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A Scene On Romance
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A Scene On Romance
A Scene On Romance
Submission Closed
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Letters and Bracelets
Oct 22, 2015
7 Mins Read
1,570 Words
Comments ( 7 )
Emoddess - It's pretty funny and cute :)
5 years agoreply

Byargus - Thank you very much :) :)
5 years agoreply

- Marty is oblivious... but at least she believed him. I remember my first boyfriend in freshman year( it lasted two months) 
Conversation after my school play goes as follows:
Satan: So we've been friends for awhile now, ever thought of being more?
Jellyfish: I already have something more... My hun bun's called Hanako.
Satan: We all know Hanako doesn't swing that way. Even though, you too are scarily close for only knowing each other for two months and having zero classes with the girl. Wait. Is she actually not homophobic? Wow... I've known for four years now, and I'm beaten to the punch by that ball of hyperness.
Jellyfish: Swing that way? Beaten the punch? Is this another one of your relationship jokes? You do that with a lot of people. Anywho Hanako is quite the lovely specimen, but if I were to date someone it wouldn't be my Hun Bun.
Satan: Would it be me?
Jellyfish( blushing slightly, but no one can tell do to me wearing stage make up): Nope. Eddy, he's amaisy.
Satan: You know that relationship is never possible. So, am I at least the second choice?
Jellyfish: Please stop joking already. If you're not, you have awful taste and I would actually go out with you.
Satan: Is that a yes?
Jellyfish: No, because you're teasing me!
End scene.My mom picked me up from my performance right after that sentence. I left him hanging until Tuesday, when I found out he was actually confessing. That was the day we started dating.
5 years agoreply

Byargus - @JellyKat, I love how you made his name Satan. Cracks me up!
5 years agoreply

- @Byargus, He's actually a really nice guy, though you don't want to get on his bad side. Our friend group affectionately calls him that. Our relation never actually ended badly, just a nickname that followed him since middle school.
5 years agoreply

Byargus - @JellyKat, you must've had a very eventful high school
5 years agoreply

- @Byargus, I'm junior in high school! But yeah, Will and I are both really troublesome to some teachers. Funnily enough, we're both smart students, just end up pissing off the teachers we don't like.
5 years agoreply