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The impossible love.
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Full House
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The impossible love.
The impossible love.

A character named Jessie met a scandinavian guy. She fell for him but never told him. But one day the truth came out ....
There was a character named Jess. She lived in Asia. One day she travelled to Europe and she saw someone. She came to that person and they got to know each other.and they became good friends.  That person is from Norway. He looks so gorgeous. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. He is a friendly guy. Everyone likes him! 
One day Jess asked him if he can sleepover at her place. He said yes. They went to the cinema after that they went to eat and walked around the city.. they got drunk. They came back from they city it was so late. He stayed at her place. And then they talked for a few hours. While they were staring at each other’s eyes and he started to say “I can see myself in your eyes. For that moment..Jess got butterflies in her stomach. Everything was sooo rush like a roller coaster.. then she finally confess about her feelings that she likes him so much since the first day she met him. Then he also said me too. Then they kissed.. Jess asked him if we can do it again but unfortunately,he couldn’t and he said “Sorry,I already had someone.. she was so sad but sad from inside. She didn’t even know how she really felt in that moment. Should she feel sad or happy..!? the next morning it was like everything never happened.. she took him to the train station and say goodbye..they never see each other again..😔

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