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The Power of Music
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The Power of Music
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Music for life
Handa Saika
Sep 15, 2018
1 Min Read
300 Words
No Plagiarism!ocCkO8rBHPTE6eHyVLchposted on PENANA

My favorite song is M.I.A sung by Avenged Sevenfold, I feel that song has provided motivation for my life. Every lyrics contained in the song, makes me find a spirit that is almost fading from me. 11Please respect copyright.PENANAga3VUJl12U
copyright protection7PENANAWN95hssOUY

Some people feel that their lives are not too meaningful, so I will blunt them out loud. Life is very meaningful, I learn from the warriors who have gone before us. 11Please respect copyright.PENANAwEwbbDimh4
copyright protection7PENANAZjaCDZK5Ar

"It's no fun but I've been here before I'm far from home and I'm fighting your. " 11Please respect copyright.PENANAuBijIsq0iO
copyright protection7PENANAUu50JNyFzL

It was clearly illustrated how they were at that time, they killed to survive themselves with many wounds adorning their bodies. Away from home, they fought with great hopes to reunite with their families. 11Please respect copyright.PENANA0zZ3vTMQVO
copyright protection7PENANAWwy6BQz3Et

"I see our mothers filled with tears, grew up so fast, where did those years go? Accessories won't let you cry unless I don't return tonight." 11Please respect copyright.PENANALssiDEVW0d
copyright protection7PENANA2ENcgqc1vM

Their feelings are mixed into one, causing a strange sensation that most people have never felt in the present. Their family is looking forward to their return, with a worry that never ends. 11Please respect copyright.PENANA0uOjOxMex5
copyright protection7PENANAsqhyr0m0FV

While those who are at war don't know for sure whether tonight they can go home or they will die tonight. 11Please respect copyright.PENANA3xE2BaWn1R
copyright protection7PENANALCrjI3ai7P

"Stranger's blood on my hands, shot all I can 11Please respect copyright.PENANAcMkF4Yj0Uk
copyright protection7PENANAL9tzmJZyKv

There are no silent nights, watching your brothers all die 11Please respect copyright.PENANAdVO2fDA1S8
copyright protection7PENANAldWCMnD8ni

To destroy all their plans, with no thought of me (No thought of me) No thought of me."11Please respect copyright.PENANA6VFLXgVUEW
copyright protection7PENANA39VutExDWE

There is no quiet night for them, being shot and still living alone has become a joy for them. 11Please respect copyright.PENANAMRJ6wO5QO0
copyright protection7PENANAsIOWhaFhIq

Therefore, for you who is still wasting life. I really hope a good change takes place in your life, so you know how valuable life is. 11Please respect copyright.PENANAa2VZ5bDFcv
copyright protection7PENANAN3EJFq7jyv

Thank God the destiny that was written by God.11Please respect copyright.PENANANiqt3oKZjp
copyright protection7PENANABCEx67bEL7

The End!11Please respect copyright.PENANAV5gFcNthEh
copyright protection7PENANAjeP7a6hQnZ

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