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    So a bit about myself. I'm a scientist, writer, artist, and musician. The contrast between science and the arts never fails to get to people. To most people I am either the quirky artist or the serious scientist. However, as I constantly tell people... science requires just as much imagination as writing or drawing.

    I just completed my Bachelor's in Environmental Science and am pursuing a Master's in the same field. I strongly believe that unless we fix the environment, we cannot even begin to fix the rest of the problems in our society. I find it unfortunate that we as a society consistently ignore how our actions affect the environment.

    A couple additional quirky facts: I own a horse whom I adore. I've played the violin for just over a decade. I'm a bit of a pyromaniac (as evidenced from my profile photo). And finally, I'm a huge bookworm (as in I never go anywhere without a book).

    My writing style:
    I tend to write fantasy but dabble in sci-fi and poetry. I tend to underemphasize description in my writing and overemphasize conversation (but I work really hard at balancing dialogue with description). I'm good with sentence structure and flow.

    Anyway... enough about me...


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Born to Be Broken

Five Races used to wander freely throughout Aeirien. No more. The Magicians drove all the High Races except humans into hiding one hundred years ago. But amidst the horror and corruption of the Magicians rule there is hope.

A prophecy foretells the birth of a set of twins who will defeat the Magicians and end their rule.

To Rory, the High Races were a myth. That is, until she freed Luke from slavery at the hands of the Magicians and was forced to flee from the very people she thought were her friends. Soon Rory, Luke, and an unlikely ally embark on a race against time to stop the Magicians from wiping the other High Races off the map forever.

A/N - This is a story I wrote in high school that I've recently returned to and (seriously) revamped to reflect the level I am able to write at now. I've been posting it on Fictionpress (under the same username) but would like to share it here as well. 

I'd absolutely love feedback. If someone wants to Beta I'm open to that as well... Anyway, I hope that people enjoy this.