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Bound by Duty
Co-Writer quillofkarnika*
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Bound by Duty
Bound by Duty

Who would have thought killing her step-uncle would exile her from her pack immediately? By her own father? 

Becoming a fugitive, Danielle runs away from her old pack aimlessly, trying to throw off the forces that would love to do the C & T. Good ol' fashioned capture and torture. Thankfully she is strong and so is her wolf. When she takes refuge in a friend's pack, she thinks life is going to be very peaceful for some time, but unfortunately, that is not to be. 

King of Wolves, Alexander, has lived for two decades without finding his mate. After going such a ridiculously long time without a mate, he is struggling for dominance with his wolf. Refusing to give up, he tours the packs under his reign when he, purely by chance, finds a she-wolf who won't bow. 

Things threaten to go south almost immediately as Danielle lays down a condition, testing their already fragile bond. Still, they persist. 

But what happens when things start unfurling about Danielle which Alex finds really dangerous and disturbing? What happens when he starts questioning her, breaking his promise and trampling over her condition?

Will Danielle, who wants nothing but to be a good queen, decide cover up the truth, or release it, risking their chance to a lifetime of happiness?

Total Reading Time: 2 hours 31 minutes


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