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Writer TheGirlWhoseStillUnKnown
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Sep 15, 2018
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!FngZDAY4q5RuuT7fuucxposted on PENANA

CHAPTER ONEcopyright protection4PENANAMhf4yVc87u

3 years later. . . copyright protection4PENANAEMRUMvuKAV

Everyone stared at the strange girl waiting for the train. Despite it being July, the young woman was wearing a coat and a scarf. Her gloved-hands barely visible at the sleeves of her brown, capelet coat and her ears were covered by large, black, headphones. Even though everyone was clearly looking at her, she barely acknowledged any of them.copyright protection4PENANAQrqlkxAP2N

A gush of wind that the passing train brought made the girl shiver and her platinum, loose curls danced behind her. She pulled her scarf up to cover half of her freezing face. The buzzing of people around her as the train finally stopped and opened its door sounded so loud to her; making her wish that her headphones really works.copyright protection4PENANAnO4CTCy5LF

She sat at the empty chair by the corner and stared at the opposite window. The blinking lights from the passing buildings lulled her to sleep. She rested her head on the metal pole besides her as the train moved into a comfortable speed. Her station was last anyway. There’ll be no problem if she fell asleep. Making sure her headphones were still perfectly placed, she closed her eyes and relaxed.copyright protection4PENANAzqsrkfWPZw

Everyone on the train was busy. Some had their phones out. A few were reading a book. But people were mostly asleep like the strange girl. It was the dead of the night. People were just coming back from overtime and such. But—it was indeed peaceful.copyright protection4PENANALQYbbiJM8L

That was until all their phones started malfunctioning. They all looked up and stared at each other—trying to see if anyone was being affected by the infrasound that was interfering with all their gadgets. A relieved sigh all left their lips but one man suddenly dropped to the metal floor and started convulsing.copyright protection4PENANAzvAE8thGy2

Screams filled the closed train car. People jumped to the feet, trying to move as far away from the convulsing man as it allowed. With their panicked mind, they couldn’t even open the door to the next car. As the man stopped convulsing, people started pushing each other to get off the train.copyright protection4PENANAm8sOAN3xC3

The man who used to be a business man was now a monster. His polo torn by the changing of his body and he was unrecognizable. A low growl that sounded more sinister than a wolf’s filled the small space and screams started once more.copyright protection4PENANA4oU2z5liSt

A woman was pushed to the middle of the car as people tried to open the door. When she fell, she twisted her ankle and couldn’t stand up. The monster jumped towards her. It grabbed her in the shoulder and sunk its canine teeth in her throat and ripped it off. Blood splashed on the plastic benches and metal floor. Her gurgled screams pushed the other passengers deeper into their panic and fear but finally, they managed to open the door to the other train car.copyright protection4PENANA3rZD576mOF

They all stumbled towards it, alerting the other passengers and more screams filled the silent night. They managed to close the door again before the monster finished feeding on the poor woman. More relieved sighs left their lips but the strange girl was left sleeping on the last car with the monster. But—no one batted an eye.copyright protection4PENANApaOSYpF2Wi

They were all safe after all.copyright protection4PENANA60H03g6ozY

The monster slowly stood up from the mangled body of the woman who was once beautiful. And then, his bloodied abyss landed on her. As it walked towards her, the strange girl finally woke up with another yawn as she raised both arms above her to stretch. She blinked a couple of times to take in her surrounding and a sigh left her lips.copyright protection4PENANARDqRgwYnSM

She looked up at the door besides her and saw that its small window was covered by a jacket to hide them from the monster’s sight. She stood up and the monster stopped to stare at her. Another yawn left her mouth and she stretched her arms to her side as her crystal-like eyes landed on the dead woman’s body.copyright protection4PENANA3iXSaWhQYd

She slowly exhaled, trying to calm her mind down and she gently removed her headphones and rested it on her neck. As soon as she did, the small buzzing in her ears grew louder that it was enough to make her feel as if her head was splitting into two. She staggered once before she caught herself and steadied her knees.copyright protection4PENANA94eQ4h7bFG

The monster suddenly jumped towards her. Its movement was fast; almost vanishing in the air before he appeared directly in front of her. But—before the monster could land on her, there was a strong force that pushed him back and all the glasses that were in front of her shattered as well. The monster was thrown back to the other side of the train—the metal wall creaked before the monster fell back to the floor.copyright protection4PENANA9xjzoA5nXY

The strange girl put her headphones on back again and walked towards the two bodies. She knelt down in front of the mangled woman. Her glassy eyes staring straight above and the girl raised her hand to close the woman’s eyes. And then, she closed her own eyes and said a prayer for the two poor souls in front of her.copyright protection4PENANAa1h7Tr3ai2

