and Alice don't have it?” Sean noted.copyright protection1PENANAwW20gqzQ4W

“Maybe i'm mixing something up, come with me,” said Breaker.copyright protection1PENANAIzaDh4blp6

“Where are we going Breaker?” asked Hunter.copyright protection1PENANAwod8V6ZX0i

“To the,” Breaker gets a chill through his body. “Library.” copyright protection1PENANAfwfhxvH6lL

“I have to get home now. If i'm late for supper my mom will ground me,” said Sean.copyright protection1PENANA33ldGChSYG

Breaker face palms and says, “get going then.”copyright protection1PENANAYv5bD0iDYi

“Ok,” said Sean walking away. “Thank you both,” copyright protection1PENANAWdPbvmGct2

Breaker gets close to Hunters ear and says, “make sure he gets home safe.”copyright protection1PENANAYw6kJMW1FV

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection1PENANAHDqNP3N7GL

Agent walks out of the library and Breaker is standing there waiting. copyright protection1PENANAqCZgOuCuH6

“Did you really find some random person to go in and find me, rather than come find me yourself?” sighed Agent.copyright protection1PENANAxFCDZmqWo5

“There are books in there,” said Breaker getting a chill down his spine.copyright protection1PENANAR6JiTylGG2

Agent takes a deep breath, “what do you want Breaker.”copyright protection1PENANAs7FrntWZYD

“The Tygren family is the people with the thingy on their hand right?” Breaker points to the palm of his hand.copyright protection1PENANA5viI8i5yft

“Yeah, but only the first born son of each generation gets it,” said Agent. “Why?”copyright protection1PENANAE7znpsWL9C

“Just wondering,” Breaker walks away.copyright protection1PENANANCJt47X06W

“You know I fucking hate that!” yelled Agent. “Just fucking tell me!”copyright protection1PENANADcrVVAe09t

“I know, that's why I do it,” said Breaker turning a corner.copyright protection1PENANAuNA3a0w7LG

“Why do I even talk to that asshole,” thought Agent.copyright protection1PENANAJzit2mA0mH

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------copyright protection1PENANAWZUoVPYaQ8

Godfrey is walking down a dark alley when suddenly a voice catches his attention.copyright protection1PENANADkVeo6eVd0

“Godfrey,” it said.copyright protection1PENANABXzTqCg1CC

Godfree looks into the darkest corner of the dark alley and sees a silhouette of a dark evil figure.copyright protection1PENANAIzCDXysWIj

“How do you know my name and who are you?” asked Godfrey.copyright protection1PENANA4mEZB26QXk

“Who i am does not concern you,” The evil voice. “I need you to do something for me, and in return I will give you power beyond your wildest dreams.” copyright protection1PENANAQzhptI2JJE

“I’m listening,” Godfrey’s crave for power replied.copyright protection1PENANAmseY5bxx7f

“The Tygren boy, bring him to me, alive,” The evil voice continued.copyright protection1PENANARcCvcdyi3w

----------------end of chapter--------------------------------------------------------copyright protection1PENANACU5UkyCmhl

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