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Dear Reader...
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I Am Weird
Comments ( 6 )

Flow - We're all weird in our own little way : )
3 years agoreply

shnuffeluv - Yeah, but I'm"extra special". XD
3 years agoreply

Flow -  Same. 

It literally scares me when people like my stories. And I have a huge fear of heights, but I love roller coasters. For valentine's day I gave my friend a spray painted potato featuring rainbows. My favorite musical artists are youtubers and I love to listen to FNAF fan songs, but I have absolutely no desire to play the game.

Beat that.
3 years agoreply

shnuffeluv - @JellyKat, That's me, except for the spray-painted potato and my fear of heights isn't "huge", but I'm never going on huge roller coasters. I love reading powerplays and psychological horror; I am a sex-repulsed asexual, but have read and researched topics that many people consider sexual, for some reason. I sleep with a teddy bear or stuffed dragon and kill people relentlessly on paper.
Weird enough?
I am lazy but wrote 2 novels. I hate editing and yet will read my work over and over again until I practically have it memorized. I have to take meds every night to keep me grounded in reality. "Weird" was my way of being generous to myself.
3 years agoreply

Flow - @shnuffeluv Lol, we should be friends. I have the same issue with sex repulsed asexual, but look up that stuff anyway.
3 years agoreply

shnuffeluv - @JellyKat, We should be friends! I don't look up /sex,/ just things that can be seen as...kinks...sometimes. But they're not to me. Anywho, I'm gonna, like, get to know you better...somehow...
3 years agoreply