After her prayers, she stood up and walked towards one of the windows. She waited until they were out of the tunnel before she jumped out and into the darkness.copyright protection4PENANAos6DibUpmA

Waiting in the station were two men by one of the wooden benches. One was leaning on the back of the bench, his arms crossed over his muscular chest. His hair was a mangled nest of raven while his eyes are a bright, piercing green. He was wearing a black, trench coat which he left open. His shirt was white but it was covered in splashes of what seems to be paint and his long, slender legs were clad in a tattered, worn-out pair of pants like his biker boots.copyright protection4PENANA5w8p6xZbUX

The other one was sitting, drinking a juice in a small carton he had bought from the vending machine at the station entrance. He was as well-built as the other man. But—he was dressed more properly. He was wearing a black summer jacket and he was wearing a pair of black, leather pants and boots. His hair was white-blonde as if it was covered in snow and his eyes the brightest of all blue—and it looked almost shining in the dark surroundings of the station brought by the frequency attack. The policemen that came with them were in a line, all ready to escort the civilians out as the two of them do their job.copyright protection4PENANAa5YrcSTg3b

“What kind do you think we’ll face today, Alec?” the raven-haired man asked the other.copyright protection4PENANAirDp5WB0lY

Alec shrugged. He crumpled the carton in his hand and threw it with great accuracy at the thrash can on the other side of the station. “It doesn’t matter, Jet. We just have to finish it as soon as the train stops. Thankfully, the passengers managed to trap it at the last car,”copyright protection4PENANAAruJRAgQMb

“And they probably sacrificed one or two doing it,” Jet pointed out cynically.copyright protection4PENANAOWhMntFgKI

Alec chose not to answer. Instead, he looked at his watch. “The train’s almost here,”copyright protection4PENANAs2a6rf23fo

They simultaneously took a pill case out of their pockets and ate one of the blue pills inside of it. Then, after hiding it back in their pockets the two of them removed their earphones. The policemen with them tensed when the two of them stood up and walked towards the waiting line for the last car of the train.copyright protection4PENANA1QQvAH5RxS

“Remember,” Alec said, addressing the policemen. “Escort all civilians as soon as the doors open and make sure no one will enter the station,”copyright protection4PENANA2lOj8cNNtx

“Yes, sir!” they all answered as they formed a line around the car next to the last.copyright protection4PENANAwVAG22V55b

The train entered the station and slowed down until it stopped. Jet and Alec quickly noticed the broken windows of the last car and they gave each other a glance.copyright protection4PENANAu61kCC1Htz

“Do you think it escaped?” Jet asked.copyright protection4PENANAAvVoP4ADS4

“Let’s hope not,” Alec answered.copyright protection4PENANAaoZK52M17S

Once the door opened, the policemen quickly and efficiently guided all civilians away from the station.copyright protection4PENANAcBYeWAQYij

Not even looking at the hoard behind them, the two of them entered the last car. The sound of the glasses crunching beneath their feet echoed in their ears. They first saw the mangled body of the woman and Alec shook his head, saying a silent prayer in his mind.copyright protection4PENANAxSPthFySiq

“Alec, look!” Jet’s shocked voice echoed in the now silent station.copyright protection4PENANAWtPWeVY1W6

Alec opened his eyes and turned to look where Jet was pointing and his eyes widened in shock. There was the monster they were supposed to kill. It was already dead—a gaping hole in its stomach. They walked towards it. He knelt down besides the monster and ran a gloved hand around its wound. It was the first time he ever saw something like it.copyright protection4PENANAT8ISnEteCL

He looked up at Jet to ask him but judging from his fascination at the dent on the wall in the exact shape of the monster, Alec knew he also hadn’t seen it before. There was even the gaping hole as well. Jet even put his head out the hole like a kid playing at the playground.copyright protection4PENANAyaEnEW3cOl

Suddenly, the silence was disturbed by a loud ringing and Jet banged his head at the wall in shock. He pulled his head back in and rubbed the sore spot as he watched Alec answered his phone. He clicked the loudspeaker button and put the phone between him and Jet.copyright protection4PENANADKPtG3oF4l

“Report,” a low, gravelly voice asked from the other line.copyright protection4PENANAMYuuQR9j6M

Jet and Alec exchanged a look.copyright protection4PENANA5EXK2BG5Ou

“Never seen anything like this, sir,” Alec answered.copyright protection4PENANArsfgWWkkBo

“What do you mean?”copyright protection4PENANAGonaTd12x7

“Just come down here and see for yourself, you lazy son of—hmmh! Hmmmp!”copyright protection4PENANAOCMMnOn3Tc

It all happened so fast. One second Alec was standing in front of him and the next he was already behind Jet. And the rest of Jet’s words turned to muffled sound as Alec slapped a hand over his mouth. The raven-haired man tried to fight against Alec’s hold but he kicked Jet behind his knees and he fell to the ground. Alec tightened his hold on his mouth.copyright protection4PENANAxlFMBBJVWk

