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The Chronicles of Rune
Writer RDean
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The Chronicles of Rune
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chapter 6
Sep 13, 2018
7 Mins Read
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Chapter 6 copyright protection2PENANAbQa9yeR6J2

Shizuko turned to Kiki, "I don't need this" Kiki said.copyright protection2PENANADKOcKWm5Y1

 When the cold ghostly hand touched Kiki, she recoiled back into her own memories, she did not think that she would meet someone from the other side, because what memories had the dead? What came back to her was scarier than an interaction with a revenant being.copyright protection2PENANAYh5XOYFxPd

Kiki was raised in a dirty apartment, in an impoverished area of Las Vegas where high-rollers feared to tread, by an alcoholic father; when her mother was not working she was out screwing around. Fortunately, her dad was usually pleasant around her, he fed and kept her in clothing, but did not give her any significant attention. She was also lucky that she was not molested or beaten by him; it seemed that he stored his rage up to unleash it on her mother. Kiki still had to endure that violence vicariously. Also, unfortunately, she had to endure being named Elma Durkee.copyright protection2PENANAY0389Cn0J6

Kiki dropped out of school as soon as she could, being teased for her name, for where she lived and her cheating mother, and the sexy way she dressed for which she was constantly being called a slut. That last part was more of less true.copyright protection2PENANA3mRRzBOVHM

She sometimes hated the fact that she could not keep her clothes on, since that meant she was like her mother. But for the most part, she basically accepted who she was. Kiki had started wearing makeup in seventh grade, as well as revealing clothes that got her in trouble at school. More reason for her not to go.copyright protection2PENANAWF31CS0iqP

She could have made some money turning tricks, but she regarded herself as being above that. Her love of reading highbrow works by beat authors Jack Kerouac and William S. Burroughs, and modernist Kurt Vonnegut. She saw herself using her body to gain more than just money, so as soon as she turned eighteen she ran off to LA, auditioning for porno movies, under the name of Kiki Lee. With her voluptuous look and natural skill set, she was in, and became popular very swiftly.copyright protection2PENANAwoPAwZdU0W

Nikki Lyn met Kiki doing a scene, together. Kiki liked female scenes because the women kissed in a much softer way than men, at least in the industry. Like they meant it. But that particular element of their relationship did not continue off camera. But they became close friends despite their popularity in scenes together. Nikki was Kiki's first actual friend. She did not make any connections with other people after grade school outside of the drug or sex arena, not that they did not use drugs together, but things went much deeper than that. Certainly there was some pure joy to the effects of smoking weed and snorting cocaine, but Kiki could talk to Nikki, really talk. About how she felt, give opinions that were not spacey stoner philosophy. They could go out to lunch together without it resulting in a drug deal or fucking.copyright protection2PENANA03iRURtIMa

But that friendship ended suddenly, without warning. Nikki had kept some secrets. Massively important things that maybe friends should share, but Nikki was protecting Kiki because she was afraid, and rightly so. Nikki was involved with an upper echelon drug dealer,  who became violent toward her regularly, she made a mistake by telling him she would go to the cops when she attempted to break up with him. copyright protection2PENANAvJQzLtrLLR

There was an unanticipated pounding at Nikki's door during one of her "private parties " with Kiki. "Hide." Nikki whispered coarsely. As she nervously walked to the door.copyright protection2PENANABifrTMq6Gr

Kiki ducked behind the bar. The next sounds she heard were a brief but brutal argument, then two gunshots. Kiki crouched, shaking for what seemed like hours, when she was sure there was no one else around, she found Nikki lying in a pool of blood. Without hesitation she ran out the back door to a nearby highway and stuck her thumb out. Afraid to hitchhike across the desert alone, at night, but more afraid of what was behind, Kiki caught rides until she ended up in a small Southwest Iowan town.copyright protection2PENANA3Humzpe281

Having a ton of money in her purse, she always carried cash, Kiki was able to set herself up in an apartment only to find that she was haunted. Not the bad memories, but by Nikki's actual ghost.copyright protection2PENANAdDK3cvxEhj

Kiki sustained herself on her earned money, discretely wired to her by the few other people trusted enough to access her bank accounts. But she saw Nikki everywhere,  when she would walk to the town square to get her groceries. She would see Nikki looking out of the window of a door to an obviously abandoned apartment stairway. When she was lying in bed watching TV, Nikki would stand at the end of the bed, at random times almost every night. "Shut up." Kiki said even though her visitor was silent.copyright protection2PENANAwTBMkvyLBf

