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The obsession of a phyco stalker.
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Full House
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The obsession of a phyco stalker.
The obsession of a phyco stalker.

        There was a boy named Jackhead. He had a crush on the girl named Alison. She is a gorgeous girl and a cheerleader at school. She’s got green eyes and blonde hair. but she never knew. Jackhead never told her this. He didn’t have a gut to tell how much he obsessed about her.

        On the hallway at school he always stared at her without being caught. He did everything as much as he can to get close to her. Wherever she goes, he will follow her. One day he saw pictures which Alison took with boys.. then Something terrible popped up on his mind..he is so jealous and he said “no one can have her but me!” He had a plan to kill those guys. After that he started to stalk Alison’s Instagram in order to find those guys Alison took pictures with. Jackhead created a party group and invited those guys to come to his place. He shared a location to them. Two days later the party came, those guys came.

         It turned out that the place where they went look so creepy like a haunted house. They started to hear a whispering.. and feel like they were in the very deep down of the ocean.. there were no one but emptiness. It’s very dark there. The sound of saw is getting louder and louder. They ran as fast as they can do. The screaming got louder and louder. Then the lights came on. The vast of blood was all over the floor. They all died tragically ..   

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