“As Jet was saying sir,” he answered to the phone, removing it in loudspeaker and putting the phone in his ears. “This will be hard to explain. It’s better if you see it for yourself,”copyright protection4PENANAkCJIMCWOEt

Jet gave up and let his arms hang limp on his side as Alec continued his report. As soon as Alec dropped the call, he let go of Jet and the other man quickly jumped up to his feet. He turned to his white-haired partner and glared at him.copyright protection4PENANAWt6IftwDwq

“What was that for?”copyright protection4PENANAQ4LwRn7Aj4

Alec shook his head at him before he put his earphones back on. “I told you countless of times, Jet. You need to learn respect. There’s this thing called ‘corporate ladder’ and currently—you’re at the bottom. If you don’t want to be thrown away, I suggest you keep a tight rein on that mouth of yours. Or I’ll put you in a gag,”copyright protection4PENANAVEGEmtgihV

Jet gasped in shock as he wrapped his arms around his body and took a few, noticeable steps away from Alec. “I had no idea you swing that way, Alec!”copyright protection4PENANALepSWFltjS

“Ha ha,” Alec answered sarcastically as he started exiting the car. “Just put your earphones back on, Jet,”copyright protection4PENANAT9WFFN2Nom

Jet laughed to himself, obviously finding his own joke funny as he put his earphones back on. Then, he followed Alec outside to wait. Alec sat down on the wooden bench again while Jet walked towards the candy machine by the corner. He pulled his wallet out of his pocket and looked inside it.copyright protection4PENANARj0yYm2fEk

A frown formed in his forehead as he turned his wallet upside down and nothing fell out of it. With an aggravated growl, he threw his wallet down on the thrash can and turned to his partner.copyright protection4PENANAaqyzivfEYy

“Hey, Alec!” he called but Alec’s only answer was a gruff. “Can you throw your wallet to me? I just need to check on something,”copyright protection4PENANAwSItxohAbF

“Yeah, right,” Alec answered sardonically.copyright protection4PENANAW3ZXCXjEcY

Jet rolled his eyes in irritation. “Just throw me some coins, will yah?”copyright protection4PENANAYnoxXH2cm1

“Buy me a pack of gums as well,” Alec ordered before he threw his wallet over to Jet.copyright protection4PENANAKSTtmrRE23

Jet happily caught the flying wallet and opened it only to groan. Why does Alec’s wallet have so many bills and coins while his didn’t even have a fly inside? He clicked his tongue and took a bill to buy both their gums. Then, as he walked back, he contemplated about taking a few bills. He bet Alec wouldn’t even notice them.copyright protection4PENANAjY7jVJhfou

“Stop thinking about stealing my money, Jet,”copyright protection4PENANAdnRCUPkX1G

Jet groaned as he threw Alec his wallet and gums before he plopped down beside him. “How’d you known I was thinking about it?”copyright protection4PENANAYMzRfVi6zk

“You’ve been my partner for two years, Jet. I know you’ll be out of money by now,” Alec finished with a condescending smirk that Jet wanted to smack right out of his face.copyright protection4PENANAaTjhdf0uvo

But before he could, their superior arrived and Alec stood up to greet him. He was a man in his late thirties wearing a suit as if on business. His hair a color of a wood and his eyes the color of an azure sky. He was also wearing a black, leather gloves and earphones like Jet and Alec.copyright protection4PENANAYJMQlGFFDH

“You finished your work fast,” he praised.copyright protection4PENANAmBtVtIQMPq

Jet snorted. “Yeah, it was done even before the train arrived here,”copyright protection4PENANA7ZkrgxGh2c

“What do you mean?” he asked.copyright protection4PENANAG1VsRg9xWM

Alec gave Jet a warning glare and the other man whistled innocently. Alec led his superior inside the train and told him that it had arrived exactly like that; with the monster dead and no one else inside the car.copyright protection4PENANAeioIdSq4Eg

“This is my first time seeing something like this, Sir Clinton,”copyright protection4PENANAvMgPdxnUOp

Clinton stared at the mess inside the train car. He couldn’t believe he was seeing it. A smile broke into his lips. “We have to find the one responsible for this. And recruit him into the agency,”copyright protection4PENANA6vq1Xii7Pf

“You mean—” Jet suddenly interjected. “The Freakquency Agency? You know, I still question the sanity of that man,”copyright protection4PENANAU4xjMLbdQQ

“That man—you question the sanity of,” Clinton started as he turned to Jet and put a hand on his shoulder. “Is the one in charge of your paychecks,”copyright protection4PENANAulCKbPhyJ6

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