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    I'm here to enter contests and maybe a few collaborations, my favorite genres are sci-fi, fantasy and horror, not the stupid let's go check out what's in the old house with a sign that says keep out horror. But with a twisted creativity that says I will hunt you down until you tire out, drag you by your feet into an old fisherman's boat, and pull your arm off. Sharpen the bone with your forearm bone and repeatedly stab you on your limbs so you'll feel real pain before I take the final shot at your head. That kind of horror.
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Days of blood

He was born in the time when soldiers grasped swords and shields. The time when houses were forged by wood and hay. And when the guillotine sweeped this land in fear. But his birth was not by a man and a woman, his wrath was not created so easily. It was by the innocence of a young witch, who's soul out shined the erupting stars and the rising sun. And the red skin of a demon who dragged the men and woman, who were rejected by God's grace. It was that demon, who looked at the woman with lurking eyes, and smiling mouth. It was her cries, and begging that fueled the demon with lust.

But nine months later, the witch's baby was born. His skin was as black as the abyss of outer space. His teeth, as sharp as the swiftest sword ever made. His white pupils pierced the braveness of any warrior. But the witch saw through his demonic looks. Her eyes entered deep into his soul to find that his soul shined just as much as hers.

But soon the woman found herself bent over, under the heavy blade of the guillotine. 

After his mother died, the boy, helpless in a state of danger. The only thing that was safe was the dark soil, and the evil trees of the vast forest. But sit back, as I tell you a tale of revolution, evil, and payback.