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Bringing To Life Dead Gods and Demons
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Bringing To Life Dead Gods and Demons
Bringing To Life Dead Gods and Demons
The Shouten aka The Cherra...Introducing the 4 Branches
Apr 17, 2016
3 Mins Read
Comments ( 5 )
Monos D.O.A - Personally, I think that this is a lot of exposition for a story. It feels more like a prologue than a first chapter. I'm wondering how the Uppyrs tie into all this, but since it's the first chapter, that's a minor point. Have fun with the second chapter.
4 years agoreply

mandideman - Actually the Cherra/Shouten play heavily into both stories and it was a prologue of sorts. Without giving away too much...I will say; like dogs to human beings at one time, there are different breeds of uppyr. It's an interwoven world; Out of Babylon is the story one person who lived in complete ignorance at a time of religious fervor. Becomes about establishing his identity and that of his small nation he ends up carving when he leaves his homeland; hence the name, Out of Babylon. All I will say, in these stories...things that you can't see CAN hurt you. Also I chose the name uppyr because of many legends coming in and around Russia as well as many Slavic countries. 
4 years agoreply

Monos D.O.A - @mandideman, I see. This sounds like a great concept. Just a warning: I've been told that prologues aren't so popular these days, be it with publishing or with readers. Maybe weave this into the first chapters. Also, will you be doing research on the Babylonian civilization?
4 years agoreply

mandideman - This little history of the Shouten/Cherra appear in my long sereis on their other sites. I will weave this in. I have a history degree that spans ancient Mesopotamia to the beginning of Modern Europe (history geek talk for about 1500 AD). The Western world calls this Classical history; I call it fun. I was working towards my PHd and full archeologist status when real life happened; I'm native European but spent a long time in the States. Basically besides giving you a mini author biography; I research everything I write, I mean everything...down to period clothing and hairstyles. Now as far as the Shouten? They're made up. They look however I want. ?
Out of Babylon is really...out of that city. While there will be bits here and there of the story taking place; most of it will be in the Slavic countries and the Steppes of Asia; where the Shouten dwell...when not solid. My other story talking about the ekimmu and The 4 Branches...that is further back in history and while you will see glimpses of some names of some breeds of uppyr and such...that story is about wars between the different immortals and realms. 
Hope this helps. I will make an issue with a list of different "breeds" of uppyr...basically different cultures all had blood drinking entities; some were more gruesome than others and that is where my idea of different breeds of these beings came about.

4 years agoreply

Monos D.O.A - @mandideman, You're quite dedicated! I'm still trying to put some use of my current Classic courses into my writing, but there's not much inspiration. I hope you can make it all a reality.

As for the Shouten, if you don't mind a suggestion. I've heard that in Southern and Eastern Europe, light/blue eyes were seen as the Evil Eye. Maybe that could be one trait they have.
4 years agoreply