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Short Story
Look at me
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Writer Gnarrr
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Look at me
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Sep 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!189r0CuhqgiZcYMR91Vtposted on PENANA
     The scratch from my pencil and the tick-tock from my grandpa's antique wall clock are the only two sounds which accompany me in this huge empty house. I always stay at my grandparents' house after school, and they have a routine is to take a walk on a nearby hill every afternoon. As a result, I'm already used to being alone in this silent, dark building. I'm comfortable, and feeling cozy in my own bedroom. The buttery-yellow light from my room seems to be consumed by the darkness as long as they try to escape from my bedroom door. The feeling of security is also stopped by the threshold. I feel the malicious sight directed from my grandparents' room again, knowing that I'm safe here, I take a deep breath and turn around. Staring at the entrance of their room, I see nothing but infinite darkness, the feeling of being look at also disappear, everything is like my own crazy imagination. But I know it was true since I had met her in person five years ago.
     During the last summer vacation of my junior high school, I went to my grandparents' house as usual. I was playing hide-and-seek with two of my little cousins on that day. One of them was counting down in the living room, feeling the pressure of the declining time, I rush to second floor, heading to my grandparents' room. Their bedroom is right in front of mine, there is only a rectangle platform between the two doors. As I ran up the stairs, I almost bumped into the broom which placed next to my room's door. I grabbed it at the very last second before it hit the floor and prevent it from exposing my location. I dashed in to their room. Their room have four french windows, thus the hot summer sunlight passed the windows and crowded the whole room with it brightness freely. The game ended for my cousins had to go to English class, and my grandparents went to exercise as the everyday schedule suggested. 
8Please respect copyright.PENANAX6VMWVJooV
Being left alone and feeling so bored, the sleepiness soon climbed up to my eyelids. I went to my grandparents' room to take a nap. I took some time to fall asleep due to the sunlight was too bright and hot ,and the sound of the wall clock was louder than usual because of the emptiness in the house at that moment. Not knowing how long I had slept, I opened my eyes. The awakening was unusual, it was a bizarre feeling. I woke up with a totally clear mind. With no confusion, tiredness and clumsiness which would commonly appear as long as I woke up from a deep sleep. The very first thing I had noticed was I can't move my body. Except for my eyes, the rest of my body was glued to the bed. I was amused, for it was the first time I encountered sleep paralysis. As I was trying to get up from the bed, I found that the tick-tock had stopped, and the temperature seemed to be lower a little bit. I was slept on my left side, so I was facing the french windows, and I couldn't see the stairs on the other side. However, at that moment, I suddenly felt very anxious that I couldn't turned my body. A few seconds later, I somehow sensed that there was someone, or something, stepping up the stairs although I couldn't see it. My instinct was screaming and asked me to get up immediately. Unfortunately, I was still stuck in my paralysis. It was getting nearer, my heart beat was so fast and loud that I couldn't hear anything else. Panting so hard, I almost fainted when I heard the sound of the broom hit the floor. The coldness and the goose bumps slowly climbed up from the bottom of my spine in the noon of the hot hot summer. The sense of oppression kept getting heavier as it moving near the door. I felt like someone was squeezing my heart and it was going to explode. It walked through the threshold, and eventually a pair of feet was standing right in front of me. It was apparently not the size of an adult.These feet had many deep brown rotted wounds which were covered in dirt. Due to sleep paralysis, I had no choice but to look at those nasty feet. “Look at me.” it said to me.The voice was hoarse and was like talking from a very long distance in a deep cave. I stayed silently. It stood there for a few minutes, which was like centuries to me. As I thought it was going to go away since I was such a boring pray, it started to repeat it’s command frantically. The voice was getting more and more intense and fast. Suddenly, a face with no eyes and a splitting mouth appeared in front of mine. “Why don’t you look at me?”

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