Kiki could not take it much longer. When the hauntings first started, she tried using marijuana, she had talked one of her rides into pinching a decent amount of weed, smoking it blocked Nikki out fairly effectively, most of the time. But it ran out too soon. She resorted to drinking booze, but she was not much for drinking, although it did help stop her visions of the dead, but she just got more depressed about her loss and dwindling capital.copyright protection2PENANAcFXH1w6fze

Taking a long walk did not help either, Nikki popped out from behind trees. But she noticed a small dark haired, and well dressed woman, who seemed completely out of place in that town. It turned out to be Valentine. Valentine had the ability to score weed, but more importantly, she actually cared about Kiki.copyright protection2PENANAgMS1Q5wnJO

Kiki told Valentine everything, except about Nikki's ghost. The spirit appeared to Kiki the night before the seance, even though she was thoroughly ripped. Nikki spoke for the first time, "Soon you will be invited into my home,  you will find only death there."copyright protection2PENANAGfHi12NANp

When Kiki's candle blew out, she saw Nikki standing behind Rune, quiet as ever. "Thanks" Kiki said.copyright protection2PENANAQ04NH6kNlT

Kiki did not doubt Nikki's warnings, she was certainly a believer in an earthbound spirit's ability to see the future. Kiki did not have the foresight to realize it was only a possible future. It made her rethink the decided avoidance of sexual contact she had generally adhered to after leaving pornographic movies. She also was completely blind to the fact that sex and friendship did not mix well outside of the industry. "Prey on" would not have been the words Kiki might have used when she thought about Dean, but the result was similar. So after the seance she went to see Dean.copyright protection2PENANA2CGVDw0aUJ

 "I hope you mind me coming in so late", Kiki said, opening Dean's door without knocking, "I couldn't get to sleep."copyright protection2PENANAZBZGU1JHCx

 Dean woke up, or actually, came to, suddenly, from a half-asleep daze. It took a split second for him to gain an erection . . . To the point that it almost hurt, especially since Kiki appeared in his doorway wearing only a white bra, which she was unfastening, and matching lace panties. hearty tits fell out in all their glory. They were magnificent.copyright protection2PENANA7txchfiB3E

Since Dean was only wearing boxer shorts she did not booth taking them off. She reached in the front slot pulling out his stiffness, stroking it gently for a few seconds before taking it into her mouth. Dean exhaled sharply, then began breathing heavily. He did not want to finish so quickly but he did not think it would take much longer.copyright protection2PENANAu5ha0UH05B

Kiki was a skilled expert, and knew how to alter her pace, since she had risen up the ranks and starred in high profile videos. But that also meant she had experience enough to know that she could not keep sucking him for much longer. She removed his underwear slowly, to extend things. She wanted to get off as well. Kiki usually achieved orgasm when she rode on top. Thoroughly wet, she straddled him with it sliding into her easily.copyright protection2PENANAK4cKL7MvOo

Good thing too, it only lasted for roughly five minutes, and she came just moments before she felt his hot explosion inside. After she had caught her breath, Kiki lifted herself of Dean's bed, and quickly slipped her panties on. "I hope you will forget this happened." She said, crossing her arms across her breasts.copyright protection2PENANA2WSA89PrKS

Dean did not completely expect that connection to take place again, and he never spoke about it to anyone, but since it was the source of fantasy for the rest of his eternity, Dean did not forget. Kiki stood there for a minute or two, gauging his response. "Good thing we're not spiders."copyright protection2PENANA6fXnpYi7Zo

 Kiki shook her head, not saying anything. She did not understand what he meant for a year or two, then she burst out laughing in crowded coffee shop.copyright protection2PENANAIKtVvf2hKR

It was also a good thing Dean got it, Kiki did not know how to communicate some feelings in any other way. It was her way of talking. For one they did not kiss, and for two, he more than suspected that she was in love with Valentine. He also supposed that they had a relationship between them that was not in the open.6Please respect copyright.PENANA4vH2T70be0
6Please respect copyright.PENANAAXL3SgiVx3
copyright protection2PENANAGMOymXHcos

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